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+ - Comic strip shows that vision is always prey to execution->

Submitted by samjam
samjam writes: So many conflicts between technology and marketing are manifest in this short comic strip. Vision is destroyed by execution which is forced by finance, technology is destroyed by the need to sell to ignorant but wealthy customers. Does Zambian represent Apple or Google to you? Or a variety of other companies? Maybe it is a dogfood failure: perhaps Zambian developers are not permitted to use two-monitor setups? Have you ever had an executive make his first "executive decision" to release something that is totally broken?
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+ - LG competes with NSA in spying scandal

Submitted by samjam
samjam writes: It looks like TV maker LG is competing with the NSA for clandestine spying on those who pay them! DoctorBeet's Blog reports that LG then blames it on the retailer for not making you aware of the terms and conditions that are unavailable until after you unbox the set and turn it on. And if you don't accept the terms you can't use many of the TV features.

How does it feel to hear that your LG TV reports watched channels — and USB filenames — even when you thought you configured the TV to not do that? Blog commenter SteveL reports a suspiciously quick firmware update relating to the matter. Have LG covered their tracks sufficiently to escape the sorts legal saction or customer backlash that afflicted other well known companies for misleading privacy policies?

+ - Can Black Rod Save Tasered Student?->

Submitted by samjam
samjam writes: The Coral Cached article explains how political ceremony can re-enforce and preserve citizens rights for generations to come and suggests how to apply this to political rallys to prevent abuse of constitutional rights. Like Slashdot's famous first post we need a first-question and first-answer to be asked at every political rally or circumstance were abuse of liberty is feared. Not only this, it must become a revered ceremony, perhaps by a few drops of blood from some of those brave enough to start it off — though as a ceremony it is one of the least confrontational ways to maintain these rights. [Full disclosure — I am the author. Please discuss on slashdot, not my poor blog.]
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