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The documents indicate the FBI in Seattle obtained a search warrant to “deploy” the CIPAV software after the task force, which is run by the FBI, received a public tip about a suspect. Special Agent Norman Sanders, in seeking the warrant, said the bureau would send a “communication” to the suspect’s computer that would make the computer identify itself for the agent.

The case was taken up by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which helped draft and approve the warrant. The warrant does not say that “communication” would be a bogus news story that appeared to be published online by The Seattle Times.

Still idiotic to have the fed have anything to do with a teenager and a bomb threat. At the point they got the tip they knew it was a teen and had little creditable threat.

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The linked article.

Yea a random no-name high school that is were the terrorists will strike. Terrorism by definition requires a political aspect and violence, it's doubtful the 15 year old have a political motive or any particular ability for violence. Since when do terrorists make bomb threats anyways they blow stuff up and claim responsibility not tell you specifically we put a bomb here get the people to safety before it blows. The FBI overreacted and was intentionally circumspect in their warrant.

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Social security comes out of your paycheck. The Feds borrow that money (something they were never supposed to do) and then claim it's an entitlement since the IOU's are coming due. It's supposed to be like any other retirement fund making wise long term investments. Granted day traders/hedge funds have turned that from 5% return to nothing in the last 40 ish years. Yes SS Disability is the exception to this but it was supposed to be a shared risk insurance.

Medicare etc is an entitlement taking tax dollars and spreading them around.

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by silas_moeckel (#48194451) Attached to: An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

Moving the truck closer etc etc. Would seem most expedient to hand the ice off at the truck.

The state health dept will not but the local inspector might. That inspector who has the power to close it down at his whim is not a good one to argue with unnecessarily.

So you have an artificial scarcity as the event only allows specific vendors. Do they have any motivation to improve? Lack of competition tends to stagnate things.

Comment: your assuming a lot (Score 1) 341

by silas_moeckel (#48187407) Attached to: An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

Your assuming that the Nevada health and safety are the local health inspector(s). A group of people who may well hate burning man and have no downside to misinterpreting the regs.

Your assuming the volunteers scale in a linear fashion while accessing the same truck.

Perhaps the altruistic vendor wants to inflate their ego by having people wait for hours for their product?

This is a scenario where if you think you can do it better rent a freezer truck and buy some ice see how well you do.

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