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The general public thinks public servants are really important when they're "not doing their job," but look for their support on any given day when they're just being treated unfairly and it's a big fuck you. Well, fuck you all back. How you treat the people that "work for you" says a lot about you.

Googling for 5 whole minutes is not research.

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by ryanov (#45201933) Attached to: New York City Considers Articulated Subway Cars

Guess what: it's not all about you. This treatment of public employees really angers me, and it happens whenever public servants decide enough is enough. Do you think if you were working a job to be able to pay your bills, you'd be interested in hearing "shut up and get back to work, I have stuff to do?" or be thinking "I know I have to feed my family, but how will Steve get to work?! Nevermind!"

How this works with police officers and other essential folks is that there are rules to protect the employees because they, basically, can't walk off the job because they serve the public good. Same sometimes with transit workers. If you want people to be at work no matter what, there has to be something else that takes the place of the right to strike.

I don't know about your salary numbers and don't have the time to go into them, but they almost always take into account people who've been working there a very long time, and some that have specialized skills. I see teachers salary numbers and they almost never reflect the reality.

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6. Windows seems to need to reboot almost constantly and takes a long time to apply updates.

Has not been true since xp Service Pack 1.

Oh it most certainly is. I installed Windows XP SP3 on a laptop the other day and the updates took at least 2 hours to install. It's not a brand new laptop, but it's reasonably capable. It also needed many reboots, and the most annoying thing about it was that it was a multi-phase thing to install updates (eg. install 20 of them, reboot, install 130 of them, reboot, install 7 of them, reboot -- something like that). Which meant you couldn't just start it and walk away.

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