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Comment: Re:at&t wasn't welcome anyway (Score 1) 86

Just because a company is buying spectrum doesn't mean it has a use for it.
Spectrum is a very limited resource, so one way to fight your competition is to buy the spectrum they need, simply to keep them from having it. This is especially true for Verizon, which has a vested interest in keeping it's competitors coverage area as small as possible, because coverage is their ONLY advantage right now.

Comment: Re:Government picking favorites (Score 4, Insightful) 86

They aren't picking favorites, they are setting limits on greed.

There is nothing wrong with kicking fatty out the door when he goes back for his 10th plate at the buffet line, especially when you find out he was saving some of it for "later"
(In reference to Verizon's purchase of the 700mhz block A spectrum that they never got around to using)

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When I was little we used to play NES over at my friends house. The TV in the basement where we played was kinda built into the wall, and the drywall around the TV had a bunch of little triangular dents from all the times my friend and his brother would throw the controller.

I got my start doing mr-fix-it work by fixing smashed NES controllers for all my friends

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by sir-gold (#46676143) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

The modern bible makes it sound like Jesus and God are somehow the same thing. Probably to get around the dilemma of believing in the Old Testament which says "have no other god before me" while simultaneously worshiping Jesus instead of God.

As far as the tree of knowlege goes, if God didn't put it there, who did? and why would he intentionally tell them not to eat it? Wouldn't it have been better to just snap his fingers and make the tree go away?
Adam and Eve didn't have "knowledge" at the time, so they presumably had the mental capacity of the average toddler (having no concept of nakedness), so God basically performed the equivalent of placing a cookie jar in front of a 2-year-old and then telling the 2-year-old not to eat any of the cookies. I would expect the creator of the universe to be a bit smarter than that.

Now, you could claim that it was Lucifer that created the Tree of Knowledge in order to trick us, but that would contradict other parts of the bible that say Lucifer has no power to create anything.

Basically, either the Bible is wrong, or God is a complete moron who should have known better.

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by sir-gold (#46675605) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

If you are the type to accept external morality more easily than internal personal morality, then there is nothing wrong with shopping around and picking the best parts from each option.

All people have a deep desire to believe they are doing the right thing. Some people seek confirmation from others as a group, and some people self-confirm. Unfortunately, within these two categories there are also people who delude themselves, both as individuals (self-centered egomaniacs) and as groups (cults and religious zealots) who end up causing harm while convincing themselves they are doing good.

There is nothing wrong with having external morality, as long as you don't end up with external self-delusion. Picking and choosing from different religions helps to minimize the self-delusion, because it prevents you from being swallowed-up by any particular viewpoint.

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In most areas the cost of electricity is heavily regulated, and in Minnesota and Wisconsin (xcel energy), the actual production costs are broken down in detail on every single monthly bill. We pay X cents per KwH for the power plant, and Y cents for the lines, and Z cents for administration, etc. and when the power company wants to change their rates they have to get approval from the state. I don't know about other parts of the country, but here atleast, they aren't selling below cost

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