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Comment Re:Ah, Slashdot. (Score 1) 208

There is a dropdown at the top to change language; english is selected when I go to the site. If they have different languages, they should use the language appropriate thousands separator character. Though, three-digits isn't a valid sub-currency-unit value anywhere I know of so it's still not a valid excuse.

Comment Re:This doesn't surprise me at all (Score 1) 149

You're right; I apologize. Chess isn't completely brute force but from the Go page on wikipedia:

"There is significant strategy involved in the game, and the number of possible games is vast (10^761 compared, for example, to the estimated 10^120 possible in chess)"

And from the Computer Chess page:

"The Nalimov tablebases, which use state-of-the-art compression techniques, require 7.05 GB of hard disk space for all five-piece endings. To cover all the six-piece endings requires approximately 1.2 TB. It is estimated that seven-piece tablebases will require between 50 and 200 TB of storage space"

Which is just not doable in Go; regardless of the fact that in endgame the match is usually already over or will only change the score by a few points.

Comment Re:This doesn't surprise me at all (Score 3, Interesting) 149

As wickerprints pointed out, this is completely false. A good move in a local position in Go may not be the best move overall and may, in fact, be a bad move when other areas on the board are taken into consideration. If a computer program split the board into smaller and smaller sections it could very easily get confused by a good player. Also, the number of moves possible at any given time in Go is exponentially higher than in Chess; you can brute force every possible path in Chess, you can't (not yet) in Go. It wasn't that it was more popular; it was much easier.

Comment Watching someone code drives me insane (Score 5, Interesting) 186

Watching someone else code is the most maddening thing. They always seem to take the long way of doing something; use the mouse and doing eight clicks where a keyboard shortcut would do, etc. I do my best to not watch people code when I'm trying to help them. I would have killed someone years ago if I did that full time.

Comment Backwards Compatibility Mode? (Score 2) 27

Without backwards compatibility, they're useless for me at work. We do GL2 and GL4 side by side (legacy vs. new development) and the open source drivers just fail at initializing because they don't support the backwards compatibility profiles. Also, with Vulkan coming out next year, it'll be a bit tough if they aren't working on that yet.

Comment Re:Is there a downside to upgrading to 10? (Score 1) 665

Windows Media Center which is required to record encrypted cable TV from a CableCARD was removed from Windows 10. If they auto-update my HTPC, all my recordings are useless as they're only playable from the machine they were recorded on. Also, I can then never record any more since media player is not available.

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