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Comment Dovetails with new surveillance legislation (Score 4, Insightful) 314

Good to remember, that Congress just passed new (clearing companies to share any data with the NSA directly without liability) surveillance legislation tucked into the 2015 budget bill:

The way this (and the data uploading with Windows 10) dovetails with the budget spy bill just passed you'd think it was hatched out in a back room - in D.C.. Obviously don't use Windows 10 if possible (you can still get 7 or 8.1 on most systems) and don't use Microsoft's built in encryption option (which Microsoft kneecapped starting with Windows Version 8 by removing the elephant diffusor making it more vulnerable to brute force attacks), there are other options for Windows Encryption.

Comment DNC doesn't want Sanders to Win Anyways (Score 5, Interesting) 313

The DNC doesn't want Sanders to be their candidate any more than the leadership of the GOP desperately doesn't want Trump to be their candidate - cause they both are afraid it would cost them the election at the Presidential and Senate level (and House seats too). Expect the DNC to do anything it can PR wise to help the expected winner to win. JMHO...

Comment Re:And since our Legilators Rarely Read the Bills. (Score 1) 166

Not quite right. This budget bill is getting voted on by both the House and the Senate - to "keep the government running" so nobody is going to veto it - for this little piece.

The president supports all this surveillance legislation - he probably had a hand in getting it rewritten (to the surveillance establishment's desires) and inserted into the Omnibus spending bill in the first place.

Comment Re:About The Linux Doc Page (Score 1) 27

I thought it was a good well meaning laugh. If you close your eyes, click this site, imagine a stereotype'd Linux help board based on a Bullentin Board UI design from the 90' your eyes and your there. Nothing bad to the folks doing good work there...but it is pretty funny. On purpose maybe?

Comment Re:blatent malware (Score 2) 89

Amazing the lengths they go through to make it so you can't uninstall their "utility" and HP isn't even on this "bad list". I wonder if that is because this guy just didn't get to them yet? I can understand the PC Vendors wanting it on there - for the consumers that call them and have no clue after they've botched things up...but making it so you can't uninstall it moves into the realm of them thinking its their computer and not mine.

This is the 2nd serious security botch up recently for Dell, the NSA must love them (remember it was outed recently they were installing a root certificate that is easily exploitable):

Whenever I get a new computer I image the drive (as is) so I can restore it (if & when I sell it in the future), have the associated drivers for it already downloaded separately and then nuke the drive from orbit repartitioning and fresh installing the OS...then only installing the hardware device drivers it needs. Even that isn't enough for some PC vendors (remember Lenovo was putting some of its monitoring software in the UEFI BIOS, nice extra feature of UEFI, so it would reinstall itself after you wiped the drive). Crazy.

Comment Re:Liberal Fascism (Score 0) 556

Dude, that's because the GOP leader of the Intelligence Committee on the Senate, Senator R. Burr (who is actually in power there) would agree with her and is quite deep in the pocket of the Intelligence Agencies as well. There is only one Senator on that committee (Wyden) that actually sees all this monitoring and proposed outlawing of encryption as a bad thing - and that committee proposes the laws in this area that go the general Senate to get voted on and enacted. Party makes no was the GOP that brought all this upon us with Bush (and why they defend and promote it)...Obama and Co. are just finishing the job.

As for Fascism...the closest thing we have to someone pushing up with that is Trump...he actually has armed groups cheering him on...he is villanizing marginal groups of the population and a big chunk of the U.S. population is cheering him wouldn't take much more for the Brown/Trump Shirts to be around. These dangers can come from anywhere...any party (as can be seen on the Intelligence Committee), whether they're Democrats or Republicans makes no difference. JMHO...

Comment Re:Here are your problems: (Score 1) 556

You have to look at her history in particular to understand things. She's is asking for and demanding exactly what the intelligence (NSA/DHS/FBI) want which is the what her subcommittee oversees. And she has done this consistently. Those groups see an opportunity to keep most of the population communicating without privacy here and she's one of the messengers on that committtee (most of the committee is in the pocket of the agencies).

A more interesting question is why. She, herself has been a victim of the CIA hacking her project computers in the Senate, which she was quite upset about....yet she keeps running ahead as a mouthpiece to the intelligence community (the leading GOP person on it is the same) to keep privacy from possibly coming back to U.S. citizen communications like it'd be the end of the world. Hard to square.

Comment Good luck with that (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Just like the documents showing Microsoft handing over their customers communication data to the NSA...once you've been fingered as a good "partner" with the U.S. intelligence apparatus your shelf life as a company has been time bombed...ignition is just waiting on an alternative supplier that can be reasonably trusted (IMHO this could take some years, but its coming...the market is too big and valuable...if given a true choice nobody wants to buy gear from companies that were shown to be stooges for government snooping).

Comment They could have bid with their Delta (Score 3, Interesting) 55

ULA also has the Delta 4 rocket which uses U.S. designed / made rocket engines. Previously they were letting the 3 core Delta 4 handle the big launches and the single core Atlas 5 handle the smaller launches, but there is no reason they couldn't have bid with a single core Delta 4 if they wanted. Something smells politically fishy with this.

Comment Re:Storm in a glas of water (Score 1) 267

I feel much the same and have the plug-in Classic Toolbar Buttons that almost certainly hooks into the XUL to give me that 3.x look and colors I like - its one of the things that keeps me on Firefox.

It's crazy what the leadership is doing...get rid of their plug-in architecture (so that advantage is smashed), get rid of the UI customization (so that advantage is smashed)...eventually all we'll have left is Chrome with a different web engine. This must be what its like when the marketshare water is going around and around the bowl real fast towards the end as the "leadership" sets the whole application on fire thinking they're "fixing" things.

Comment Chip cards would not have prevented Target Breach (Score 4, Insightful) 145

Just good to mention that Chip & PIN cards would not have prevented the Target breach in any way as mentioned in Brian Krebs follow up article:

"0 – The number of customer cards that Chip-and-PIN-enabled terminals would have been able to stop the bad guys from stealing had Target put the technology in place prior to the breach (without end-to-end encryption of card data, the card numbers and expiration dates can still be stolen and used in online transactions)."

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