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Comment: Re:Everybody should be pissed at NSA by now ... (Score 4, Insightful) 80 80

These are always the best laws...enacted right after an 'emergency', with no debate. Helpfully, the law was pre-drafted and just in a filing cabinet waiting for the right circumstance to pass it.

Of course, I'm not exactly sure how this helps with the 'emergency', that the NSA was spying on the French gov't. I guess the emergency for the gov't was that they finally realized that the NSA knew more about everyone in France than the French Secret Service does. The new legislation should even it up, by greatly increasing their ability to spy on their own largely law-abiding citizens.

The French are mad, but only for the show. They simply cooperate with the NSA, and this is the opportunity they've been waiting for. Now they can pass a new law that will help them cooperate even better with the NSA. They thank Wikileaks for helping them.

Comment: Re:WordPerfect 5.1 (Score 2) 192 192

Office 2003 is arguably still the best version of Office. I have co-workers who still use it and I've used pretty much every version since 4. I don't disagree with them, although I have personally transitioned to 2010 for compatibility. Newer versions don't provide much additional usability and make certain things more difficult such as removing the ability to select chart curves directly from the legend. Why??

WordPerfect 5.1 baby, WordPerfect 5.1. "Reveal codes" is/was the most useful feature ever.

I agree - it was really cool to cleanup the mess it sometimes created. You can do this in Office as well. Unzip the docx, and with a proper XML editor you can do anything. Except.... the mess MS has made of that XML is unbelievable. The logic behind it seems to be to make it as difficult as possible to edit this manually.

Comment: Re:Logic need not apply (Score 2) 222 222

So, you're happy to believe that Russia/China can decrypt our strongest encryption (unless you think Snowden just ROT-13ed the files) and have chosen to go after Snowden's files (despite the fact that they could just use rubber-hose cryptanalysis instead) rather than infiltrate live systems?.

Decrypting those files is not the way to go. Better hack the laptop that decrypts the file, and record keystrokes.

Comment: Re:Logic need not apply (Score 1) 222 222

Anyone who has been following these Snowden-related news already knew the US government officials lied, lied, and lied repeatedly, lied to the world, lied to their own people, lied to their Congress, all without any consequences.

Anyone who still believed them would need to have zero capability in logical thinking, so what's the point in pointing out flaws in the logic of these statements?

The point is propaganda. The method they use: the strict father model - if daddy says so, it must be true. No matter if he is wrong, is he says so you have to accept it. And "daddy" here is the government, the NSA, or that good and reliable Sunday Times. Critical intelligent people think otherwise, but they are lost and this propaganda is not for them.

Comment: Re:Not a Canal (Score 1) 107 107

Actually, in the Netherlands we don't call these little creeks "gracht" but instead we call them "sloot" (or "vaart" or "kanaal", if they are larger and have a transport function). De grachten are restricted to towns (where they served as a passage way to the old warehouses to deliver the spices from the far east).

A "gracht" can surround a castle as wel, as in "slotgracht".

Comment: Re:24/7 Live Global Radio (Score 0) 415 415

And when will you make a 17 inch laptop again? Mine's still going strong after 5 years after replacing the HDD with an SSD, but I would have bought an upgrade two years ago if you only made one.

I'm afraid we can forget about that. My hope is that they will make a "Hacbook", a Macbook Pro that you can repair yourself, so harddisk, battery and memory can be replaced easily like with the pre-Retina Macbooks. They may be more heavy, thicker, but I think many people don't care. I think it's great that they try to make things smaller and lighter, but I want a top notch Mac laptop (with Retina, USB3 and all the good specs) and don't want to pay $2000 for that. Now my next laptop will be a $900 Dell or Lenovo with Ubuntu, plus a $700 Mac Mini. Yeah I know I could combine that into a $1600 Macbook, but I won't.

Comment: Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 2) 374 374

FUD, not a single source working for MSFT has said a damned thing about a subscription model, THAT bit of FUD was started by a gossip site "El Reg" IIRC that is known for pulling "facts" out of their ass.

The ONLY thing that has been said is they won't have the old service packs anymore, instead you'll have a point release, like 8 to 8.1. This makes it easier for regular folks to know WTF is going on as its easier to know that X.1 is the current version as all the sites treat it as a separate OS, while nobody talks about "Win 7 SP1" they simply call it Win 7.

