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Comment Re:Compiler optimizer bugs (Score 3, Interesting) 267

I had a worst experience: hardware bugs.

Back in the 90s, I was working on a trucks game.
Strangely, when playing via network, the trucks on some computers sometimes desynchronized.
I spent one week locating the problem by digging into verbose logs: it was due to the FDIV bug, which was subtly changing the positions of some trucks.

More recently, I spent a lot of time figuring why some programs crashed on my computer.
After a few weeks, I realized that some bits in the RAM were dead, writing into them returned random values.

Comment Re:WHO World Health Organisation data (Score 2) 102

You should compare the rate of accidents, not two unrelated values.

Maybe there are 10000 drones in the world, and 100 accidents every year, which gives a ratio of 10%.

How much cars do we have in the world ?
I very much doubt cars have such a high rate of accidents.

Perhaps if you multiply the number of drones by a factor of 10, you'll be able to count deaths.

Comment Re:Does indeed happen. (Score 2) 634

Any theories on why this is happening?

My thought is it might be culture thing, unless the new hire is coming on as a team lead or manager they're probably going to be working under someone in their 20s or 30s. I'm wondering if this is simply a case of people feeling weird having a subordinate 10-20 years younger than themselves or bringing a 45 year old onto a team with a bunch of twenty-somethings.

It's not about bringing age, but rather experience, or even wisdom.
When I was working in video games, I frequently went to companies where, only by myself, I was doubling the experience of the whole team, because I had 15 years of experience in game programming (I started at 20).

In fact, it's a matter about what the company values.
If the company values experience, you'll find a diversity of people.
If the company values technology, you'll only find young male guys.
Sadly, most tech companies are obsessed with technology, and don't hesitate to hire "assholes" because they don't care about the human factor.

Comment Re:Missing ingredient: consumers (Score 1) 391

More exactly, problems start to arise when money stagnates.

As long as money flows (even by avoiding taxes), the economy profits from it, since what is called "economy" is the amount of money that circulates.

When the money concentrates in the hands of a few people or when the money is not spent into local economy, that's when the economy starts to collapse.

Comment Re:And the question is... (Score 1) 391

I am wondering how soon the management will realize that they can replace most humans if not all, by robots and be done with the productivity loss, slacking on the job, etc. problems ?

That won't happen, because a psychological effect.

Let's suppose that the managers realize that a robot can do a man's work at a fraction of the price.
They might believe that it's better to fire all their team and replace it with robots.
But this endangers their own jobs, since they won't have to "manage" anymore.

Let's take the place of a manager:
"If they replace all the people below me, I'll be the next one to be replaced".

Comment Re:Vulnerabilities in keyless ignition feature .. (Score 1) 97

In France, a group of english robbers stole around thirty expensive Range Rovers.

The technique is called "mouse jacking".
And what's worse is that the insurance won't compensate the victims, since there is no trace of burglary.

Comment Re:Hotmail's whitelist is an effective system (Score 1) 55

In fact, it's pretty easy to figure what happened.
If your IP has been blacklisted, check the DNSBL.
For example, with this site: http://www.dnsbl.info/

Then go to the sites that block your IP and ask to be whitelisted.

You can be blacklisted for a lot of reasons, like sending too much mails in a short amount of time on the same site (in France, we have an ISP that considers a mail is spam if you send to 10 people of their domain in a single mail), or somebody tagged your mail as spam, or it uses patterns that are considered as spam, or you send an email to a fake user.

Emailing can't be trusted, so you have to accept that and stop fighting companies that block your emails.

Comment Re:Five is plenty (Score 2) 159

I use different sleeping cycles.
During the workdays, from monday to friday, I sleep between 3 and 4 hours, but I meditate during 2 hours and I don't nap.
During the weekends, I sleep from 5 to 7 hours with some napping, because I meditate a lot less (probably 15 minutes).

Several years ago, I was sleeping 6-7 hours every night, but I was always tired.
I started meditation 4 years ago, and everything changed from this moment: I'm never tired, I listen to my body (no abuse), and I have a deep sense of joy.

Deep meditation is equivalent to sleep.

Comment Re:take care of yourself and you will look good (Score 1) 285

My appendix was removed 35 years ago ;D
I believe that my gluten tolerance was reduced because of a combination of gluten consumption (I was a heavy bread eater) and antibiotics.
But who knows really ? Since I inherited from all the bad genes from my parents.

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