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Comment Re:Then make the "aberration" return. (Score 1) 561

This doesn't work. It artificially inflates the price of labor, and we've seen what happens when local labor is expensive. Never mind that creating a two (three) tiered society of Citizens and (il)legal Immigrants is the Kuwaiti system. You don't get to vote yourself into the aristocracy.

Make it even more expensive to not use in-country labor, including the vigorous prosecution of individuals contracting or employing illegals as well as individual aiding or abetting them.

Besides, you can argue that "stability" is bad for both employer and employee. Without ties to a particular job, it's much easier for an employee to shop his skills around and find a better job

Really? For the greater part of humanity, including those of us in the modern Roman Empire (the United States), stability is a good thing. It allows long-term planning, a chance to gain the skills that impart flexibility in any economy, and otherwise provide for a mutual benefit.

I thought the American way was to reward ambitious self-motivated people and let starve the ones too lazy to care for themselves.

Wrong century. That might have been true for history up to the mid-20th, but it is not true today (despite attempts to return to the darker days).

Comment That's a case of only addressing one end of it. (Score 1) 561

Make it hard to not hire someone legally present in that country and very painful to hire anyone with any less-than-legal status..

Even better yet, remove any ability to require a person to associate with any third party or on any non-FTE basis as a condition of working with any entity. Granted, that does include unions, but it also hits the benefit-dodging contract firms - hard. It also discourages the benefit-dodging forms of casualization of labor, as non-FTE labor would have to outcompete FTE labor.

That, and it makes quitting that much easier when even the least competent have a chance to find good work and improve.

Comment Re:So the Camaro is going to become an I4 aberrati (Score 1) 561

The Camaro? No, even if you ask for the V6. The only problem I have is that there's no sub-$25k 4-door equivalent in GM's lineup. It's either 2 doors and a good V6, or straight to $30k+ land.

The ATS? Definitely, since you're paying for more bling and less engine. For their existing price points, I'd rather see V6/Turbo V6/V8.

Comment Then make the "aberration" return. (Score 1) 561

In truth, black and white gets us no-where and in order to be successful companies will need to leverage whip-smart contract labor,

Given permatemping, there's just the whip and no real smarts beyond devising something that no person should be able to meet to get a regular job.

Precarious work needs to DIAF.

while building capable internal teams to support their efforts after they have been sent off to their next world-building exercise.

In other words, people that managed to be the token few that weren't permatemped.

Maybe the 'stability' from 1950 to 1980 was the real 'aberration' and the constant changes driven by an influx of new workers is the real American norm

Then do whatever it takes litigatively/legislatively/extrajudicially to bring back stability and make it a epic, royal, and complete PITA to dodge it. After that, make it hard to not hire citizens by making it worth more to hire any citizen FTE's by default.

Comment You never saw a good company. (Score 1) 561

Your naturalized citizenship betrays you in that respect. It also provides you with an easy "Diversity Candidate" card depending on the company, which seems to have favored you more than merit.

While it was harder to find, it was possible to easily see it well into the 1990's. Seeing it past the dotcom crash was quite hard. Seeing it past 2008 was a PITA. Seeing it past 2013 for non-diverse individuals (both you and myself) is asking for the nigh-impossible.

Comment Contractors/Agency labor == 21st Century Union. (Score 1) 561

The only kind of unions that are going to form are ones that the employer controls or is the primary benefactor - which are staffing firms, contractors, consulting groups, and other third-party types that see the worker as a butcher would see animals in an abattoir.

Try that in any other arrangement, especially in the South, and one does so at their career's own peril.

Comment Then a change of incentives is in order. (Score 1) 561

First, kill off the idea that agency/temporary/PT/third-party work can be a condition for accepting work with any particular entity. Take the toys away that businesses misuse for the primary (if not sole) purpose of dodging benefits laws. They'll have to play by the same rules as the rest of the workforce.

That is, someone could ask for FTE, get it, and not have to settle for dealing with a benefit-dodging third party. That would make secure arrangements the default, and require less secure arrangements to provide a compelling advantage above and beyond the job itself.

Comment Snowden modbombing in 3,2,1... (Score 1) 599

It is funny you try to claim he is a whistleblower when he made no effort to be a whistleblower. Selling IC secrets to the highest bidder is hardly whistleblowing.

It's even worse when one proves it by using it to gain safe passage between one hellhole(China) and the next(Russia). Those plane tickets weren't free, y'know.

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