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Comment Re:This will be the death of mechanical hard drive (Score 1) 80

I run my multiple servers in RAID. "failing before you realize it" - mdadm --monitor immediately reports that. I haven't yet faced the second failure of degraded array. Besides RAID6 I guess only a few blocks would get lost, the drives do not disappear completely from my experience.

Comment Re: Yes I'm old.. (Score 1) 267

On my 16-core (not counting HT) Haswell my C++ application builds 80 seconds. And rebuilding patched GCC + running its testsuite I do not wait for as it takes an hour or so. I discarded my box from 2005 after calculating that in a few months I would pay more on electricity than what is worth a new hardware. BTW I haven't played games for about 20 years. But sure for text files editing a 2005 box may be fine.

The life of a repo man is always intense.