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Comment Fools - worrying about left vs. right (Score 1) 835

If you think his picks were moderates you must consider Bernie Sanders a far right fascist!

Does it matter? They're all corporatists.

Obama, like Bush is a corporatist (of the slightly left flavor), and will do what the corporatocracy wants (See: TPP). Expect more of the same in this regard, whether the appointee is moderate, rightwing

So keep complaining about small issues like abortion, or cloning or whatever is en vogue for the right vs. left dichotomy - the corporations will end up winning (why do you think they pump so much money into the political process - for bad investments?).

You won't get any different from the establishment machine.

Comment Re: Hoax (Score 1) 835

Except for recess appointments... something this President has abused to the point of having a 9-0 SCOTUS ruling against some of his more egregious interpretations of the constitution with regards to the subject... though that ruling did not tie his hands enough I fear.

I guess that's what happens when the Senate lets appointments sit for months, even years without an up or down vote. This Senate is guilty of the recess appointments because they are more obstructionist than with any other President.

Comment Parallel Construction Kit? (Score 1) 173

Police and prosecutors absolutely can demand the people turn over passwords .... but by doing so they also trigger immunity, they cannot use that fact or anything learned from the devices as evidence against them. They'll bitch and moan and complain about not having the passwords, they'll petition congress about how unfair it is to law enforcement that police need to actually investigate crimes and can't use self-incrimination tactics, but the lawyers know full well all it takes is a single slip of paper to legally demand the passwords. Grant them immunity under the protections of the 5th and they are compelled to turn the passwords over, but the person also walks away from criminal liability.

This is a very interesting and informative comment. My question is, how does this play into parallel construction?

Comment Re:Gridlock (Score 1) 185

Sander's isn't shy about saying that his movement doesn't end with him being elected. We'd pretty much need a full flush of congress.

I'm pretty sure most can agree with that regardless of their opinion of Sanders.

I'm not sure we'd need to replace all of congress, just the ones that are hopelessly corrupted by the establishment or outside money. It would be a hard slog. There's no viable Ron Paul candidate on the Republican side; they would all likely gladly sing the praises of the TPP, so it's pretty much the only option if you're against the corporatocracy.

Comment Re: Gridlock (Score 0) 185

A Sanders nomination would be a disaster. No more gridlock as the Republicans have at least 2 years to party and spend like Democrats.

Remember: with Democrats it's "tax and spend" (kind of like it's supposed to work), with Republicans it's "tax-cut and spend" which is why our debt is sky-high. Go ask Saint Ronnie and Papa Bush how it felt to increase the size of the Government budget 3x over their combined tenure.

So spending will be there whether it's Republicans (more war!) or Democrats (some war, some social programs), just the Democrats tend to want to balance the books with increased revenue.

Comment Re:Gridlock (Score 3, Insightful) 185

Republicans reject it before it even comes out and refuse to read it.

Because "Obama"

Which is why when Sanders is elected president in November, I can look forward to more entertaining gridlock, proposals that aren't "Republican-lite". Because if gridlock from a Democratic president is all we'll get, we might as well get propose some nice socialist ideas and get some nice leftward Overton window movement.

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 144

"You can't stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere."

They're never going to stop piracy. It's like trying to play whack-a-mole. Movie companies would do a much better job if they stopped trying to squash any sort of piracy, and focused more on providing what people want, in the form they want, when they want it, at a convenient price. Some people will always pirate, sure, but 99% of people aren't going to ever bother if they can get what they're looking for conveniently and without paying through the nose for it.

I think you confuse what Hollywood wants. It's never going to become like Bollywood, where hits are fast and furious, and sell for rupees on the dollar.

Hollywood maintains it's margins on control. Like Orwell said "All art is propaganda". Wagging the Dog.

Unless there's a titanic shift in the market, Hollywood will continue to tell us what we want, rather than cater mainly to what is desired by moviegoers.

