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Comment: Re:Why..... (Score 1) 259

by sanosuke001 (#48158367) Attached to: "Double Irish" Tax Loophole Used By US Companies To Be Closed
I completely agree. I wasn't trying to say how it should be, just how law defined how they decided what you owed. If you have no profits locally you owe nothing. The "see-no-profits" game is a completely different bullshit loophole. They should get rid of income tax and increase sales/property tax to compensate or use something like the APT tax.

Comment: Dislike != Distrust (Score 2) 238

I would say that they distrust it, not dislike. It is also expensive to implement over something that has been used for decades and since they see things more short term than long term, the savings aren't seen so upgrading is deemed not worth the cost and training.

Comment: Re:Primaries themselves are bullshit (Score 1) 932

by sanosuke001 (#47215741) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary
Exactly, allow anyone who meets certain criteria to run (so we don't have 300 names on a ballot) but do not force only 1 Republican, 1 Democrat, 1 Green, etc. Also, stop allowing money contributions; public funds only so everyone is on the same level playing field. Hell, stop listing their party affiliation altogether; list their viewpoints on major key issues (a touchscreen so you can scan through each candidate would be nice but a reference packet you can borrow would work as well). We should be doing everything we can to limit people just dumping money into a race and washing their competitors out of the public consciousness, attacking to excess (like Cantor tried to do), or not being able to effectively run against someone for not being rich as well as not allowing people to just walk in, search for the one R/D/G, choose blindly, then say "good enough." People should be informed and we shouldn't be helping them be lazy.

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