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Comment Good and bad (Score 2) 288

Although software is getting easier to use in many ways, mobile OSs manage to include both the best and worse in usability.

"Press that button below the screen, then tap the envelope picture to see your mail", is something that almost anyone could work out for themselves, but actions such as a long-hold on an item, swiping it left or right, tap with two fingers at once, dragging in a direction with two or three fingers, drag down to reveal the hidden search box above the list and drag from outside the screen area all are examples of interactions that you might never discover.

Comment Re:Escape (Score 1) 127

The picture is just a blue circle drawn over an ESC key where the lettering has been erased with a clone operation, so is probably just an interpretation of where it will be.

The key will be located the upper left area of the keyboard, near the function keys

But I hope they aren't planning on doing anything to the escape key.

Chromebooks have a "google/apps search" button instead of caps lock, so it's not very original.

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