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Comment: Re:We're a cooperative species (Score 0, Flamebait) 155

by rtbyte (#34197446) Attached to: Feeling Upset? Look At Some Meat

Well that, and that the unsuspecting cooperative parts of the group are a lot easier to kill for their share of the meat than the live animals that supplied it...

That's the true American way !!! Humans that act this way will soon or later be killed by the others if they are not clever enough to do it without everybody seeing it as the lions do. There always be people that do it and there always be killed for that if caught that's the way the humans work. And I'm guessing if by some reason those that kill humans for their share increase over some critical mass that society will just die in hunger. Not a bright forecast for the US future ;)

Comment: Re:Screw the solar (Score 1) 104

by rtbyte (#33319696) Attached to: NASA Set To Launch Solar NanoSail Into Space
Waste energy You will. But plenty of energy You have ;) . You seemed to mindfully jump over my question "How do you decelerate the solar sail when You reach your destination". And I'm not speaking about some fictional 'other solar system' but inside our own. I really wander which mindless drones voted your comment +5 and would they want to strap them to a solar sail and let them fly to the 'next solar system' to decelerate ;)

Comment: Re:Screw the solar (Score 1) 104

by rtbyte (#33318182) Attached to: NASA Set To Launch Solar NanoSail Into Space
Limited they are not. There is so much reaction mass in the solar system. Have You notice there are 8 planets plus planetoids plus hundreds of moons and asteroids ? Yea reaction mass could be even the moon dust. and You need just enough to accelerate and decelerate to say Mars. BTW how to You decelerate with solar sails ? You bring them down and wait for water friction to slow you ? Oh wait no water, but hey the cosmic particles and radiation might slow you , eventually, after few thousand years, may be, if you are lucky. Of course you can try to pull the atmospheric breaks , but with solar sails and humans on board , better be You than me. And try to atmospheric break on a moon or asteroid. I wish You luck ;)

Comment: Re:Screw the solar (Score 1) 104

by rtbyte (#33318060) Attached to: NASA Set To Launch Solar NanoSail Into Space
Go to the NASA site and check the size of a sail needed to move a single manned craft. Then what was the formula - twice the distance 4 times less power ? Solar sail can be used on some small craft on an out of solar system mission which would last 100+ years. But for a human space flight or larger craft they are a joke. If you want to reasonably accelerate something bigger than a Kinder Surprise toy You will need a sail half the earth size (keep in mind that a highly scientific calculation so don't argue about it ;) ). And when You get to Mars in 2 days guess where You'll get your reaction mass - too hard for You huh ? How long will it take even on ginormous solar sail ? My guess is when astronauts grand children will be in college if they leave in their 20ies ;)

Comment: Screw the solar (Score 1) 104

by rtbyte (#33311834) Attached to: NASA Set To Launch Solar NanoSail Into Space
Screw the solar. It's such a massive fragile structure and it has so low acceleration and minuscule force so it can only push/pull a small/light vessels. Why not test nuclear engines ? Are we so afraid of little nuclear radiation that will probably be undetectable because the earth is bombarded with so much radiation already ? The cold war is (kind of) over. We should stop fearing the *NucleaRrRr* (I just shit my pants) power and start using it to really take off our space programs. Chemical power is a joke. It's a proof of concept overused. Solar sails are of very limited use at most.

Comment: Re:Lightspeed limited, not an ansible (Score 1) 389

by rtbyte (#32313082) Attached to: Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over 16 km In China
It's a very very interesting and relevant question (at least if I and the OP got the things right). The Big Bang theory says that in the beginning the space started to expand much faster than the speed of light (and they explain that by saying that space expansion is not constrained by the c) which explained some anomalies astronomers are seeing. Now if the gravity works by pulling the space to the center of the mass it should mean that the manifestation of that pull is not constrained by c. So the gravity should not be limited by c either. I'm not a scientist, it's just what I read around internet and saw on discovery. So a professional opinion on this would really be appreciated.

Comment: Re:ICQ is still my main protocol (Score 1) 136

by rtbyte (#32063220) Attached to: Russian Company Buys ICQ

Sadly, the post above isn't a troll. I don't know anyone who uses AIM, nobody uses ICQ anymore (was different 10 years ago), nobody uses Yahoo Messenger either.

So it's either MSN, email or all that Facebook/twitter/etc crap.

Nobody uses MSN where I live. Most of the people never heard of it. Everybody uses Skype (kids, moms, grand moms), few use ICQ (mostly older guys - 30+ years old) and some google's chat (techie guys).

Comment: Re:A-list? What? (Score 1) 471

by rtbyte (#31829156) Attached to: <em>StarCraft</em> Cheating Scandal Rocks Korea

... american football (not to be confused with the other two types of football, both of which are more popular internationally) ...

There is not such thing as 'american football'. It is some kind of weird handball with armored players trying to smash each others heads. And THERE IS NO BALL (other than their heads which might explain the head banging ?!). There is some kind of lemon shaped thingy that they chase around and I could only guess that they call it 'ball' because that much of head bumping will seriously distort one's sight and the lemon might start to look like a ball. Of course I'm not sure why that spectators call it foot ball as the players (more like crowd control police ..) almost never use their feet to play (excluding running) and there is no ball. It's kind of a mystery ;)

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