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Comment: Re:NSFW! (Score 1) 474 474

Reddit doesn't care if you post repugnant shit as long as it's not child porn and you stay in your little corner of the Internet and don't bother others. /r/CoonTown is a good example of a repository of repugnant shit, but that keeps to themselves. The only reason I even know it exists is because it comes up in discussions of horrible subreddits.

But if you spill out of your little corner of Reddit, then that's when the admins get involved. If you're harassing people on other parts of Reddit, then you see shadowbans. And if you're harassing people offline (doxxing, etc.), then the admins expect the subreddit mods to do something about it. And if the subreddit mods aren't fixing it (deleting the offending content, banning the offending users), then the admins step in and ban the subreddit.

This is a pretty reasonable policy. Some may contend that it's not being applied fairly and equally (ahem SRS), but the policy itself is reasonable.

Comment: Re:Turning off voicemail is dumb (Score 1) 395 395

About half the people who call my company looking for a rent house don't answer the phone when you attempt to call them or their voicemail hasn't been set up, or it is full. What am I supposed to do, keep calling them until they answer?

You take the hint and send them a text, my friend. That's why their voicemail box is full or uninitialized. They don't do voicemail.

Comment: Re:Education (Score 1) 528 528

To study in the US you need a student visa which expires after you graduate or flunk out. If you stay outside of that, without having an something like an H1B or a green card you're illegal. simple. And those are not so easy/quick to get.

I've never understood our immigration policy.

Mexican peasant who will be dependent on welfare for your whole life? Welcome to America!

Educated, ambitious, and ready to help grow the US economy? Eww! GTFO!

This country is run by fucking idiots, I swear.

Comment: Re:Meritocracy (Score 1) 1032 1032

In the states, we already have need-based scholarships and other grants. Hell, in many states, you can go to community college for zero tuition if you can't afford it.

The problem in the states is that we give unlimited loans with zero lending criteria because the government guarantees the loans. Need $150,000 for your undergrad in Inuit Art History? Sure, no problem! If the government stopped guaranteeing the loans, some underwriter would say, "ummm, no. How about you go to state school and major in something real and minor in art history."

Comment: Re:Shouldn't this be obvious? (Score 1) 150 150

I think the underlying thinking behind most educational technology is take the work out of the hands of the local practitioner, deskill the teacher.

I don't know if this is the intent, but it is certainly the (predictable) result.

I remember when my daughter was struggling with one of the New Math algorithms for subtraction. Naturally, I was only taught the traditional algorithm in elementary school, so my helping her was out of the question. As good fortune would have it, I had a parent-teacher conference scheduled with her math teacher the following morning, so my plan was to take 2 minutes and have the teacher demonstrate the new algorithm so that I might help my daughter with it.

Well, the teacher took several minutes just trying to contrive a subtraction problem that this specialized algorithm would apply to, and when she was unable to do so, she admitted in frustration that she doesn't understand the new algorithm either and that only the computer teaches that algorithm. I sat there with my jaw on the floor for what felt like an eternity and said not to worry about it and that I was sure I could find a YouTube to explain it.

So yes. What you say is true. The teachers are slowly but surely becoming little more than glorified exam proctors. It's pretty sad.

Comment: Easier to prove financial crimes (Score 1) 510 510

The current charges could be motivated by a desire to prosecute Hastert for sex crimes.

Exactly. It's easier to prove structuring than it is to prove an ancient sex crime. While I agree with you that he should be charged with the sex crime and that withdrawing money from your bank account should never be illegal, prosecutorial expediency is what's going on here.

Comment: Checklist is the right answer (Score 1) 119 119

Actually, security by checklist is the way to go for writing an insurance policy. An underwriter should be able to work out actuarial tables for companies that follow which security best practices, and then price policies accordingly. For instance, if you pass a PCI scan and have virus scanners installed and don't give your users admin rights, and have websense installed, and you have data of $X value, you have an Y% chance of getting jacked, so your policy costs $Z.

I'm not saying that the checklist should be the company's only security practice. That would be madness. I'm just saying that the insurance underwriter should be able to use a checklist to quote an insurance policy.

Comment: Re:Android. The "PC" of mobile devices (Score 1) 92 92

If that were the case, you'd be safe. I don't know of a manufacturer that consistently provides bug-free devices and support for them for, say, 2 years back.

I don't know of any manufacturer, Apple included, that consistently provides bug-free devices. But if 2 years of updates is your benchmark, Samsung meets it. They have Android Lollipop (5.0.1) running on their Galaxy S4 (released April 29, 2013, so it's just over 2 years old). Granted, 5.1.1 is the true latest and greatest Android version, but it was only released on April 21, 2015, so it's a unrealistic to expect Samsung to push that out to a 2 year old device so quickly.

Comment: Re:One thing to keep in mind... (Score 1) 244 244

If I'm configuring some sort of local mail store, I don't just need to know how to set up Dovecot. I need to know how to set up Dovecot, Postfix, Roundcube, and so on, and I need to know how to set them up together.

That type of information is typically also in the docs because you're right. It's important, and if everyone has to hammer it out themselves, it's reinventing the wheel.

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