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Comment: Re:Pope Francis - fuck your mother (Score 1) 894

by sabri (#48824411) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

Pope Francis is the head of

A cult that believes their imaginary friend is better then somebody else's imaginary friend and have used lots of violence in the past to force people to acknowledge that.

As much as I think that anyone is entitled to their own beliefs, I strongly agree with the following quote:

Religion is like having a penis. It's fine to have one, it's fine to be proud of it. But when you start shoving it down my throat, we're going to have a problem.

Comment: Re:Maybe (Score 2) 93

by sabri (#48798935) Attached to: The Next Decade In Storage

I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or serious. But tape is no where near dead as backup media for business.

I'm serious, but you are right. In the near future, spinning disks will be used for the same applications and seen as the dinosaur of technology: backup and low-performance works.

The truth of the matter is that spinning disks are simply to slow for modern day technology. Compare your laptop when using a 7200rpm disk or an SSD. Compare your Oracle database query times when using a legacy storage vendor or an all flash array that can do 1 million IOPS . It is the performance aspect that matters in modern day computing. The bottleneck is storage, not your CPU, not your memory, storage.

It makes all the difference, especially in transaction-driven enterprises. But sure, for backups you can use spinning disks or tape. Just as our modern cars run on dinosaurs, for every legacy technology, there is still a usecase. I like to run my MSX emulator once in a while :)

Comment: Re:Maybe (Score 1) 93

by sabri (#48798849) Attached to: The Next Decade In Storage

Meanwhile, flash has revolutionized storage. We saw at least a 95% reduction in query times on our DB servers when we switched from RAID5 15K SAS drives to RAID1 flash SSDs.

This, exactly this. HDD will work just fine for your grandparents, while everyone who appreciates performance has moved on to flash.

The increased low latency read speeds combined with data deduplication, compression and instant off-site replication simply can't be matched by legacy spinning drives. It that is technology that is available today. Assuming that RRAM, as mentioned in TFA, becomes a generic technology that replaces flash, you'll have all the advantages of flash without the (very few) disadvantages such as wear.

Comment: Re:$1000 Flashlights? (Score 2) 191

by sabri (#48527447) Attached to: Every Weapon, Armored Truck, and Plane the Pentagon Gave To Local Police

And why did they give our local PD 145 flashlights worth $130K? What does a thousand-dollar flashlight even /look/ like?

I was going to post exactly the same thing, so you must be from Santa Clara County as well.

$896 for a flashlight... But what about the 6 camouflage sets for $26k? Do they fly?

Comment: Re:I wonder who bought him (Score 1) 216

I doubt that the sensors you're talking about are for speed enforcement: That's easily done with radar and photos.

In many countries fixed-base speed traps are built using inductive loop detectors (the pneumatic ones aren't that good). One of the reasons is that radar-detectors won't work...

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