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by rvw (#46767585) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

I'm a liberal (leftist, socialist, whatever. Farther left than the democrats for sure) and I'm pro-life. I have no interests in controlling women's reproductive lives, but as a Catholic I believe life begins at conception, and abortion is murder. Put any other false motives in my mouth, but the truth is, I'm pro-life because I'm anti-murder.

OK, that's possible of course! But preferably don't use "Pro Life", as it's not about abortion. It makes the Republican frame stronger, confirms their way of thinking. Use "anti abortion" or something else. Don't use their frames if you are serious about this. The frame as it is thought out is not about abortion.

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by rvw (#46764921) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

This is *before* those limits were lifted. As a citizen, I'm looking forward to seeing the power of the wealthy further cemented in this country, and so exquisitely draped in the pretense of democracy that my fellow citizens believe themselves empowered. It's gonna get better! (For the wealthy). How exciting for those of us who imagine ourselves upwardly mobile within the American caste system.

George Lakoff explained how it works in his book Don't think of an elephant. People don't vote for what's best for them (using logic). They vote their identity, and the conservitives have made excellent use of language to frame the debate in such a way that poor people actually feel good about removing social services, by voting Republican. Tax cuts are framed as "tax relieve", only relieving the state of so much money it can't afford social programs anymore.

In their view social programs are bad for poor people, as poor people deserve to be poor, and this punishes them for not working hard enough. Rich people deserve to be rich. They are clever, otherwise they wouldn't be rich. If poor people want to be rich, let them work for it. Poor people are needed to serve the rich. (This is not my view to be clear).

Another important frame: Pro Life! Abortion is bad, because it undermines the power of the father in the family. When a teenager becomes pregnant, it's her own fault, and she should live with the consequences. She didn't listen to her father, who is the moral authority and who decides what's good and what't wrong. When an adult woman decides to have an abortion because she wants to work on her career, she undermines this strict-father-morale as well. A career is not for women - they should stay at home and raise the children. Pro Life is not about life, it's about male dominance. Pro Life is not about the life of that baby - they don't care about that baby that probably would have little value to them. Pro Life is not about life, because it's OK to physically attack and occasionally kill people who work at abortion clinics. Casualties of war!

How can you be against life? Are you for real that you want more taxes? Vote Conservative!

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by rvw (#46746137) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

Habitually, we elevate the opinion of someone unqualified because they are a household name for, well, being famous.

Mademoiselle McCarthy has as much right as the next parent to be wrong about something, but her point of view should have no more weight attached to it.

This occurs in politics too, as both sides of the US Congressional aisle have been guilty of courting Hollywood. Seemingly, the entertainment class is more likely to be unbalanced than well informed, and yet, here we are.

It's not about logic and facts. It's about identity. We all want to be Jenny McCarthy or her to be our girlfriend.

The medium is the message!

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by rvw (#46719497) Attached to: Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

It also kind of weakens the argument that OpenSource is more secure because of the idea of many eyes. I guess no one started to look for about two years.

It's not more secure. If a flaw is found - it's much faster fixed, and with a flaw like this you can bet many people are going to check it. If this was MS, we would have to trust them, and we would have to wait at least a week for a fix.

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by rvw (#46719479) Attached to: Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

OpenSSH is fine. Unless you've exposed login credentials for those systems through something using TLS (via OpenSSL), there's no need to worry about SSH keys.

If openssh keys were at some point in RAM, they could be out in the open. Small chance, but do you want to take it? Renew your openssh keys and passwords.

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The workers will still want to use MS Word, and Excel, and Exchange for email.

Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Create symlinks to swriter.exe on the desktop. Rename them Word. Tell people that Word has a new icon. Set Writer to use DOC as default file format. For Calc you can do the same. This works for most people.

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I still have an XP installation running in a vbox, just because it's easier than trying to get SlingBox to run under wine.

Me as well. I have the internet connection disabled however, only run Photoshop in it with a shared local folder. I revert to the snapshot everytime - no updates, no AV, a lot faster, works for me!

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Rather than get all aggro, I will state that I have tried to find a concrete answer to this question ("is OpenSSH vulnerable/impacted by this?"), and I still cannot. So before someone say "shut the fuck up when you don't know what you're talking about" to me, I'll provide the data (and references) I do have:

So in short - if I understand you correctly:

1) You (or we) don't know yet whether OpenSSH is vulnerable.
2) Yes - we should create new keys.

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Congratulations on completely missing the irony in GP's post.

So why is it modded +5 insightful? These kind of comments are taken seriously by many - just see the other comment on it (and don't tell me that's sarcasm too). If it is sarcasm and if it's not clear - then (s)he should have added a sarcasm tag.

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by rvw (#46637143) Attached to: Senate Report Says CIA Misled Government About Interrogation Methods

if Congress wants people to stop lieing to them

Just strap the CIA director to a table before the congressional committee and pour water on his face until he tells the truth.

What's good for the goose ....

This is exactly what they want! If you do this, you follow their frame, their method, and you (or congress) approve of it. If congress approves of this, they don't have to hide it anymore. Mission accomplished! And thanks for your helpful suggestion!

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by rvw (#46619073) Attached to: New Australian Privacy Laws Could Have Ramifications On Google Glass

Information is for the state. You will not record and share among yourselves. You will not become more aware.

You will not develop the capacity to police yourselves. That is for the state.

The funny thing is that these devices only make it easier for the state to record what you do. So preventing that is a good thing. It makes them a bit less powerful.

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