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Comment Poor comparison (Score 4, Insightful) 345

I have no idea why the comparison between the Concorde and the 747 was even made in the first place. The 2 jets were made for entirely different purposes.
The Airbus A380 would be a better comparison, since it has the same intended purpose as the 747 (massive amount of seating and cargo space for cheap flights)

Also, Boeing was working on it's own version of a luxury supersonic competitor to the Concord (the Boeing 2707 SST), but the project ended up being cancelled before it was ever mass produced (mostly due to to all the sonic-boom issues related to flying over land)

Comparing the 747 to the Concorde is like comparing a double-decker bus to a stretch-ferrari limousine

Comment Re: What problem? (Score 3, Informative) 213

Taking a copyrighted work who's copyright is about to expire, and republishing on a newer format such as VHS or DVD, does not renew the copyright.

You don't have to use the original source if the copyright is expired and the new source is identical to the original. However, if the newer version has been altered (cgi added or something) then the added CGI would have a new copyright term, separate from the original copyright (but would only cover the modifications, not the original content)

Comment Re:What's the refresh rate and response time? (Score 1) 79

The problem of low refresh rate gets even worse as the FOV gets wider.
Human peripheral vision, while being far less detailed, is far MORE sensitive to movement and brightness, meaning that we can see screen flicker near the edges that we can't see directly in front of our eyes.

This is one of the reasons stopping Oculus from making a wider FOV headset. Widening FOV is easy, keeping people from getting sick is hard.

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