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by rvw (#47612463) Attached to: Gmail Recognizes Addresses Containing Non-Latin Characters

However this really should be part of the RFC, or else anyone banning mixed names would be "non compliant". If the RCF does not specify this then the best that gmail (or any other system could do) would be to prevent people registering mixed names themselves and giving a warning (and maybe colour characters) if email is recieived from an address with mixed scripts.

Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo and others like gmx, universities, big companies should simply refuse these mails. Microsoft should make Exchange so that this is the default way for handling these mails. The same goes for qmail, postfix etc. But that won't be enough.

As another commenter said, you can make up latin looking names using cyrillic characters, and we won't notice. How do you catch that? I guess this will the the time that PGP will prove it's value.

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by rvw (#47612317) Attached to: Gmail Recognizes Addresses Containing Non-Latin Characters

Worse; they will come from, or, only those o's and a's will be Cyrillic or something like that (can't do it here; Slashdot doesn't display them).

When you mix Latin htmail with a Cyrillic o to get hotmail, Google and all email programs should refuse that address immediately, mark it as spam, make the address red with a warning sign etc. Mixing character sets should not be allowed in a domain or in a username. So the username may be all Cyrillic or Greek, the domain name may be all Chinese or Latin, and these may mix, but no mixes in the domain name or username itself.

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by rvw (#47564767) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

even in communist countries, they didn't have much but at the very least they had an apartment for themselves!

Yes, because in communistic countries, you don't get to keep what you make. I fled one of those countries. My income tax was 52% and the sales tax was 21%. The government would happily fund up to the equivalent of $2000 to those who had no job (regardless of whether or not that was by choice).

Support the country you live in, or go live in the country you support.

52% is quite normal tax for higher incomes in the EU, but we're not a communist country, although if you're from the US you might think differently. We use it to support everything that makes our country a place many people want to live. Except that those who live here complain a lot about too many people wanting to live here, and they complain about taxes of course.

Most families here have an appartment of their own. And chances to get extremely rich here are probably much smaller than in the US, but chances to have a reasonable life are higher.

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by rvw (#47548431) Attached to: Microsoft's Nokia Plans Come Into Better Focus

I am a Unix/Linux user since 1995. I used Symbian and i liked it, and i have several android devices (first was the galazy tab). Now Microsoft killed Nokia. Nokia killed Symbian.

I am looking for a new tablet/PC currently. I tested some Windows 8.1 Tablets (Lenovo and others), and i have to say (besides the colored rectangles on the start screen): Well done
by leaving many things unchanged. For the first time in about 20 years i consider buying a microsoft OS on an new computer (for personal use).

I bought a laptop with Windows 8.1. I wanted to install Ubuntu on it, but still haven't got the boot process working. I use a Mac for 15 years now, OS X since 10, Ubuntu at work since five years. Although I help several people with Windows computers, I haven't used it for myself in years. In two or three days it became totally clear that Windows is not for me anymore. The same annoyances are still there. I won't say Ubuntu is perfect, not even OS X, but Windows 8.1... I can't believe how inconsequent the setup is.

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by rvw (#47464701) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

When are these businesses going to learn that when you lawyer up against negative reviews, it suddenly becomes *newsworthy* and only makes the situation that much worse. Maybe if they spent their legal fees on training for their waitstaff, they wouldn't get those negative reviews to start with. Crazy thought, I know.

What you can do is write a review that is so incredible positive, that the irony is so obvious that nobody will miss it. I don't have the time, and don't have the inspiration and my ironic food dictionary is offline at the moment. So if anyone can think of a review of Il Giardino that will make me really curious - go ahead and make my day! ;-)

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by rvw (#47388529) Attached to: In Düsseldorf, A Robot Valet Will Park Your Car

People chose bacon over low cholesterol... get over it.

A big part of the problem why Americans (and others) are fatter and fatter are because of misbeliefs foisted upon them.

Fatty foods don't cause heart disease. Sugar, stress, and smoking do. A high cholesterol count does not cause heart disease. It is a *symptom*, not a cause. It is your body attempting to repair the damage.
  Avoiding fats is a very good way to fatten yourself up. You'll instead be ingesting sugar and other carbohydrates, and you'll quickly feel hungry again. The sugar in your bloodstream requires the release of insulin to process it. The insulin tells the fat cells to open up and start sucking up all that sugar.

Reading tip: Why zebras don't get ulcers. It explains really good how all this works, and what bad food and stress does to your body.

You forget about two things though! First is alcohol - although in a sense that can be counted as sugar as well. But not really! It should be mentioned along with the others: Alcohol! Second is cancer! Too much food, smoking and alcohol cause cancer. Stress does not cause cancer, but it has a very big negative impact on it once you get it.

+ - Dutch experts hack Google Glass ->

Submitted by rvw
rvw (755107) writes "Dutch computer experts have devised a trick for infiltrating and taking over Glass, Google's information glasses. With a few rows of additional software, hackers can take photos and make films without the Glass wearer even knowing. These images can then be sent to another computer. Anyone with malicious intentions can use a USB stick to enter a 'script' in the glasses at an unguarded moment which then allows them to take control."
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