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Submission + - Petrol producted from air and water - news?->

shalomsky writes: So if the electricity needed to drive this all came from wind, solar, or other renewables, if it can scale up, can it pull enough carbon from the air to make a difference? Is this news anymore? I just saw it. Will it help with climate change? A possible way to store energy, isn't it? People carping about times when the wind isn't blowing, sun isn't shining, store the energy as petrol when these things are happening, use it to make electricity when they aren't. Or just burn it straight for heat.
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Submission + - Google Tipped off EU about Microsoft Browser Ballot-> 1 1

Dupple writes: The tired spat between Google and Microsoft just got a lot more interesting after reports that the search giant tipped off European authorities to antitrust concerns, a tip that will now cost the Windows-maker nearly a billion dollars. When news of the fine levied by the European Union's competition watchdog broke on Wednesday, nobody was too surprised that the European Commission was punishing Microsoft for bullying consumers. But with a recent headline-stealing dispute between the Redwood, Washington company and Google, it's competitor down in Mountain View, California, bloggers got curious. Early Wednesday evening, The Wall Street Journal's Tom Gara wondered, "Did Google Snitch?" According to a Financial Times report published a few minutes later, the answer is yes.

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Submission + - Improved ion engines will open up the outer Solar System->

cylonlover writes: The phrase "engage the ion drive" still has the ring of a line from Star Wars, but these engines have been used in space missions for more than four decades and remain the subject of ongoing research. Ion engines have incredible fuel efficiency, but their low thrust requires very long operating times ... and therein lies the rub. To date, erosion within such an engine seriously limits its operational lifetime. Now a group of researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has developed a new design that largely eliminates this erosion, opening the gates for higher thrust and more efficient drives for manned and unmanned missions to the reaches of the Solar System.
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Comment Corrupt, Evil, theiving liars (Score 1) 419 419

I live in the suburbs, near a big city. I have a small lawn. I want to grow grass, and vegetables. I don't mind the weeds. I love weeds. Farming is not a mainstay in my state. It is not big business. Plenty of people here want to do organic, and biodynamic. We want to keep Monsanto completely OUT (yes, shouted) of our state. I don't want anything from Monsato growing on my property. I won't buy anything from them. Their suicide seeds blow in from somewhere, and grow in my yard. I wouldn't put it past them to show up at my place, say I stole their crop, sue me for $5,000,000, and take my house and all my worldly possessions, and leave me homeless. This is what they do. Anyone who thinks otherwise, has fallen for their bullshit. They are out to make food serfs out of everyone. That is reality. Somewhere in their corporate HQ, is a business plans, to make it impossible to avoid buying food that they have patented. You will owe them someday, for your fruit, your veggies, your eggs, your meat, everything. Their gene tech will be in everything, most people don't know, this is exactly what they want.

Comment Use IPv6 (Score 1) 386 386

Design a little fob, with an IPv6 address, specifically allocated for voting. Put a web server on it. Get the voter a key pair. They can post their vote on a public site, either anonymously, or with their name on it. Everyone can check and count the votes. Scrap all the existing e-voting machines. That person's IPv6 address is theirs for life, and never re-used. It stores and posts their votes forever. It's solar powered and runs off static ram. The info from it can be copied as needed, to verify if anyone wants to.

Comment Re:Nothing strange about this (Score 1) 386 386

When plants convert crap to something edible, in the process, they render safe any bacteria in the crap. Or, the bacteria in the crap is rendered safe by sunlight, fresh air, wind, and maybe other environmental factors (cold, rain). When animals live crowded together and their crap is not allowed to get naturally cleaned in this fashion, and they dump the crap into lagoons, where it festers, then it gets into rivers and streams and pollutes and kills fish. Am I wrong?

Submission + - tech fix for Climate change?->

shalomsky writes: "What will be the ultimate outcome of greenhouse gas emissions? I have been thinking a lot of people are going to end up dying, mostly in already hot, dry places. Deserts will get bigger. Droughts will be longer. Enough people are going to have to end up dying to bring down the number of drivers, electricity users, and meat eaters, so that concentrations of CO, CO2, NOx, methane, and whatever others can actually decrease enough after time that things can go back to "normal". Or can we inject gases into the atmosphere to block the radiant energy of the sun? People are not going to stop driving, alternative power sources are not coming along fast enough, more people are eating meat. Do you think the population of the planet is going to have to fall drastically to get the climate back on an even keel?"
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Submission + - Less anonymity with IPv6?

shalomsky writes: Won't it be much more difficult for crackers and virus-writers to hide under IPv6? Doesn't NAT make it easier for people to hide? Won't that, and a more secure OS, reduce the number and severity of viruses? I envision a world where every email comes with the senders IPv6 IP address. Maybe even every network packet. Wouldn't that be a little like a digital signature for everything?

Comment religious people (Score 1) 1425 1425

Some percentage of voters will vote for her as long as she always says, "I'm a Christian and I oppose abortion". One of my coworkers is like that. With Bush, someone else people said was, "At least he always did what he said he was going to do" even if this is not true. Some people like a simple, straightforward person, who they think is honest. She's a real life Forest Gump, with some heavy duty Americana, Christianity, and "we're always right" and "bomb the living hell out of them" mixed in. But I don't think she can win a primary, and I don't think she can beat Obama. They will tell her what to say, and give her a hidden wire for the debates, but I still think she will flub things. People ultimately concluded that Bush was not quite as dumb as he came across. With Palin, it's pretty obvious that she's an idiot. It reminds of Michigan, in 2006, Dick DeVos vs. Jennifer Granholm. People were really unhappy with Granholm but terrified of DeVos. The republican should have won. But because it was DeVos, Granholm actually won re-election. Of course, the rest of the country is not all like Michigan....

Comment Solar and other renewables (Score 2) 635 635

I just like the idea of renewable better. I would rather just live without the electricity if I can't get it from these sources. I don't use ac now in my car or at home. I just get along without it. My office has ac though. I would rather pay more for renewable energy, regardless of cost.

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