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Comment Responsibility? (Score -1) 418

How about we create rules that foster responsible procreation? If someone wants kids they should have the means (money, time) that is required to take care of them before getting pregnant. Netflix did something helpful for new parents, sure, (and people working at netflix are probably people we'd rather be having more kids than Joe Bob and his sister/wife Fanny Mae) but there are people out there who take their "right" to have kids and stomp on my "right" to not pay a dime for their terrible decisions. We shouldn't be incentivizing having more kids in any settings, we should de-incentivize having kids when you can't afford it (ie. jail time).

Comment A bit outdated but still runs new games well (Score 1) 558

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6
GPU: AMD Radeon 6970
SSD: Crucial 256 GB M4
HDD: 2 TB Seagate
RAM: 16 GB Mushkin
Optical: BD-ROM / HD-DVD Combo and BD-RW
Display: 2x 1920x1200 28" LCD's

Works well for gaming and OpenGL development.

I also have an Alienware M17 laptop; works well for same reasons but not great at multitasking
CPU Intel Extreme 2 core

As well as a HTPC
CPU: AMD 1090T
GPU: AMD Radeon 5450
HDD: 120GB

And a File Server
CPU: AMD Phenom X4
GPU: don't remember, doesn't really output ever
RAM: 32 GB
HDD: 8x Seagate 4TB, 8x WD 3TB
RAID: 4x SAS 8086 card
Setup: FreeNAS with 20TB RAID-Z2 and 15TB RAID-Z2

1000 pains = 1 Megahertz