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Inheritance can be handled by ensuring the parties involved have set up their wills properly. It could easily be the case that married couples don't leave their individual assets to one another. Shared assets are a different issue and can easily be dealt with with existing civil laws (e.g. joint tenancy for property ownership).

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No, actually I don't.

In your example there's not enough info to determine if the person who died (wasn't me, I have a will that sets out explicitly what I want done with my estate) wanted either the sibling or the romantic partner to get all or part of the money. Maybe the person was on the verge of breaking up with the partner. Maybe the partner is independently wealthy and the sibling has more need of the money. Maybe the sibling has children. Maybe the person wanted to leave all the money to her favourite charity.

Regardless, I don't see how the government getting out of marriage affects the outcome in this case.

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There was a news show on a number of years ago about identical twin sisters one of whom was happy being a woman (married with children) and the other felt like she was a (straight) man trapped inside a woman's body and was undergoing the process to have a sex change operation. Psychiatrists were especially interested in these twins because a lot of the theories of why someone is homosexual could be ruled out. They're genetics are (mostly) the same, they would have been exposed to the same hormones in utero, they were raised similarly (no sibling is raised exactly the same as another, even twins). In the end it was still a mystery as to why one twin was a hetereosexual woman and the other was not.

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I agree. I'm Canadian where we do allow homosexual marriage (which I'm fine with), but ideally I would like the concept of civil marriage to be done away with. If you believe in a religion that has marriage, then that's fine and feel free to marry/divorce according to that religions customs/beliefs. But, that shouldn't have any effect on our civil lives regarding taxes, benefits etc.

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Also, call back if you didn't get the job and ask why you didn't (in a polite way). I had a friend just go through a tough time finding another job (not tech related) and for the interviews where she didn't receive an offer she called and asked what she could improve on, whether that be job skills, experience or personal. She got a lot of good feedback.

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I'm sure this is very uncommon, but I worked with a guy who took a year off when his wife had their third child (she only took a month). Why? Partly because he wanted a chance to be the primary caregiver but mainly because she made more money than him and it made economic sense.

So, if women were paid better than their husbands, would we see more situations like this? I think yes, but probably never the majority.

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