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Re:But what IS the point they're making?  *Friday July 25, 2014 @11:12AM 1 1
   attached to Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation'
Re:Safety Deposit Box  *Thursday June 19, 2014 @01:58PM 1 2
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Zombie Apocalypse  *Monday June 02, 2014 @09:20AM 1 1
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Re:How fast is the data transmitted?  *Friday May 30, 2014 @10:00AM  3, Insightful
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Re:Fuck the FAA  *Saturday April 12, 2014 @01:13PM  1
   attached to FAA Shuts Down Search-and-Rescue Drones
Nuke it  *Monday April 07, 2014 @12:24PM  0
   attached to NASA Laying Foundation For Jupiter Moon Space Mission
Hardly the worst by any measure  *Wednesday March 19, 2014 @02:33PM  1
   attached to It Was the Worst Industrial Disaster In US History, and We Learned Nothing
Bitcoin: I am not money  *Friday March 07, 2014 @12:07PM 5 5, Insightful
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LHC is at CERN  *Friday March 07, 2014 @10:27AM 2 1
   attached to Physics Forum At Fermilab Bans Powerpoint
Re:An exacerbated physicist  *Wednesday March 05, 2014 @08:37AM  1
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Do the only decent thing...  *Tuesday March 04, 2014 @08:50AM  1
   attached to NASA Forgets How To Talk To ICE/ISEE-3 Spacecraft
Offer to throw in some money  *Monday January 20, 2014 @05:54PM  1
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By the dark magic power of hoxton blood....  *Monday January 13, 2014 @01:38PM 5 4, Funny
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How about postal addresses?  *Friday January 03, 2014 @08:53AM 3 0
   attached to China: The Next Space Superpower
Arma maybe  *Monday December 09, 2013 @03:41PM  1
   attached to NSA Collect Gamers' Chats and Deploy Real-Life Agents Into WoW and Second Life
Re:Common knowledge  *Wednesday December 04, 2013 @03:59PM 2 1
   attached to For First Three Years, Consumer Hard Drives As Reliable As Enterprise Drives
LincolnLogOS, an OS written entirely in linoln log  *Friday November 15, 2013 @12:46PM  1
   attached to MenuetOS, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language, Inches Towards 1.0
Left 4 Dead 3  *Tuesday July 09, 2013 @05:37AM 1 1
   attached to Former Valve Hardware Designer Recounts Management Difficulties
Re:Summary of the exploit  *Tuesday July 09, 2013 @05:06AM  1
   attached to Code Released To Exploit Android App Signature Vulnerability
But you can still watch TV...  *Friday June 07, 2013 @07:53AM 2 5, Insightful
   attached to Microsoft Confirms Xbox One's Phone Home Requirement, Game Resale Rules
Wait... it's not porn  *Wednesday May 01, 2013 @08:27AM 6 5, Funny
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H.L. Mencken  *Sunday April 21, 2013 @09:26AM 1 4, Insightful
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Re:but who are they competing with?  *Friday April 19, 2013 @03:25PM 1 2
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Mischievious and Malicious???  *Tuesday June 21, 2005 @11:39AM 2 2, Funny
   attached to LA Times Pulls Wikitorial, Blames Slashdot