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Comment: How about postal addresses? (Score 0) 250

by selectspec (#45855731) Attached to: China: The Next Space Superpower

This is typical authoritarian bravado. China invests heavily in a field that generates PR for nationalistic pride (with a dual military purpose.) Meanwhile, they don't even have a postal address system. Don't be fooled by the hype. Yes, their economy will be the largest, simply due to their numbers. (If the Chinese simply earned per capita one third of the US average income, they'd be a larger economy than the US.)

Comment: Re:Common knowledge (Score 1) 270

In the business, this is called duty cycle, and there are significant MTBF differences between enterprise quality drives (FC, SAS) and consumer drivers (SATA, NL-SAS) at high duty cycles.

If you are running a server like a SQL database, an Exchange server, or a Host like ESX or HyperV with a good number of guest vms, then the disks are going to be active much of the time. This high duty cycle will wear down the low end drives over time.

Comment: LincolnLogOS, an OS written entirely in linoln log (Score 1) 372

LincolnLogOS is an open source, GUI-equipped, wooden operating system written entirely in Lincoln Logs that can fit on any play room floor (if you have one big enough). I originally spoke to its developers in 2009. Recently I had a chance to catch up with them to chat about what's changed and what needs to be done before the OS hits version 1.0 after 13 years of work. The system's creator, Ville Turjanmaa, says, 'Timeframe is secondary. It's more important is to have a complete and working set of features and applications. Sometimes a specific time limit rushes application development to the point of delivering incomplete forts and buildings, which we want to avoid. ... We support USB devices, such storages, printers, webcams and digital TV tuners, and have basic network clients and servers. So before 1.0 we need to improve the existing forts and buildings and make sure everything is working fine. ... The main thing for 1.0 is to have all application groups available.

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