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Comment They prioritize diversity candidates. (Score 2) 317

Given current policy, they would make sure that only "sufficiently diverse" people would benefit. They wouldn't want any white males to have any chance of succeeding over a diversity candidate.

If they really wanted more people in CS, they would kill offshoring and guest worker programs with fire, from orbit. More individuals would be motivated to complete a program with a higher chance of an actual career.

Comment Re:Greater disservice if done with integrated vide (Score 1) 116

For another thing, the integrated video is very fast today, actually better than many graphics cards and is not a drain on the CPU at all considering it sits on some hugely fast internal bus and fairly accesses the memory controller (or L3 on Intel).

For both Intel and AMD, integrated video can only manage to beat low-end graphics cards within the same generation. Throw large, GPU-bound loads on it and then it will be quite clear why dedicated GPUs exist.

Integrated graphics was deemed good enough for PS4 and Xbox One.

Only if you forget that their CPU's were significantly faster than retail equivalents. While AMD sold them a fast APU, the Rest of Us (including myself) could only get a lesser A10 7850K.

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