Comment Re:What works for Jack Welch doesn't always work.. (Score 1) 250

I've seen a couple of places do this with a forced bell curve.

They had pre-defined that you can only have so many at each level, and had to fit -- if you had 10 people, the number at each level was defined by a formula.

Which meant the ranking system couldn't say "wow, I have a bunch of good people", or "shit, I have a bunch of dullards".

Morons who manage by arbitrary metric tend to do a lousy job of it. Because apparently reality is a problem for such people.

I find that style of management pretty pathetic, because it's just drooling idiots blindly following stuff they don't understand, and can't see why it's failing them.

Don't forget the wonderful practice of hiring sacrificial cows so you can keep your "real" team intact. Hire someone, give them f-all to do, then they get terminated because they didn't keep up with the rest.

A pretty brutal workplace to enter. It's like work poker - you look around, if you don't see the mark, you're the mark. Fuck that, I work to get shit done, not play needless politics.

Comment Re:Clarity in the title might have helped. (Score 1) 250

I had to read several sentences in the find out we are talking about some kind of work rank system, not search ranking. You know... it being a search engine company and all.

Yahoo has a search engine? I mean, they have a portal, but unless you're living in the 90s it's pretty common knowledge they gave up on search a long time ago (Bing powers it now, right?).

Comment Re:it looked so much like layoffs (Score 1) 250

It looked so much like layoffs that I thought it was layoffs.

Well, it does seem pretty obvious they are coming...

Really, this guy should be thanking Yahoo, not suing them. They've given him a head start over the thousands of other Yahoo employees that'll soon be flooding the marketplace.

Unless he can get compensated by suit - I mean it's a pretty shitty experience, and they're skirting the law. This is where lawsuits are useful in controlling the (normally autocratic or feudalist) corporations who would otherwise just fire you on the spot for not being useful enough.

Comment Re:Athlon X4 845 why cut pci-e lanes? amd is losin (Score 1) 81

They're doing just fine.

And you called out the parent for bullshit? Oh wait, you said the parent had a little bullshit, so I guess you went for the full monty.

Even if Zen actually does what it is supposed to do, there's a very real possibility that AMD won't exist after 2019 when their crippling bond obligations come due.

Anybody who has seen AMD's financials with 6% and 7% interest rates on notes that were issued when the Fed was basically giving money away for free knows that AMD is far, far from "doing just fine." There are plenty of former AMD employees who could tell you that as well.

Only because Intel payola [1] during those years didn't really get punished (sure they paid a fine, but honestly they got off pretty easy) while AMD spent all that time developing x86 and Intel just embraced it.


Comment Re:Funny how they don't care about modems, but.. (Score 1) 167

I can buy a modem from At&t and when that one burns out I will have to buy or rent another one just like it because while att has no rule that I can't use another companies modem they use a proprietary authentication method for their adsl2+

So I am stuck with a single choice for a modem the NVG510. No other options are available that I am aware of other than switching isp's

This is amazingly AT&T. What do they think, it's 1981 and they're Ma Bell again (proprietary landline phones)?

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 4, Interesting) 172

Even if the telecoms are not counting the public hotspot use against my caps, it could impact the performance of my network.

But mainly, it's the desire not to attract certain elements into my neighborhood who depend on free services. I wish I could find a pic of the hobo sitting in front of his tent in the 'Seattle Jungle' camp pecking away at his Apple laptop. Probably mooching off a local business' unsecured WiFi. It was run on the local news during a report on some recent drug murders there.

In our case, we used to have random folks hanging out on the curb near our house (sometimes late at night playing loud music), then I took a bat to my "xfinitywifi" cable modem/router, and bought a device that did not have wifi capabilities.
I still saw the "xfinitywifi" and people still randomly parked in front of my house.
I told my neighbors who are also annoyed by these interlopers, we all replaced our modems... and now no more jerks in our neighborhood (for the past several months) - and bonus - no rental fee for each of our cable subscriptions.

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