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Comment Good luck with that (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Just like the documents showing Microsoft handing over their customers communication data to the NSA...once you've been fingered as a good "partner" with the U.S. intelligence apparatus your shelf life as a company has been time bombed...ignition is just waiting on an alternative supplier that can be reasonably trusted (IMHO this could take some years, but its coming...the market is too big and valuable...if given a true choice nobody wants to buy gear from companies that were shown to be stooges for government snooping).

Comment They could have bid with their Delta (Score 3, Interesting) 55

ULA also has the Delta 4 rocket which uses U.S. designed / made rocket engines. Previously they were letting the 3 core Delta 4 handle the big launches and the single core Atlas 5 handle the smaller launches, but there is no reason they couldn't have bid with a single core Delta 4 if they wanted. Something smells politically fishy with this.

Comment Re:Storm in a glas of water (Score 1) 267

I feel much the same and have the plug-in Classic Toolbar Buttons that almost certainly hooks into the XUL to give me that 3.x look and colors I like - its one of the things that keeps me on Firefox.

It's crazy what the leadership is doing...get rid of their plug-in architecture (so that advantage is smashed), get rid of the UI customization (so that advantage is smashed)...eventually all we'll have left is Chrome with a different web engine. This must be what its like when the marketshare water is going around and around the bowl real fast towards the end as the "leadership" sets the whole application on fire thinking they're "fixing" things.

Comment Chip cards would not have prevented Target Breach (Score 4, Insightful) 145

Just good to mention that Chip & PIN cards would not have prevented the Target breach in any way as mentioned in Brian Krebs follow up article:


"0 – The number of customer cards that Chip-and-PIN-enabled terminals would have been able to stop the bad guys from stealing had Target put the technology in place prior to the breach (without end-to-end encryption of card data, the card numbers and expiration dates can still be stolen and used in online transactions)."

Comment FireFox's advantage is its library of plugins (Score -1, Troll) 147

Seems like Mozilla's mission is to destroy Firefox's marketshare.

One of Firefox's remaining (dwindling) advantages is its massive plugin library. The leadership at Mozilla, with Firefox marketshare falling & developer interest declining thinks it'll be a good idea if they drop their existing plug-in architecture - and wipe away that massive library - so they can start all over again (then Chrome, Opera and I.E. (whatever it is) will have bigger plugin libraries. Good idea! Not....

Comment We thought they'd buy U.S. equipment because? (Score 1) 109

Why in the world, with all the post Snowden knowledge of U.S. backbone equipment makers being compromised by, if not working hand in hand with the NSA, would anyone expect the Cuban's to buy from U.S. suppliers? You'd have to assume that if the suppliers weren't in cahoots with the NSA to begin with that the NSA would intercept the equipment and bug it directly prior to delivery. Especially with U.S. history there.

Now it would be expected that the Chinese equipment is probably back doored as well, however the Cuban's probably mind that alot less than U.S. based compromised equipment.

Comment Hotmail wouldn't attach encrypted zip file (Score 4, Interesting) 115

Yesterday I wanted to get a small file from one computer to another, didn't want to use a thumb drive (didn't have cloud storage on one as well) so I just figured I'd Hotmail myself (via its web interface) an e-mail with the attached file zipped and encrypted (it was a tax doc) to another e-mail address of mine...no problem right? So I try to attach the file and Microsoft decided it had to be able to scan and identify (and log?) what I had in that zip file before it would allow it to be attached (since it was encrypted it wouldn't allow it to be attached...tried it several times...the NSA must be pleased)....so much for user's privacy.

With all the information, since Snowden, about Microsoft working hand in glove with the U.S. government I have to laugh a little at them being included here - as it seems a PR stunt on their part.


Comment Re:Reading... how does it work? (Score 1) 485

Good analysis yodleboy. I did an install last night as well. (Just grabbed the install tool (U.S.) - https://www.microsoft.com/en-u... and kicked the process off immediately...hadn't signed up for the upgrade...did have to right click and run the tool as Administrator - was getting the "Something Happened error..which is classic)

If you go with the defaults on install it seems like everything you do on your machine goes to Microsoft for various purposes (the NSA after loosing the always on audio/video recording by default from the Xbone) must be licking their chops - but, (they still have this at this point) if you change the install defaults you can opt out of virtually all the garbage going to Microsoft / NSA's logging service. Doesn't seem any slower than 7. Frankly I find the UI design to be awful (just pull that calculator up as an example), its still 8's UI design but you don't have two different schizophrenic desktops / settings etc. - but that's a personal preference. I'll play with it for a while, then image it and store it if I ever want to use it again. Not an improvement over 7 at all (you have significantly less freedom as a user over updates etc. and of course its ugly, IMHO) but better than 8 / 8.1 if you're stuck with those and don't like tile world.

Comment Re:Stop promoting this fraudster! (Score 1) 77

Todd, the founder of Purism, had defrauded hundreds of people out of hard earned money. He's pulled numerous scams and is STILL bilking people who don't know better out of money.

Seems like quite a personal rant you have there - which might be all true, but how would we know its not just a smear... Any supporting links about his numerous scams?

Comment Re:Can You Disable Automatic Updates? (Score 1) 317

Not quite a full roll back to previous policies....they have a tool you can download that will allow you to hide and skip particular updates that you choose (I believe):


For most folks (who wouldn't know how to use this) its full on install everything, including device drivers - no change in default policy (what a nightmare).

Comment Where do they get these ideas? (Score 1) 208

So, Mozilla management thinks - Firefox users want more releases? Are they kidding? They think users want more bundled proprietary junk added to the browser with those releases? Mozilla management wants to drop support for the architectures most Firefox plug-ins use - so that a mass of existing plug-ins just die, that's a good idea? Sad to see Mozilla management just hastening the destruction of their user base like this.

Comment If you use an anti-virus its domestic surveilance (Score 5, Insightful) 98

Basically the NSA and its Stasi partners are directly compromising / attacking U.S. citizens (and other world citizens) computer security software. This is significant as it shows just how much at direct odds with the general interests of the U.S. citizenry (to have secure computers and internet infrastructure) the U.S. surveillance state has secretly chosen - a direct contradiction to the population's general interests.

If you dive into the article you'll see that all AntiVirus vendors are listed as "targets" except for the few that are U.S. and British based - presumably because they've already co-opted them into the Five Eyes Stasi population surveillance business group. This also shows the direct betrayal the NSA and Co. made years ago for the U.S. population (after the U.S. citizenry democratically said No to the Clipper Chip and U.S. government surveillance of their communications / computing related equipment). The NSA etc. betrayed that democratic choice in secret and deliberately kept hidden and has / is working for absolutely wide open computer / backbone equipment access for them & their Five Eyes partners with back doors in everything (even in your anti-virus software as this article shows) so they can spy on whomever, whenever, wherever they want (and we know that include lots of domestic surveillance). That also means the NSA chose this everything is vulnerable environment for the "bad guys" too - as back doors are open for everyone - another direct betrayal of the main computer related interest of the U.S. citizenry. JMHO...

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