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by s0nicfreak (#47778675) Attached to: The American Workday, By Profession
I just typed up this long thing about how when my husband and I both had "day jobs," it was a godsend for us to have a day off and things still be open, or for things to stay open say an hour longer than normal so that we had time to go there after work. But then I realized; that was back before we had debit cards, Amazon Prime, Peapod, online inventory checking, etc. Back when we actually had to drive to the bank and then the store, had to drive around to places looking at prices and models available.

So nowadays, really the only reason for such businesses to be open 24 hours is for the night owls. Night owls can work those night time jobs (obviously that benefit is thrown out the window if the business has rotating shifts), and patronize at night. But, if we are doing it for them, then it's contradictory to ONLY have things like Walmart and McDonalds open.

(For the record, before I had a family, I LOVED working holidays. The important and fun stuff is all closed, might as well be at work. Granted, I worked at places were business was slower on holidays, not busier.)

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I don't know about chinks and pakis but only the Japanese-American people I know get offended by "jap." (And even then, it's only some of them. The people I mostly see being supposedly offended, are caucasians.) The Japanese-Japanese people I know consider it little different than "Japanese" (which is an exonym itself) and have a "Well bless his little heart" type attitude about it - he's a foreigner idiot, he doesn't know any better. I know that "Chinese" is also an exonym but "chink" isn't a natural shortening of that, so that one may be different than Jap and Paki.

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As someone who has been playing games for nearly 30 years, I've seen that gaming has always included adult women playing casually, females under 18 playing ahrdcore, and men over 18 playing hardcore - though yes the number of hardcore men over 18 has grown, as has the number of hardcore women over 18 (since those hardcore females under 18 grew up just as the males did). What's changed is the definition of gamer.

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I'm quite fine with having interpersonal problems with people that can't refrain from burning my house down. In fact, I would prefer that such people not be comfortable coming into my house at all.

Not that I'm saying I'm better than people who are wrong. Everyone is wrong sometimes. But, the key is ignorance vs stupidity, and what we are talking about when we say "better". If I tell a person that they can't put cans in the microwave and why, and they learn it because they were just ignorant before, that's different than someone who has already been told multiple times and just can't learn it. The person that can learn it is probably going to be better at a lot of things - self-sufficiency (living alone), being a babysitter, etc. etc. This may not make them a "better person" overall, though; maybe they understand why they shouldn't put cans in the microwave, but do it anyway in an attempt to purposely burn the house down. I would say, in that case, they are morally a worse person.

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But if you want to eat something that goes in the microwave, and you therefore decide to cook that spam by putting the can in the microwave, then you become wrong. And it is necessary to point out that you are wrong, not to make you look dumb, but so that you don't burn the house down.

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It could possibly be trademarked. But unlike copyright, trademark is not automatic. They would have to specifically register (and be granted trademark protection; it could - and likely would - be denied) and maintain the trademark for each code.

In this case, though, this is not what happened though because the email specifically says:

I have been notified of a posting on the “Hack A Day” website concerning hacking of Tektronix’ copyrighted modules for use in oscilloscopes. Hacking those modules permits unauthorized access to and use of Tektronix’ copyrighted software by means of copying of Tektronix’ copyrighted code in those modules.

Which to me seems like a purposely confusing way of saying the article is telling people how to violate copyright... but that isn't even copyright violation.

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