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Comment: It is required to rename files in File Explorer (Score 1) 564

by short (#49172569) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions
I was once told by a MS-Windows user that he would be fine (or even welcome) showing the extensions but he can't set it that way. As then when you click a filename in File Explorer for renaming and write the new name (sure without typing the dot-and-extension) the file loses its extension.

Comment: SMTP!=gmail (Score 1) 45

by short (#48698603) Attached to: Gmail Access Starts To Come Back In China, State-Run Paper Blames Google
"leaving users in China with no way of sending or receiving emails" - SMTP has been designed so that it has no single point of failure. Why one poor webmail service failure can affect SMTP users in China (stated in general)? That's their problem if they made themselves dependent on some 3rd party service they have no control of and it is good they finally see it.

Comment: Give us QWERTY (Score 1) 75

by short (#48672073) Attached to: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

> Differentiation is difficult in the smartphone market these days.

> all are nice upgrades but are only iterative

Please give us one huge upgrade - simple QWERTY. Last QWERTY phone is N900 from 2009. The next will be Jolla+TOHKBD in 2015 just thanks to a community funding effort (but still with weak hardware from 2013). Everybody in forums wants QWERTY but no single manufacturer makes one.

Interesting both QWERTY phones also run Linux OS (that is not Android) despite both features are technically completely unrelated. And there are very few non-QWERTY Linux OS phones.

Comment: Re:Why to develop anything? (Score 1) 184

by short (#48659259) Attached to: Devuan Progress Report Published

Maybe there is some need for extension (although I have never found it) but in that case - systemd is still too buggy to be deployed in a real OS. After any upgrade/update I am dealing with daemons refusing to start, system upgrade takes _whole_night_ because systemd crashed on an assert - on each host upgraded etc. etc.
It is similar to pulseaudio, since that time I had to learn all the options of audio software how to deal with silent audio which always worked before pulseaudio deployment.

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.