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Comment Re:Yep, Unions do nothing (Score 1) 107


Like most self-serving statements from organizations hyperventilating about their unassailable merit, this is overblown propaganda. As an alternative, I refer you to bona fide scholarly research which discusses how the forty-hour week was won

primarily through labor market tightness (wage increases, manufacturing employment expansion, and curtailment of immigration). State and federal government labor market intervention, increased union power, and technological changes in industry played smaller roles.

-- The shortening of the American work week: An economic and historical analysis of its context, causes, and consequences (Whaples, 1990).

Comment Gov't owns you, and what you could own but don't (Score 1) 200

There was a time when conquests could only be made if you landed on at least a tiny beach, regardless of the size of the landmass, and if anyone's already living there. Now, those grasping for ultimate control, especially so no one can be free if they escape their regimes on earth, claim what they've never touched, might not even have ever seen, and have no plans to ever visit and plant the flag on. A transparent attempt to ensure that only government can own anything at the end of the day, not individuals.

Contractors or Not, Seattle Uber Drivers Might Get Collective Bargaining 107

The Seattle Times reports on a development in Seattle that might have implications for other cities with contentious relationships with transportation coordinating services like Uber. Seattle councilman Mike O'Brien has proposed a system under which drivers for Lyft, Uber, and similar companies would be represented in collective bargaining agreements with the companies they do work for. The proposal would require taxi companies, for-hire vehicle companies and app-based ride-dispatch companies, including Uber and Lyft, to negotiate agreements with drivers on issues such as payment and working conditions. The approach would be novel because of the drivers’ employment status. The National Labor Relations Act gives employees, but not independent contractors, the right to bargain as a union. ... Under O’Brien’s plan, a nonprofit organization would need to show support from a majority of a company’s drivers to be designated by the city as their bargaining representative. The organization would use a list of drivers provided by the company.

Comment Re:Fair warning (Score 4, Funny) 493

Hey look buddy, I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems.
Not problems like 'what is beauty?' Because that would fall
within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve
practical problems. For instance, how am I gonna stop some
big mean motherhubbard from tearin' me a structurally
superfluous new behind? The answer? Use a gun. And if that
don' work, use MORE gun. Like this heavy caliber tripod-
mounted little ol' number designed by me... Built by me...
And you best hope...not pointed at YOU.

Comment Re:NYC taxi system could DESTROY uber (Score 1) 210

In the case of a taxi however, even if they're using a taxi app, there is no guarantee that they're coming to pick you up, because someone else could flag them on the way, they may get a more attractive offer of someone needing a ride to the airport

That is nonsense. Legally questionable, and what taxi business would allow that?

That's not exactly how it works, but it's hardly nonsense. Plenty of NYC taxis break the rules to ask you where you're going and leave you without a ride if they don't want to go there.

Comment Re:Bangalore (Score 1) 464

This is probably true for very small values of "king".

I've just racked my brain and bookmarks and Internet for the source for this figure and can't find it, so I'm probably messing it up a little, but, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the typical American lifestyle today relies on machines that exert approximately the same amount of effort as 60 human laborers. That doesn't account for nearly the same level of opulence as a major king would probably expect, but it's not a bad start either.

Comment Re:SLC, UT (Score 1) 464

Come on - Are us Mormons REALLY bad neighbors? :)

The Mormons are really nice people and ways they've been finding balance on issues like tolerating (and welcoming!) homosexuals while still preserving their core religious values and teachings on the matter are pretty good. Even the (in)famous Orson Scott Card treated the matter with exquisite nuance in his fiction, decades ago in the pre-dawn of our current culture war. If there is hope for real pluralism in our nation and harmony between groups with fundamentally different world-views (instead of just one group bludgeoning the other into compliance) then this and things like the "Utah Compromise" provide a foundation. (A flawed foundation, to be sure, and, Orson Scott Card himself undermined a lot of that with his notorious expression of shock that homosexuals and their political allies are afforded political representation -- this was not so open-minded -- but a good sight better foundation than the oft-proposed alternative of compliance or implicit cultural extermination which is directed at other parts of the Christian right.)

But if you're a non-Mormon and hope to move there, there will still be plenty of people who look at you real funny for purchasing coffee at Starbucks. (gasp! caffeine!) Being in a cultural minority might be a very different experience than you're used to; it takes some real maturity to navigate, and risks leaving you angry and resentful.

Comment Re:Philadelphia area (Score 1) 464

If you're up for a slightly longer commute, you could also live somewhere in/near Philadelphia and commute down to Murder Town USA (Wilmington, DE) to work at any number of corporate headquarters, especially if your'e willing to put up with the financial industry. (Philadelphia's University City area seems to be pretty fancy these days, there's an Amtrak station a stone's throw away, and there's plenty of museums/culture to be had in the city on the weekends.)

Comment Re:In line with current US thinking (Score 0, Flamebait) 190

"Constitutional rights? Bah! Who needs 'em!" seems to be the watchword of the new millenium.

//unless they're gun rights, of course. The gun nuts get everything they want.

The SJW crowd are doing their level best to destroy the FIRST amendment (with the enthusiastic support of the "liberal" types who should be the ones on the front lines OPPOSING this bullshit) and you big beef is with people trying to defend the SECOND? In a thread about a systemic breach of attorney client privilege by government contractors (which, no sir, has never, ever, not possibly could ever lead to parallel construction, no sir)?

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