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Comment: Where to find a good RFID blocking wallet (Score 1) 89

by rvw (#48624957) Attached to: RFID-Blocking Blazer and Jeans Could Stop Wireless Identity Theft

I would like to buy a simple RFID blocking wallet. I can find a lot of them on Amazon, but none seem to have a coin compartment. I currently use a Lifeventure wallet, and I would like to get something similar. Ideally it would have the outside blocked, the inside not. So when you open it, you would be able to hold the card to an RFID scanner, without having to take it out.

All suggestions are welcome!

Comment: Re:All for poisioning the well (Score 2) 285

by rvw (#48556111) Attached to: AdNauseam Browser Extension Quietly Clicks On Blocked Ads

One downside would be that since it clicks on everything what is being told to advertisers is that you are interested in all that stuff.

So your profile could look like you want hello kitty, mercedes cars and dating sites.

That is a poisoned profile. The problem is that you will soon get targeted ads for very rare things because you are one of the three people who clicked. Another and bigger downside is that those ad companies not only get the clicks, but get to follow you around the net, and if they ditch the clicks, it might give them a very valuable profile.

Comment: Re:That Word (Score 1) 184

Um, I don't if you're aware, but Islam didn't invent English. The word you're describing is "submission" or perhaps "conformity." "Peace" means, in English, what it means - Islam doesn't get to define that.

But it gets to use an English term in misleading way, which is good to point out. An English speaker familiar with the proper meaning of "peace" would likely misunderstand.

the English speaker isn't misunderstanding, they're being intentionally misled. That is a very big difference. They are perfectly understanding the intended message.

Is this an example of Orwellian language or Doublespeak - saying the opposite of what you mean, to confuse your audience? If so, once you know it, you know the weak spot in their reasoning.

Comment: Re:I believe forking it is still possible (Score 0) 274

by rvw (#48507013) Attached to: A Mismatch Between Wikimedia's Pledge Drive and Its Cash On Hand?

That's the usual method of solving these problems. Wonder why no one is trying to do that if the fundraising is so controversial?

Yeah I wonder too. Forking a project, even a complete database - no problem. Forking servers, that's a bit more difficult. But we have Amazon, fire up those instances! Who's going to pay that? My $10 donation (actually did that) won't bring us far. Then wait - nobody's visiting?! Ten visitors a day, mostly from the same IP, your IP?! Wait, can you fork those domain names as well?

Comment: DMCA takedown action for abuse of GOP Hashtag (Score 1) 155

by rvw (#48456481) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack

Can't they fight this with the DMCA or something for abusing the GOP hasthag? I bet those hackers will have shit running through their pants when they hear this!

Young man, Are you listening to me
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I said, young man, you can make real your dreams,
but you've got to know this one thing.
No man, does it all by himself
I said, young man, put your pride on the shelf
And just learn to play with the D.M.C.A.
I'm sure they can help you today

It's fun to play with the D.M.C.A.
It's fun to play with the D.M.C.A.
They have everything for young men to enjoy.
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It's fun to play with the D.M.C.A.
It's fun to play with the D.M.C.A.
You can get yourself clean
You can have a good meal
You can do whatever you feel.

Comment: Re:So don't use Tor at home? (Score 1) 136

by rvw (#48409641) Attached to: 81% of Tor Users Can Be De-anonymized By Analysing Router Information

Then, when you want to do something without being watched, you use TOR with clean hardware and connectivity.

So what is clean? I can only think of an Ubuntu VM, default install with maybe one or two addons in Firefox to delete cookies. Nothing that changes or adds fonts. Make snapshots and always revert to that. Create new snapshots after updates. Don't update when using public wifi, but update at home while not doing anything else - no browsing!

Comment: Re:Questions for any who have been following this (Score 2) 88

by rvw (#48398017) Attached to: After Four Days, Philae Team Gets to Rest

If it has 90 minutes a day sunlight, while it was expected to be 7.5 hours, wouldn't it just take five times longer? So maybe they could only use it once every five days (or whatever time unit they use). I'm not trying to be clever, just wondering why this doesn't seem to be an option.

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