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Comment: Re:Primaries themselves are bullshit (Score 1) 932

by sanosuke001 (#47215741) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary
Exactly, allow anyone who meets certain criteria to run (so we don't have 300 names on a ballot) but do not force only 1 Republican, 1 Democrat, 1 Green, etc. Also, stop allowing money contributions; public funds only so everyone is on the same level playing field. Hell, stop listing their party affiliation altogether; list their viewpoints on major key issues (a touchscreen so you can scan through each candidate would be nice but a reference packet you can borrow would work as well). We should be doing everything we can to limit people just dumping money into a race and washing their competitors out of the public consciousness, attacking to excess (like Cantor tried to do), or not being able to effectively run against someone for not being rich as well as not allowing people to just walk in, search for the one R/D/G, choose blindly, then say "good enough." People should be informed and we shouldn't be helping them be lazy.

Comment: Separate Hardware from Services (Score 2) 286

Just separate each companies' hardware from its services and make two companies, the hardware side being a Title II Common Carrier. Then, anyone, including the former companies' services division can now buy wholesale access and sell their services.

The infrastructure is expensive and it isn't feasible for more than one or two companies to install lines to every home. Have one utility company install the lines and sell to the services companies. It should have been done years ago.

Comment: Free Hardware? (Score 2) 394

by sanosuke001 (#46930505) Attached to: Richard Stallman Answers Your Questions
Why did he keep assuming that the free hardware questions referred to "documented hardware" and not free hardware as he stated? When I think of free hardware I think of free designs that I can build myself with the right tools. In effect, it is documented hardware by default. Why assume the commenter didn't know what they were talking about? It seemed kind of mean-spirited.

Comment: Re:Here's the problem (Score 1) 196

by sanosuke001 (#46826723) Attached to: OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone
I'm thinking of switching off Verizon for similar reasons after this phone announcement; CDMA phones are usually fucked with by Verizon because they're custom. I've never had reason enough to leave until now. It looks like it'll support T-Mobile networks and their LTE is passable where I live. Verizon's LTE is spotty at best anyway most places I go so why the hell not? Great phone, no bloatware, I'm intrigued.

Comment: Ban Affirmative Action (Score 2) 410

Why do people need preferential treatment because they're of a specific race? How about banning the admission based on anything other than merit (including sports). If you're smart enough and dedicated enough to get admitted, you should be. If you're not, maybe you don't deserve to be. Not everyone needs to go to the most prestigous schools. Affirmative action seems more anti-white than pro-non-white.

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