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Comment Re:The Source? (Score 4, Informative) 175

The chromium open source tar ball will continue to be updated and support 32-bit x86 and ARM for at least the next 5 years.

The proprietary Chrome binaries which include features listed below will not longer be updated after March 2016:

- AAC, H.264, and MP3 Support
- Adobe Flash (PPAPI)
- Google Update

Comment Re:Hire a lawyer (Score 1) 256

I'd still hire a lawyer and at least get some advice. I don't profess to have knowledge of Finnish law, but if this were entirely in the domain of the US - it doesn't matter that other people are doing the harassment. The civil courts do not work like a CSI TV episode. You do not need empirical proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a civil case. A good lawyer could make that guy's life miserable.

Comment Re:Hire a lawyer (Score 1) 256

As the article stated, the police, FBI, and other authorities have thus far done nothing. Sue his ass in court. Criminal court is not the only avenue to pursue justice.

I am not an expert on Finnish law, but in the US, the civil courts have a much lower threshold of proof. Even without any proof, being sued by someone is a huge inconvenience.

Comment Re:And WTF is a STEM OPT rule? (Score 2, Insightful) 55

No problem. A STEM OPT rule is a payback from Congress to the rich and powerful higher education lobby here in the United States that allows colleges and universities to subsidize their bloated budgets by enrolling lots of smart and motivated foreigners as full tuition paying students, letting said students work in the US without a HB1 Visa while in school. However, in order to not violate the equally rich and powerful protectionist lobbies, the STEM OPT rules have a limited duration.

So, we educate and train these individuals and then kick the ones who cannot afford a good immigration lawyer (another equally rich and powerful lobby) out of the country, subsidizing the IT industries in their homelands and perpetuating the drive to outsource high tech labor outside of the US.

It's a brilliant strategy that relies on central planning over free markets to control the distribution of human resources.

Submission + - BEA announces investment in hybrid oxidized rocket engine

selectspec writes: If you've played Kerbal Space Program, then you likely know all about the fictional RAIPER rocket engine that gets its oxidizer from the atmosphere until the atmosphere becomes too thin at which point it switches over to using on-board liquid oxygen. Well, the game is soon to be reality with the development of the SABRE rocket.

More info at BEA's website.

Such an engine opens up lots of applications, including lighter space rockets which no longer have to carry as much liquid O2.

Comment Ban the side effects (Score -1, Flamebait) 305

Its a free country, let them advertise. Just please drop the requirements that they have to list the side effects. Eating dinner with kids and having to listen to 4 hour erections and other inappropriate dinner subjects is outrageous. If people are too stupid to listen to their doctor, they deserve to die.

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