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Comment Re:Only Outlaws will Have Encryption (Score 4, Insightful) 152

You would have thought that our government would have learned when they attempted to ban PGP, decades ago.

For those of you who don't remember, the software got classified as a munition, people who sold it could be arrested as arms trafficers. Downloads instantly moved from US servers to those in Finland (and elsewhere) and the end result was a big spectacular nothing.

Calmer heads prevailed, in the long run.

The technology is out there, the knowledge of how to do encryption is impossible to stuff back into the bottle.

Yes, I remember the bad old days when a Netscape web browser was considered as a weapon of war and it was illegal to export it outside the US and there was a check box on the EULA saying you agree that you wouldn't export it.

If ITAR is again applied to encryption then the US will stop being able to sell pretty much any technology overseas and most people in the US who aren't complete morons will just import hardware and software from free countries where encryption is allowed.

Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 291

Reverse-discrimination against men? Rejected, per the observation that there is evidence of discrimination against women when gender is identified.

The most likely candidate of what really happens, given that this benefits the SJW crowd the least. This is especially so when developers are intimidated when they don't follow the politically correct narrative.

- Women take fewer risks, and thus are more likely to provide solutions that are accepted? The authors cite a study that claims women are, on average, more risk-averse than men. However, this is inconsistent with the observation that women change more lines of code.

- Women in open-source are more competent than men? This is the hypothesis that the authors support the most. They suggest it somes about due to survivorship bias and/or self-selection and/or higher implicit performance-standards in the female population of open-source coders.

Not as likely given that they're more in line with attempts to fit the data to the hypothesis.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1) 239

From TFA:

The researchers focused on two outcomes of the DAWBA: risk for depression, and risk for “conduct disorder,” which is a term describing antisocial behaviors in children.

Finding no significant correlation between video gaming and those outcomes does not really prove the broad conclusion of the headline that "Video Gamers From the '90s Have Turned Out Mostly OK".

Right. And I don't think the supposition has ever been that video games increase the prevalence or incidence of any particular disorders in children, but rather what negative (or positive?) effects certain types of video games and length of time playing would have on children already prone to behavioral or psychological issues. Whether gaming (amount of time spent, and types of games played) makes things better or worse for those kids both in the short term and longer run... But good luck finding a control group. Really you are going to have to just look at estimated time spent gaming along with preferred games to make any meaningful comparison.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1) 239

There's a reason people dismiss claims of IRL "harm" the from Tipper Gores or Jack Thompsons or Anita Sarkeesians of the world. The burden of proof is always squarely on them, they almost always fail to meet it, and years later we (as often as not) get scientific evidence showing the opposite.

Population studies usually drown out subtle influences and factors. I think you have to look at individuals that do have issues and then see how the availability of games, drugs, booze, television, social interactions all come together to make their problems worse or better.

Comment Re:After reading discussion in the pfsense forums. (Score 1) 64

TThey also took over the m0nowall domains from it's creator and instead of maintaining them as-is, they redirect to their own domain and crown themselves as successors to the legacy of that project, when really, pfSense is that.

If that m0n0wall piece is true, these guys are obviously looking more at $ and not community.

Comment Re:Why they forked (Score 1) 64

The OPNsense project wants to partner with business and make a success of it together. This is why we have a partner program where businesses get project benefits while supporting the project financially.

To get listed as partner of the OPNsense project means an annual investment of € 2500.
Special partners are assigned the Platinum Partner status. These are the partners that made an exceptional contribution to the project.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

These guys just want their version to be the go to version so they can cash in on OSS on their chosen terms instead of ESF's, all while riding others works...

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