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Comment Re:I had a N9 (Score 3, Insightful) 46

I have N900 and for about a month LG G4 and I remained using N900. Without QWERTY it is unusable, to write TODO lists, notes, even to write URLs, those on-screen keyboards take forever to type together with many typos, and it is just inconvenient. When I need to do anything with the phone I SSH to N900 but I haven't yet found anything similar in Android. There are some chroot Linuxes but I could not get sshd running there. IIRC I got sshd working on Android itself but the shell is unusable there (or maybe I even did not get sshd working there, not sure now).

Comment Re:This will be the death of mechanical hard drive (Score 1) 80

I run my multiple servers in RAID. "failing before you realize it" - mdadm --monitor immediately reports that. I haven't yet faced the second failure of degraded array. Besides RAID6 I guess only a few blocks would get lost, the drives do not disappear completely from my experience.

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