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Comment: Re:Videos for future moments (Score 1) 698

Yes, my wife mentioned reading about a similar situation recently. This must be it

You can't really know who that person will become in future years well enough leave a meaningful message. Better to just create some good memories now.

Comment: Re:Nice, but seems we could have better. (Score 1) 30

by safetyinnumbers (#48387671) Attached to: Researchers Develop $60 Sonar Watch To Aid the Visually Impaired
Yes, I first heard of similar devices decades ago. Back in the 70s, I think, there were handheld units and I remember seeing a sonar system built into spectacle frames (I don't know if it was a practical design, not sure how it was powered).

I think that the story here is that it's cheap and built into a watch, although I'd have thought that a handheld device would still be better for aiming as well as battery life.

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