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Comment: No thanks Samsung/NSA (Score 1) 70

by sanosuke001 (#46517377) Attached to: Camera Module Problems May Delay Samsung's Galaxy S5
I was rushed into a phone purchase by my parents who needed me to pick a new phone while I was driving through a traffic circle. I was talking to them via handsfree but couldn't concentrate enough and they were in a time crunch and NEEDED and answer. I begrudgingly chose the S4 because I liked the Samsung-made Nexus I had been using.

To my dismay, it's lock via Knox and made secure for use by the NSA apparently. I can't install CyanogenMod and their touchwiz UI is horrid. I'm never buying another Samsung phone again, regardless of how nice the hardware looks on paper.

Comment: Google Voice Don't Go! (Score 4, Insightful) 166

by sanosuke001 (#46490857) Attached to: Goodbye, Google Voice
I use Google voice exclusively. It allows me to have a phone number separated from my service provider which I probably won't have forever (so I don't have to worry whether I'll be able to port my number over). It allows me to make phone calls from my computer for phone interviews and the like (headset/mic so I can type). It also allows me to text people without paying Verizon a dime for bullshit reasons.

Comment: Similar Situation (Score 1) 983

by sanosuke001 (#46462911) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?
I have a similar situation; 18.6 TB RAID-Z at home (8 3TB drives) using FreeNAS and with the new update it shows it was initially set up using a non-native block size (I was a bit naive regarding the settings when I first set it up) and I'd like to rebuild it but I have no way to backup 14+ TB. Also, I would like to have a backup in case more than one drive dies (1 parity works well but I could still suffer a catastrophic failure). I've looked into tape backup but anything that seems like it'd have enough storage to be practical (1+ TB per tape) seems excessively expensive and the 100GB tapes seems like it'd be unmanageable.

Comment: OpenStreetMap Server (Score 5, Interesting) 118

by sanosuke001 (#46104403) Attached to: Why We Need OpenStreetMap (Video)
I actually pushed to add OpenStreetMap tile support to our geo-spatial stuff at work. I even went and made a VM with the world database and pre-compiled metatiles so I wouldn't hammer their official servers. It's definitely nice to have imagery (even if it isn't satellite) even if you're on a standalone network and don't have internet access.

When anyone can download a few hundred gigs and build their own maps server I see that as a good thing (TM).

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