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Comment: Re:US Citizenship (Score 1) 190

by simstick (#48287549) Attached to: Labor Department To Destroy H-1B Records

No. If you have a citizen statesman serving one term then there is no incentive for them to bend to political pressure because they know their time is limited unless they fall to an outright bribe which is easier to spot and trace. I wouldn't have a problem changing the pay so they don't loose money while they are serving.

Comment: Re:At least tap water is chlorinated (Score 1) 280

by simstick (#48000473) Attached to: CDC: Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million In 4 Months

Chloride? Fortunately not everywhere. In western Europe most countries use hydrogen peroxide, because afterward you can still drink the water and don't need expensive water in bottles.

Just an FYI
"In 2013, Western Europe had the highest per capita bottled water consumption of any region, with only North America coming close. "
Found that on the google machine because I was curious if your water coming out of the tap was any cleaner or tasted better than ours. If I were younger and had the knowledge to avoid other health hazards I would prefer to drink only spring water with any bottled water a second choice.

Comment: Re:Buy Surge Protectors (Score 1) 78

I live in the country and installed GFI breakers at the main panel and on most every outlet plus the normal surge protector for the computers et.. and noticed that using them double like that they pop like crazy ahead of major storms so I am assuming they are sensing flux on the lines and using two inline causes the first to trip quicker than it normally might.

Comment: Re:Is God falsifiable? (Score 1) 649

by simstick (#47269541) Attached to: Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools

That pretty well agrees with a lot of theoretical physicists I have been reading. As we don't have a firm grasp on matter, time, energy or dimensions yet I hesitate to make an all or nothing bet but over the years I have come to believe religion as a science primer and if we follow the basic tenants of doing right by our fellow man we will be fine. I believe ultimately we will be answering for our actions to our fellow man and that is probably worse than what any one God would dish out and the next time we all get together to talk theory it is going to be from a much enlightened viewpoint.

+ - Feedly and Evernote held in Ransom->

Submitted by sperm
sperm (916223) writes "New form of trying to get ransom...wonder if any are successful...which why they would be trying.

Feedly is currently suffering a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, it announced earlier this morning on its blog. You may have noticed that you can’t access the website or load any of your feeds via the app. Feedly explained in a short message two hours ago that the DDoS perpetrator is holding Feedly to ransom and asking for money to stop the attack, Feedly has refused to comply.


Link to Original Source

+ - Glove Emulates Musical Instruments New MODEL->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Bridging the gap between computer generated music and real-world instruments, the 'Imaginary Marching Band' is a fledgling, open-source project that allows music to be created by imitating the actions of playing the real thing on a sensor-equipped glove. The work of Scott Peterman, a Masters student at Parsons New School Of Design in New York City, the prototype system uses MIDI data output from the gloves via USB to reproduce the full range of notes from instruments such as the trumpet and trombone. Brand new model with more instruments sounds and better then ever before! Help make this project happen by donating and getting your very own instrument !"

Link to Original Source

+ - TweetDeck hacked, vulnerability spreads across internet->

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "TweetDeck, a popular Twitter app for desktops, has been hacked — because a 19-year-old computer geek in Austria wanted to use cute, little hearts.

Firo let Twitter know about the vulnerability as soon as he found it. But it was too late. Others in the hacker community noticed, and shortly thereafter, a mass TweetDeck hijacking ensued."

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+ - Aliens and the Fermi paradox-> 1

Submitted by sayhem
sayhem (1842674) writes "Various explanations for why we don’t see aliens have been proposed—perhaps interstellar travel is impossible or maybe civilizations are always self-destructive. But with every new discovery of a potentially habitable planet, the Fermi Paradox becomes increasingly mysterious. There could be hundreds of millions of potentially habitable worlds in the Milky Way alone.

This impression is only reinforced by the recent discovery of a “Mega-Earth," a rocky planet 17 times more massive than the Earth but with only a thin atmosphere. Previously, it was thought that worlds this large would hold onto an atmosphere so thick that their surfaces would experience uninhabitable temperatures and pressures. But if this isn’t true, there is a whole new category of potentially habitable real estate in the cosmos."

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