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Comment: Epson workforce printer - with mobile apps & w (Score 2) 190

here's my suggestion: For extra convenience, I recommend the TP-Link WDR 3600 router : this router has 2 USB ports - one to take your 3G dongle and another to connect a USB drive or SD card reader to make these files available. I highly doing this before buying a printer. Note that the USB ports will also be able to drive a printer in case you dont want to spend on a wireless printer.
My printer recommendation is the Epson WF-2540 printer. This is now connected to the router using a regular ethernet cable or the wifi.
Your father can now print his stuff from the laptop or from his mobile phones (both android and iphone) on top of the wifi network.

Comment: Measuring skill and productivity (Score 1) 545

by sandGorgons (#48536555) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?
It is hard to quantify what should be done in a 40 hour workweek - this is precisely why skilled work is not granted overtime. Usually there are two kinds of skilled labor - one who are very skilled and can get a lot done within a day and others who are not this skilled, but will put in extra time onthe weekends to get the same amount of work done. Both should be paid at par - or else the first category will gravitate towards being the other. this does not apply in highly process oriented or unskilled labor because there is close to zero variance in productivity - think call centres, factory workers, etc.

Comment: Puzzled - isnt N900 rooted Nexus 5 ? (Score 1) 303

by sandGorgons (#46078315) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Life After N900?
Not trying to flamebait here, but genuinely puzzled - what is possibly so great about the N900 versus something like a rooted Nexus 5? I see comments about cyanogenmod, etc. being a bit unstable - but comparing it to the N900, where very few people actually cared about building the OS ? The next version of the VM - ART - is nothing to sneeze at as well.
I'm not sure if you know, but when you install cyanogenmod (or one of the hundred different ROMS that people are actively developing on xda-developers), you get a Google free operating system. There is NO integration with Google. It is only if you install the "gapps" package, that you get the whole google shebang - play store, services, etc.
As a hacker friendly phone, I can develop on the N5 using Python, Golang, Scala, C#/Mono, QT, etc. - is there a usecase at which the N900 blows this out of the water ?
The only valid point I can think about is the keyboard - yes, it is a paradigm shift. But for daily use, smart keyboards like Swiftkey, Touchpal (pure open source) will serve you very well. For your developer needs, connect a monitor through HDMI/MHL and use a microusb adapter .
You have a first grade terminal emulator, IRC, low power bluetooth, built-in VPN + tethering - I would argue much more suitable for the developer than the venerable N900. Did I mention quad core processor, GPU and 2 GB of RAM with a brilliant display ?
If you want, you can install other OSes on the phone.

Comment: Epson Workforce 3540/3520 (Score 1) 381

by sandGorgons (#45210455) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best SOHO Printer Choices?
I would say it is the Epson WF 3540. First of all, it has two sided ADF scan - which is damn useful for getting rid of all those bills by scanning them and also very rare for a printer at this price point. Secondly, you can connect a CISS ink system for bulk printing and refillable ink tanks. You will be able to buy non-OEM refillable ink cartridges anyway, plus the fact that all the different colors have different cartridges means that you want be overpaying for just printing a lot of black and white. It has Android and iPhone apps for the usual wireless printing. It has gotten good reviews for its build quality, particularly its scanner head hinges.

Comment: why not a kindle ? (Score 1) 350

by sandGorgons (#35404186) Attached to: Melbourne College May Give iPad To Every Student
Much cheaper - at scale I daresay you could get it below 100 USD given that it's price is already heading down. For reading purposes, the epaper display is simply unbeatable. On the other hand if you wanted to use it for various other (note taking, spreadsheets,etc.) purposes, then why not an Android tablet ? Australia has the Millenius Android tablet for about 200 USD. The specific advantage of this approach is that, if the school wants to develop custom apps (which in high likelihood it will), it is much cheaper and less cumbersome (app store policies) than the Apple SDK.

Comment: specialized/indie music services (Score 1) 173

by sandGorgons (#35134398) Attached to: Last.FM To Require Subscription For Mobiles and Home Devices
I have noticed that rather than using, I get better quality in using niche music services. A good example is for electronic/dance/trance music. It's premium streams are a bit more expensive than (4.99$ p.m.) but I get about 70 channels and multi-format (which includes an android app)

Comment: A scripting/domain-specific language for LTTng ? (Score 1) 88

by sandGorgons (#34219914) Attached to: Kernel Tracing With LTTng On Ubuntu Maverick
One of the biggest selling points for DTrace is its scripting language. It is extremely powerful and you can find dtrace scripts shared by others that allow you to do very powerful system stats gathering (e.g. here) How about doing something similar for LTTng - you could even do something simple like Lua hooks for LTTng

Comment: Re:More like a battle between IE and Firefox (Score 1) 501

by sandGorgons (#31828654) Attached to: Google to Open Source the VP8 Codec
You are talking about the slowest growing mobile market - America - and not the fastest growing mobile market: India and the rest of Asia.

Today, in India, we have $90 contract-free cellphones with qwerty, 3G and Opera Mobile (which is the key to all of this really, with its browsing experience). A lot of them bundle document viewers, calendars and cameras. For the majority of Asia, this is the most affordable way to access the internet.

Not to mention built in apps for Twitter and Facebook. I dont want to give free links to some of these manufacturers, but a lot of them are chinese-made mobiles with local after-sales.

Just wait till these cheap phone makers take up android, and you'll figure out why it is that India and China are hollering for IPV6 at the top of their voices.

Comment: Re:The GNOME community is fragmenting. (Score 1) 310

by sandGorgons (#31166262) Attached to: Ask Matt Asay About Ubuntu and Canonical
For a very long time, the network manager in KDE did'nt work very well - it is in KDE 4.4 that the networkmanager Plasmoid was even included ... and I do not know whether it is enabled by default.

I want to love KDE but there are exactly two things that hinder me:
1. basic usability - network manager, desktop look configuration (Cashew... really ? Desktop Plasmoid for icons ?)
2. Native browser - move to Webkit already. Who uses KHTML seriously ? QT Chromium and I'm in...

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