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+ - Nokia paid millions of euros for stolen signing keys

Submitted by jppiiroinen
jppiiroinen (2664019) writes "I find it very odd that back in the days 2007-2008 when Nokia had a huge market share with Symbian devices, that they did not disclose the information that somebody had stolen their encryption keys. Being a listed company after all. They did even ended up paying millions of euros and the local Finnish police manage to fail to investigate who was behind it.

The blackmailer had gotten hold of the Symbian encryption key used for signing. The code is a few kilobytes in size. Had the key been leaked Nokia would not have been able to ensure that the phones accept only applications approved by the company.


+ - What will happen today with the developing story of North Korea?

Submitted by jppiiroinen
jppiiroinen (2664019) writes "In this developing story of tourists can not enter N.Korea, China's new president Xi has stated that "No one should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gains" and South Korea has raised surveillance alert level, among with all the related activity by Japan and US.

What will happen today?"

+ - OAuth Flaw Allowed Access to Any Facebook Account->

Submitted by
Orome1 writes "A flaw in Facebook's OAuth system that allows the communication between applications and users has allowed web application security specialist Nir Goldshlager to gain full control of any Facebook account. The exploit worked on all browsers, and would even work on accounts that have 2-step verification enabled. Luckily for all of us, this flaw has already been patched by Facebook, but Goldshlager says that he found a couple of more and Facebook is still working on fixing them."
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+ - Are Mosquitos Becoming More Intelligent?-> 1

Submitted by Copper Nikus
Copper Nikus (1615089) writes "An article at the BBC makes a shocking claim about mosquitoes. It appears some individual insects in the wild have developed the ability to ignore the very popular DEET repelent after a first exposure. Imagine what misery this will bring to the human race if this trait spreads to the general mosquito population through the process of evolution through natural selection (or through divine intervention if you happen to be a creationist)."
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+ - Nokia closed application store in China for N9

Submitted by jppiiroinen
jppiiroinen (2664019) writes "It seems that Nokia is slowly killing existing applications for their Linux based N9 mobile phone which are available thru their store. As a developer who has published paid (and free) apps, it looks like that after their final blow of killing the support for paid applications in China, where the main revenue came from, there is not any means to make money, and no reason to maintain apps anymore. What this means also for the end-users; no premium apps, like Angry Birds.

There was no heads-up or anything, just a single email without any means to make a complain.

Nokia, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish."

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