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Comment: Venture capitals are more conservative in EU. (Score 5, Insightful) 266 266

This is probably difficult to understand for Americans, but the key factor that makes SV so amazing is that venture capitalists over there are a century ahead in terms of taking risks than anywhere else in the world (save for, maybe China at this point). Instead of betting in a few large projects, they bet on few smaller projects. Most will fail but those that succeed usually return huge profits.

In contrast, everywhere else, investors are much more concerned about minimizing risk and focusing on commodities such as building houses, selling mattresses, etc. Silicon Valley is so different that you can find VC offices next to an ice cream store in the middle of the street.

Comment: Here's a FAQ for slashdotters (Score 5, Informative) 126 126

1) Why is this needed?

With the removal of binary plugins in Chrome and Edge (and soon to happen on Firefox), a way to code at native performance in the browser is still needed. Mainly to run high performance games, audio software, etc. You may not want it, but a lot of people consumes this content so there is a large industry behind it.

2) Why not asm.js?

This is almost the same as asm.js, except it's precompiled, so it' s more efficient for Javascript engines to JIT or AOT. Currently, compiling large asm.js codebases results in a large download and resource intensive compilation.

3) How is this different from Java, Flash, Silverlight?

It is different because:
A) It' s a w3c standarized effort
B) All the big players are behind it (Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple)
C) It relies on the browser security model, it does not bypass it
D) It' s a low-level bytecode, more so than AS3, JVM or Silverlight, so it can run any language.
E) It runs in the same "space" as the DOM, it's not a separate/embeeded app.

4) Isn' t this unsafe or a new attack vector?

No, it relies on the same browser security model as Javascript, so It's as dangerous as having Javascript enabled. Read up on how PNACL works for material on why this is not unsafe.

5) Will it replace Javascript?

It is not intended to, but it gives developers the same API with the ability of writing in any language, even C++, so developing a website using tools such as Qt will become possible (efficiently at least).

Comment: GPL/LGPL are obsolete for platforms these days. (Score 1) 355 355

Nowadays, every language implementation and compiler has been released under a very permissive license. If the guys from Xamarin would try stopping making money out of Mono I'm sure it would become a lot more popular. For example:

-Lua,Python, Ruby, etc. (BSD Style)
-CoreCLR (MIT style)
-Dalvik (for Java)

Even GCC runtime license is more permissive. Mono is a dual licensed commercial product, so I'm surprised Slashdot is making publicity out of it.

Comment: Americans Keep Chasing a Ghost (Score 4, Interesting) 614 614

They keep thinking their jobs are lost due to H1Bs, or due to Indians being hired overseas when the company opens a branch there.
Truth is, that jobs are lost at a much higher level because American management nowadays hires foreign contractors, but this is invisible to blue-collar workers.
Contractors are the easiest way to outsource, because a cheaper price is offered over a proven track record. It's as simple as that.
I run a company overseas that gets contract work from American companies, which recently fired 1000 American employees because they would rather outsource the job to companies like mine.

But even though that is the most common case scenario, you won't see that in the news. If 1000 Americans were fired and replaced by H1Bs instead, then it would be all over the American news sites and everyone would be outraged.

Comment:, stop complaining and work (Score -1) 384 384

All I can see in the gimp site is complains about sourceforge, how they want funding to travel to events, etc. Haven't seen any real progress on it in years.
If developers have lost interest, they could make it obvious.
If developers need more contributors, they could announce it
If developers lack funds to work on Gimp, they could make a fundraiser for this, and not for travelling to industry events.

Gimp is one of those projects that have a lot of promise, but development is so slow it makes you think what are they doing..

+ - Godot Game Engine 1.1 Released->

goruka writes: After half a year of work, Godot, the most advanced open source self-contained game development environment reached version 1.1. This game engine is a community developed effort to produce an open (and no strings attached) alternative to large commercial software such as Unity and Unreal. This release focuses on improvements to the 2D engine so all features used by modern 2D games are implemented. A video showcase with all the new work is available.
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Comment: This pope knows about Science (Score 5, Insightful) 703 703

He worked as a Chemical Technologist ( part of his life, and global warming definitely seems like a moral issue to me.
If he can criticize the deaths caused by poverty or extremism, he can criticize global warming.

Comment: Best C++ IDE (Score 3, Interesting) 20 20

Sorry to Visual Studio, Eclipse or Netbeans fans. For many of us, this simply the best C++ IDE around.

It' s lightweight, packed the most popular features found in VS and Visual Assist, packed with great features of it' s own (Ctrl-K Locator), runs perfectly on Linux, Windows and OSX (for those of us who switch platform often it' s a bliss) , has high customizability and it's extremely friendly to custom build systems.
All this with a very minimalist and straightforward user interface that never gets in the way (compared to the alternatives mentioned above).

Oh and besides all that, also it's great if you like to develop for Qt. It's a shame that people associates naturally to it as if it's was the only use.. because they are missing out an incredible tool.

Comment: Goodbye Mono, your license stinks. (Score 1) 223 223

While Microsoft released CoreCLR under MIT license, Mono runtime is LGPL. This makes it unusable on mobile (according to their own words, unless you pay) and more closed platforms, and beats the purpose of a platform independent VM.

CoreCLR has no such restrictions and is gathering an enormous developer community, so I can't wait until we can kiss Mono goodbye.

+ - Godot Game Engine is now FREE!->

goruka writes: Godot, a community developed game engine (and self proclaimed as the most advanced open source game engine) became free today. Previously, Godot’s license (MIT) allowed users to do anything, but this wasn't really following the true definition of “free” which was adopted by the industry leaders such as Unity 5 or Unreal 4, which also recently became free.

To make Godot a more viable choice in the eyes of video game developers, the team has decided to attach strings to it’s freedom.

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