10.1, 10.2, ... - I get the impression that they have their naming scheme copied from somewhere else... The use of "10" signifies the X in OS X, the X refering to UNIX and BSD. I wonder how Microsoft is going to market this...

Comment: Re:Updates (Score 1) 119 119

i'm hoping for Adblock to work on commercial TV

How will that work if ads are not coming from a different source, and are not marked somehow to be ads? Maybe this will change, but now it's a continuous stream, and yes there is an online tv guide, but that doesn't tell us anything about commercial breaks.

Comment: Re:not outside the jurisdiction of the NSA (Score 1) 135 135

This has nothing to do with the NSA (the NSA will get anything they want - legally or not, if you think otherwise you are pathetic).

This has to do with the legal bounds of the American court. If the service provider is stationned outside America and has local TOS, then it is outside the jurisdiction of the court. You cannot demand information that can be used in American civil cases. The NSA information can not be used in those cases unless they can prove it is legally handed to them.

If NSA information was illegally obtained, then they won't use it in court, but outside of court. If they have all files from a suspected dropbox user, it will reveal all kind of things about the user. Analyzing this will result in other leads, which can be used to get a normal court order.

Comment: Re: Hahah (Score 1) 246 246

Ruin a child life? Mistakes that a child do? Are you really that stupid? Kids (children) these days kill, rape and other things that were typical for adults. You screw up like an adult, screw them like an adult.

Well except this kid didn't murder, didn't rape.

And he didn't screw up like an adult, he screwed up as a kid!

Comment: Re:Hahah (Score 1) 246 246

Splendid, and you will pay the absurd amounts of money necessary to keep him shuttling between the courts, prison and probation for the rest of his life.

American justice -- the second biggest demonstration of the broken window fallacy since Operation Iraqi Freedom.

How is this the second biggest demonstration of failed politics? This is clearly bigger. The failed justice system in the US is a far bigger problem - in the US - than the war in Iraq.

Comment: Re:One word: Cloud (Score 5, Insightful) 246 246

Better question: What kind of kid who at least *thinks* he might be capable of hacking the school's system wouldnt be aware of cloud storage/backup? Clearly setting a fire would do nothing to cloud stored data.

In the western world we know that children think and reason differently, don't oversee all consequences of their actions, and because of that we try them differently, in juvenile court. A 15 year old who did not perform on a test, panics and does something stupid. Panic means: no reasoning, no oversight, and the existence of backups is totally forgotten, even if he knows about it.

In the US there is a tendency to try more children as adults, especially when the crime is big, like murder. This is the general tendency resulting from rage and frustration when people are not satisfied with their own situation, and they need someone to blame. They need a black sheep.

This is not a big crime. If the school burnt down, if someone died, that would have been something else. It could have, but it didn't. It's the same when you stab someone with a knife. If two people do this to two victims, stab them in a similar way, and one dies, the other not, the sentences will be different, although intentions and acts in this (imaginative) case are similar.

Nobody was hurt, the next day it was business as usual. So give this kid a reasonable sentence for the damage done, and let him have a chance to see his error and learn from it. The lesson should be that he was lucky that this didn't turn into something really big. Next time his luck may change, and this experience may hold him back then. Send him to prison for seven years and he will come out as a wreck or as a professional criminal. Who wants that?

Comment: Re:Most Linux distros ship with malware by default (Score 1) 180 180

Decent people don't want to be associated with people like MikeeUSA, the fact that the anti-systemd people seem happy to associate with him isn't going to help their cause.

What about this one: "decent people don't want to be associated with people like Hitler, the fact that the vegetarian people seem happy to associate with him isn't going to help their cause."

See what I did there? (no, that doesn't qualify as Godwin, not yet)

I'm one of these anti-systemd people, and I don't want to be associated in anyway with a troll like MikeeUSA. He's behavior has nothing to do with accepting or not systemd and trying to make some kind of true-scotman-non-sequitur-bullshit out of it is utter non-sense.

Wikipedia about Godwin:

Godwin's Law is an Internet adage asserting that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1" — that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.

This is a perfect example - even if it is not a troll, even if it's meant to tell us that this is not a Godwin, even if meant as a serious answer.

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