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Comment Re:Is this really new? (Score 1) 49

> when you covertly (from the corner of your eye; without moving your eyes or body) attend to bright or dark objects.

If this is accurate, you don't have to look at the letter. It sounds like, as the summary says, you're literally just thinking about a letter in your peripheral vision without looking directly at it and your pupil responds to its brightness.

Which, even if unreliable, is an interesting discovery.

Comment Re:Or you know... (Score 1) 556

Wait, are chats not logged? Maybe it depends on each game, but I wouldn't have any expectation of encryption in games, let alone OTR-style end-to-end encryption with secure key exchange and forwards secrecy.

Or is this about some native PS4 messaging service?

I'd expect chat logs to be kept, if only to follow up on reports of phishing, abuse, etc.

Comment Confirmed? (Score 1) 12

Is this really the confirmation that the game will run on Morpheus?

It all seems to stem from one tweet: "Dave is really pissed off with me for all the 'vr confirmed' angles but hey Dave it would b cool and you're not on Twitter so: VR CONFIRMED" which sounds to me like someone winding up a colleague because they have a running joke about VR support.

Not that I've seen any retraction either, it just seems a very odd way to announce such big news for Sony's VR.

Comment Re:I never liked this game... (Score 1) 12

The game levels are just a small part of the experience. All the games have comprehensive level creation ability (although it gradually unlocks features as you play the game, to encourage a gradual learning curve).

Wiring up sensors or buttons to other objects is very easy in the level editor. LBP2 introduced circuit boards with logic gates if you need to do some thing more advanced.

The story levels last a few hours, but the level creation (and exploring published levels) provides open-ended depth.

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