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Comment Re:[citation needed] or you're shilling. (Score 1) 331


834.5 KB/s if sustained over a 30.5 day average month, +/- 14 KB/s.

That presumes that the device is able to:
* overcome environmental issues that would affect its operation
* maintain connectivity long enough to keep up with that standard
* does not run into technical issues related to extended throughput via tethered devices. the very least.

Comment A big [citation needed] for Legere. (Score 1) 331

The 2TB mark is very hard to believe, since it requires an minimum sustained throughput of 834.5 KB/s for an average month of 30.5 days, to the device itself.

I sure would like to know what kind of device T-Mobile found that was delivering that absurd throughput. That sounds like a testament to the quality of the phone since it's taking unrealistic loads.

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