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Comment Re:Bingo ! (Score 1) 107

I think you are too pessimistic.

I don't really disagree with you, since it's obvious that money goes to people who already have money, and I see Apple making piles of cash, and keeping it to itself.
At a given moment, the whole system will collapse, but is it really a bad thing ?

I see the advertising model as a way to create a fake good reputation.
It's easier to invent a good self-image and ignore what's wrong, and that's where Apple, Google and Facebook excel.

Hey, you are starting to rub off on me !

Comment Bingo ! (Score 4, Insightful) 107

I detected a Bullshit Bingo:

Seriously, their business is to rip off small businesses.
Their service can only be used once, because even dumb businesses realize instantly that it doesn't attract regular customers.

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Comment Re:It might finally be time for this (Score 1) 1291

Indeed, but do you believe that you would need a million dollars every year ?

I know we are in a period of opulence, but you don't need money to have a good life.
I would say that you can easily be happy without money.

Disclaimer: my wife just died, and I'm currently reducing drastically my lifestyle, since most of my money was spent for/by her.
Thus, the question I asked also applies for me. I can probably live with less than $1000 every month.

Comment Re:It might finally be time for this (Score 3, Informative) 1291

This !

By their replies, I see here a lot of people slave to their job, as it was the sole meaning of their life.
My job, my money, my family, my car, my house. WTF ?

What ? You don't have a job ? Go die, scum ! I don't want to help you, but if I'm in the same situation as you, I'll cry for help.

And you see that it works, when poor people feel miserable because they don't have a job.

Giving a minimal amount of money to allow people to live decently (food + housing) would make the society fairer.
Of course, there will be abuses, from both sides.

"Poor" people will say: I have not enough money to feed my big dogs or pay for my car.
"Rich" people will say: I won't pay slackers, because I work my ass off. I don't need anybody's help.

This will also help "normal" people to stop despising others because they cannot get a job.
There are life accidents, for example, when people are disabled, should they have twice the pain: disabled and jobless ?

What is the minimal amount of money you would need to live decently ?

Comment Re:The Nazis Could Have Won (Score 1) 295

No way in hell. Britain plus the USSR would have finished it without us. Maybe one extra year at the utmost. And the US would have devastated Japan much faster without our own second front (which actually had priority). Then we would have swarmed into Europe in full undiverted force by 1944 or 1945.

I totally agree with you, except that the war was already coming to an end.
USSR was already winning the war (the best german generals were sacrificed in Russia), and I believe that De Gaulle and Churchill asked the US to intervene before Stalin could invade the whole Europa.
I believe that the progression of the US soldiers from France to Berlin was easy, while USSR's progression from Russia to Berlin was slow because nobody liked the russian soldiers.

Comment Brain and intuition (Score 1) 73

What is important here is that the most acknowledged scientists developed both their "logical brain" and their "intuitive brain".
We could say that they are rational and intuitive at the same time.

This also reminds me that the best scientists have several domains of knowledge, not once.
The best engineers I have met have few interests outside of their domain, except the most brilliant ones.
Scientists from long ago, like Euler or Newton, did not restrict themselves to one domain, and this made them stand above their contemporaries.

Comment Re:Because it's soul-killing, uncreative shit. (Score 2) 474

Whining only reduces your chances of getting a better job.

Whining just helps people to discharge their frustration.
In fact, it encourages people to remain at their job.

When you stop whining, you start seriously to seek for another job.
Since you stopped complaining, you don't have a distorted view of the reality, so it's easier to detect problems when your mind is clear.

Comment Dear Nick (Score 4, Insightful) 211

Dear Nick,

I'm very happy to learn that you, the Head of Infrastructure Development at Amazon, have good working conditions at Amazon, but your opinion is absolutely irrelevant, since people being pressured at Amazon are not developers, but people doing physical work.

It's easy to defend your job when you have a comfortable position, but it's also very disrespectful towards people who do *real* manual work, who are forced to follow a fast pace and who are also badly paid.

I had countless death marches in my previous jobs (in videogames), and I know very well how it destroys people (and it took me more than one year to recover).
But death marches cannot compare to physical repetitive fast-pacing tasks.
The body suffers but also questions arise, because the mind is completely available.

As a software engineer, my minds is always busy, so I don't have doubts when I work.
If I had a manual work, I would have plenty of time to wonder why I do a job that I dislike.

I have experienced the Stockholm syndrome in a few jobs, where I believed it was my duty to sacrifice myself for the company, so I understand people wanting to show that they can perform better than others.
It's totally normal !

But please, Nick, don't compare your job to the mindless harassing jobs in Amazon.

Comment Re:4/5 in favor (Score 1) 755

Not to mention, if everybody was that way, you'd start to see a gradual decline in GDP.

Who cares about GDP ?
Frankly, what does it change to your life ?

it ends up being psychologically damaging to the recipient because they lose the will to improve themselves, end up with depression

In fact, you become depressed if you believe that you are useless to the society.
There are tons of things to do to avoid feeling useless.

What irritates me is people who complain that they don't earn enough money, but they systematically have huge dogs, large televisions, etc.
If people want to live on subsidies, I have no problem, but don't expect to live a luxurious life !

Comment Re:We need more carrot, not more stick (Score 2) 170

you get what you measure.

I remember a documentary about a company in India doing 3D animation.
One manager explained how he monitored in real-time how people were working.

Then, the boss explained how he was proud of producing movies in India, and he showed a few seconds of the animated movie his company was working on (it was something similar to the Jungle Book).
The animation was pretty miserable.

Their system encouraged finishing tasks the fastest as possible, not the best as possible, so it was absolutely talentless.
If you try to measure work, you'll get quantity but not quality.
How is it even possible to measure quality ?

Moral of the story: if you need robots, take robots, not human beings.

Comment Re: Desperation due to FF's collapsing marketshare (Score 1) 125

You are wrong, and this is because Scrum is not agile !

If you use only Scrum, you cannot succeed because Scrum is for managers, not for developers.
For developers, you can use Extreme Programming, DevOps or Kanban, but please do not force developers to use Scrum, it's absolutely useless for them.

The devs should have the authority to not commit to a particular feature/tech/UX/whatever in a given time period.

When do the devs have some power in a company ?
The problem is that the business guys want more and more features, so they try to cram as much possible tasks as possible.
As a dev, you don't have time to polish your code, since you have to always remind the big picture, I mean the "vision" from the business guy.

Comment Re:Heart's in the right place... (Score 2) 480

I did a lot of game companies at the time, and people quit not because they were fired, but because they were burned out.

When you have death marches during 6 or 12 months, delivering the game becomes meaningless because you sacrificed so much. It's a matter of pride, but the company doesn't care about you in the end.

The best people quit to find a better company (such a company is quite rare, I must say), and only the incompetent ones remain.
In the end, all valuable experience is gone, and the company's only assets is the game and the worst of the original team.

Machines have less problems. I'd like to be a machine. -- Andy Warhol