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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 85

Why would someone eat something that contains almost no nourishment

To enjoy the pleasure of food without contributing as much to obesity? cf. the entire diet-foods industry.

That said, I've had some of these yam-like noodle products, and the ones I got tasted like hell and digested even worse. Hopefully a large dose of cellulose can fix that. I'd love to have some chee cheong fun with the majority of calories coming from the sauce and meats!

You need either carbs or fat just to survive.

Or protein.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 117

Your old OLED screens don't compare to modern OLED displays - they're at least two generations behind. And black bars? That's the controller, not the 'phosphors'. It could be that a certain OLED panel had a bad production run, but try to keep proper separation of concerns.

A 4-year-old GS3 AMOLED screen looks great compared to any iPhone screen produced today, and the newer ones are even better (I considered switching to a 'better' phone (circuit-board level) after running a GS4 for years, and just couldn't go back to LED). Apple is switching to better technology obviously (and good for them).

Most importantly, the iPhone OLED screen will last longer than security updates will be available for the device. Be a responsible netizen and recycle the thing in 2023. Or go with an open product instead to extend the safe lifetime of your purchase.

Comment Re: Legality? (Score 5, Insightful) 313

It's simple misdirection - people are asking, "is Yahoo being a dick?" and Yahoo is answering, "it's perfectly legal." Which has nothing to do with the question but many people will fall for it because they [somehow, still, inexplicably, despite all evidence to the contrary] still equate legality with ethics.

n.b. It may be the users who are being the dicks, wanting something for nothing (#include malvertising.h), but that's not the question here.

Comment Re:Novel Idea (Score 1) 361

We would then be a favorable place to have business

The regulations are atrocious too. A sane tax rate is only part of the picture.

It's OK, though - all the multinationals will soon be overseas companies and all the small businesses incorporated here will be hamstrung trying to compete uphill against their size, their tax advantage, and their regulatory advantage, and the fat cats and the DC politicians they own will all be perfectly content.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. - H. L. Mencken

Comment Re: I would have loved to hear the conversation (Score 1) 117

"the first duty of the State is the continuity of the State."

These are the people running the campaign againt crypto (the reasons you cite are self-evident here). There's a bloody department with that task, yet ignorant apologists for power still live in denial. Oh, well - they won't be prepared for the troubles either; a sadly but soberingly self-limiting problem.

Comment Re: And people on slashdot give a shit, why? (Score 2) 162

It doesn't matter if you give a shit - it only matters if you view ads and post comments. You've done your part for the day to encourage such stories.

But topically, there's a subset of IT where you're supposed to "understand" that you shouldn't ever expect to be a good father, spend meaningful time with your kids - "because you're in IT". That's not importance, it's abuse. Many nerds who don't know how to stand up for themselves could use a role model like TheZuck to point to. In my limited experience, the people who most detest him are those who waste their time on his site (projection).

Comment Re: Yeah, that's the problem (Score 2) 135

Of course, we are the ones with the resources to develop it, not them.

Were that it so - "we" strongly disincentivize new drug development by throwing $1B roadblocks in the way of new ones. Sure, it's to help the profits of the few big pharma corps that can fund it, but the real losers are real - people who track these things have the current FDA cost at net-balance 20 million avoidable deaths (and people say the Aztecs were barbaric). As always, attempts to impose control create chaos.

They certainly don't have the time or training to do any better.

That's not likely to change fast enough. Putting the funding into automated microassays and realtime manufacturing technologies might be the better option. We used to think that distance was a barrier but aerobots might be taking down those walls - a lab pickup or drug delivery can be a hundred miles out now, or pretty soon.

Comment Re:rights should not depend on a Corporation chari (Score 2) 56

While I understand their desire to do this, we need a legal system that does it automatically.

Until people can choose among competing legal systems, for the best value, the monopoly systems will be for sale to the highest bidder (cf. history). Don't waste your time trying to fix the current monopoly system.

The DMCA is the best copyright system Disney could buy (rest in pieces, Fritz Hollings). Maybe Google can buy a little bit back. And yes, this sucks.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

how do they expect to win hearts and minds?

Get the government to threaten their competition so they don't face marketplace competition?

Fortunately *some* states have been nullifying the FDA on this one. Unfortunately they're fighting prohibited speech with compulsory speech. #fail

This is what happens when you make philosophically-inconsistent carve outs like "rights stop existing when money is involved". Those who fail to understand that attempts to impose control always create chaos may now enjoy their maybe-it's-frankenfish.

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