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Comment Re:yet more engineer bashing (Score 1) 491

No, the authors are not engineers because engineers aren't trained to perform this kind of study. One author is a sociology professor the other is a comparative politics professor.

Before you go crazy, everyone knows that few people are terrorists anyway, so few engineers are terrorists. They aren't trying to drive the engineers away with pitchforks.

Comment I think this will be increasingly common (Score 1) 95

Math is a huge subject. I've heard most mathematicians can't read most mathematics papers. I believe we will increasingly see math problems solved by people who see new isomorphisms; people who realize that two problems in two fields are actually the same problem. I'm just waiting for the day that an important math problem is discovered to have been solved long ago in a different formulation.

Comment Meh (Score 1) 231

Some languages are better than others for certain tasks, and some languages, like PHP, are crap. While there are things that PHP will do better than C++, there's basically nothing that PHP will do better than Python.

Likewise, I can think of no case for staring a new project in COBOL.

Comment A very strange protest (Score 1) 418

The author believes his home country is too generous to outsiders which he feels harms his self-interest. In response, he withholds permission to use his software to further harm his nation which would seem to also harm his self-interest in indirect ways.

Interestingly, he also protests US imperialism which he admits Europe is an accessory too. However, fewer refugees being created would be a natural consequence of stopping imperialism. So why doesn't he just focus his energy on that issue?

Comment Why can't you mark a class with an interface? (Score 3) 185

I can understand the convenience of not needing to mark a class as an implementer of an interface. But on the other hand, it would be nice if you at least had the option of marking a class as an implementer of an interface, so your IDE could tell you your class is not complete.

Comment Why an un-googlable name? (Score 2, Insightful) 185

Seeing as how it was created after the Internet was big, and one is constantly searching the Internet about the programming language one using, wouldn't you want a distinct name so search results are what the programmer wants? "Go" is the 35th most common word in the English language. When you search for "go" you get entries about games, movies, etc. Google, coincidentally gives the best results if the programming language is what you are searching for, but even Google gives you results for all sorts of things. The programming language isn't even a dominant result on other search engines.

Obviously, if you use a search engine to find things about "JavaScript" or "Erlang" you get what you want. I can't imagine going through the trouble of creating a programming language and then failing to give it a distinctive name.

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