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Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 47

Anybody who ever served on active duty and handled classified information is just a bit hacked off at Her Majesty's cavalier attitude about, well, everything.

That's true, but comparing Hillary's sending and receiving emails that weren't marked as classified over a non-government server is absolutely NOTHING compared to Petraus' knowingly giving top secret information to someone with neither a need to know nor a security clearance. Remember Mata Hari? (I probably spelled that wrong)

Plus, his adultery is strictly against the USMJ code; people have gotten dishonorable discharges for that alone, and anyone else would have gotten time in Leavenworth for spilling secrets. Petraus got off not with a slap on the wrist, but a stern talking to.

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Journal Journal: Gimpy text and Mars

I use the Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) to design book covers. It's an excellent free open source program that has three weaknesses -- its menu structure is completely illogical (but can be gotten used to), I can't find a full spectrum palette, and its text handling is so poor as to be useless.

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Journal Journal: Table of Contents

I've spent the last three days working to fix the ePubs and AZW3s of Yesterday's Tomorrows. I had just ran it through Calibre and did a quick check, noting that the table of contents didn't display anything.

It took a lot of research and learning to fix the ToC, and while doing so discovered something even worse - some of the illustrations were covering up the text. Damn!

Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? (Score 2) 113

It's worth it if you only use it to help you decide where to stop for gas. If you're going out of your way to pay a few cents less per gallon, you're wasting your time.

I'll use it to see which gas station of my way to work is cheapest. I know I'm stopping for gas anyway, it's just a matter of where. So why not stop at the cheapest one? Again, I'm not going out of my way. Just deciding which of 15 or so gas stations that I will pass by anyway is getting my business.

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Journal Journal: Yesterday's Tomorrow is now available!

It turned into a beautiful thing. It's full of illustrations, plus photos of the authors and covers of the magazines the stories were printed in. It has the first use of the word "astronaut", the cover story of the issue of Astounding that is said to have ushered in the "golden age of science fiction, A.E. van Vogt's first published science fiction, a few other firsts, and five stories that are printed from cleaned up scans of the magazines. There are biographies of all the writers in the boo

Comment Re:Don't buy the cheapest cable (Score 1) 391

Buy the cheapest digital cable that works reliably and don't spend a dime more.

You and grandparent are saying the exact same thing. The point that GP was making is that some of the cheapest of the cheap cables don't even meet the relevant specifications and that that can cause problems.

You don't need cables made out of gold, but you often do need them to conform to the specs. I've had this problem with cheap as shit HDMI cables where my components wouldn't recognize each other until I replaced the cables with monoprice cables. So it's not like I had to spend a ton, but I did have to get actual certified cables.

Comment Re:Don't buy the cheapest cable (Score 1) 391

Even for digital data, really cheap cables often don't meet spec, and can cause frustrating intermittent problems.

I have also experienced this with uber-cheap HDMI cables. Tried to connect components with the cheapest HDMI cables possible (they came for free with some of the components that I bought) and there were problems. I forget what it was, but I think the TV wouldn't talk to to the Blu-Ray or the Tivo or something. I don't remember, but anyway, shit wouldn't talk to each other until I replaced the crap HDMI cables with monoprice cables. Still very cheap, but at least they are tested and meet the relevant specs.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

If you don't like car payments, then don't finance it. Car loans are, for the most part, a pretty dumb financial decision.

Uhh, no. My car loan is 0.9%, which is less than inflation, never mind my return on the money. I'd have to have rocks in my head to pay cash.

A much better choice is to do your homework and decide on a 2-5 year old model with high reliability

I tried to do that, but nobody is selling their cars these days so the used care market is inflated. I wound up buying new instead.

Comment Re:Too much (Score 1) 574

How likely do you think Trump is to end up as the Republican nominee?

In July of 2011, Michele Bachmann was in second place in the polls and closing in on Mitt Romney. I think the likelihood of Trump ending up as the Republican presidential nominee is equal to the likelihood that Bachmann was going to be the Republican nominee for the 2012 elections. It ain't gonna happen.

Comment Re:No network / firewall / boot problems in ten ye (Score 1) 157

Nope. I have not seen a single physical server in a decade, and at this point, I run everything in AWS. If an instance has a problem, I just snapshot it, kill it, and launch a new one. Once that's done, I can take my time reviewing the logs and state from the failed instance's snapshot to try to avoid future faults.

I literally have every password in /etc/shadow set to *. There is not a single account on any system with a valid password hash in shadow (as is the default on most AWS images). This is why I give zero hoots about brute forcing passwords.

Comment Re:Forget party, all that (Score 1) 21

What's so damned special about relationships? If it's about equality, then tell me, why does a childless married couple pay less in tax than a widow with a child who earns the same as the couple? I'd say the widow's relationship to the child matters to society, the couple's relationship doesn't matter to anyone but them.

Why is it legal to discriminate on the basis of marriage?

Why does any government in a secular country have anything at all to do with marriage?

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