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by aralin (#47787015) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

Could the answer be, that he does not want to invade Ukraine? If you look at it that way, he has done everything humanly possible to avoid invading Ukraine and still safe face and be seen at home as protecting Russians and Russia's interests. But the US and the Ukraine government are making it absolutely impossible for him, no ceasefire, just sending in more and more troops, killing civilians, aiming for total unconditional victory as the only possibility. That gives Putin no way out. There is absolutely nothing he can do to come out of this without looking like a big loser. So if this is going to continue, eventually he will have no other option than to invade Donbas. I just think it is very bad policy to try to corner the Russians. They are extremely dangerous when cornered.

I'd like you to understand, I am not on the Russian side, my own country was invaded and occupied by them and I don't have any reason to like them doing it to someone else, I am just trying to explain how it looks from their side.

Ukraine is absolutely nothing to want to deal with. If Ukraine joins EU, we will have a new Black Friday and the world economy would go in tail spin. If Russia took them, it would bankrupt the country just as well. It is 50 million of impoverished people with almost no industry, limited natural resources and the only thing going for them is their agriculture, which is bad news for EU. EU has quotas on agricultural production and has a huge oversupply of food. It is the hottest political issue in EU just after the federalization attempts. Ukraine is the size and population of Greece, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria combined and their economy is worse off than either of those countries four poorest EU countries. Nobody in their sound mind wants Ukraine.

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No it is not. There was a coup and the government that came out of coup invited foreign governments to help in military operations to quell unrest caused by the coup. That is just as bad as what the Russian's are doing. It is in fact exactly that same and the only difference is the way the press is reporting on it. If Ukraine was a democratically leaning country, the Russians paid for and organized a coup and then send their army to help the coup appointed government to quell the ensuing unrest, we would be all up in arms about it. The press would have a field day.

You have to look at the situation with neutral eyes. I condemn what both sides are doing in Ukraine equally, because both sides are doing something completely unethical.

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Hey retard, are you making a career of utterly missing a point or what? Yes the kindle is on multiple platforms, DUH DUH DUH.

What that does not help you with at all is that time ten years hence when no competition remains even on niche platforms, and Amazon decides the price should really be 10 what you are paying now...

Good luck with your plan of reenforcing a dangerous monopoly!

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by SuperKendall (#47785807) Attached to: Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

When I can read my Apple eBooks on anything other than an IOS device

You can also read it on any Apple computer.

The point is there was competition, without competition consumers eventually suffer. it doesn't matter if that competition is on devices from a particular company.

It's a shame you are too short sighted to understand this simple fact. You are the very definition of the phrase "those who do not understand history are condemned to repeat it".

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by smooth wombat (#47783919) Attached to: Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court
That said, since the majority of people who do this likely are attemtping to cheat because they couldn't afford many games anyway, the loss of money is likely actually very small since the alternative would be, they don't play the game or download it some other way.

So you're admitting that people are too cheap to buy a game yet somehow can afford all their other shiny toys such as phones, computers, most likely cigarettes and alcohol and a whole host of other items.

The loss of money by people stealing a copy of a game is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is they're trying to justify their theft by claiming poverty while they have all those other gizmos or miraculously find money to spend on other non-essential items.

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Yes, but you claim that what he says is outright lie. I don't see it that way, so ... you disagree with him on what is true. That is called disagreement. There is no -1: disagree. You don't understand the mod system at all. We have it to have interesting comments, even though they can present radically different point of view. If all comments say the same, the discussion will be dull. If you mod down all comments with one view, even though it might not turn out to be correct, you never have a discussion about why it is not correct. You are an intellectually small person and we have a mod system exactly for people like you to mod down posts like your where you call for modding down someone who disagrees with you.

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Yeah, you can dismiss everything one way or another. Same as I could find a way to dismiss the other side of the story. The point is that when you want to look at what is actually happening, you have to do three things: 1) Give it some time for all the facts to show up. 2) Listen to all sides 3) Apply some filters based on reputation, previous misinformation, what is actually physically possible, what makes sense for someone to do, if it brings him any benefit if he does it, etc.

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Ukrainian High Command? You mean Andriy Lysenko actually said something that turned out to be true? Just recently he claimed that: "Russian troops are transported by the Aid Convoy", "Russia plans to shoot the Aid Convoy and blame Ukraine", "Russia dismantled Ukrainian factories and stole the equipment to bring it back in the Aid Convoy trucks". He has claimed to destroy several of Russian incursions into Ukraine and claimed that separatists shot at vehicles with refugees traveling under white flag that was traveling 40 km away from the nearest separatist artillery position.

I mean that is just one week. I could look for statements made by Rasmussen, but while much more believable, there are similar pearls, that are easy to pick up. Same for Putin and official Russian sources. They all lie.

None of them are truthful. They either outright lie, or they at least try to confuse the topic and push their own agenda. Sometimes you have to give those statements time and then not forget they were made by the time the lies actually come out.

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There are also Ukrainian troops in Russia. In far bigger numbers as well. Last time there were 400 soldiers who strayed to Russia, now there is a report of about 1000 soldiers encircled by the separatists that might be seeking refuge in Russia after being abandoned by their commanders. It is not as simple as some news outlets let you believe. Most of the headlines are sensationalist anyway, that's how you sell newspaper. There is also 300 US active military "advisors" embedded with the Ukrainian military, helping with tactics, logistics and strategy. But I don't see you being upset over that.

I am mostly upset that nobody is talking, they could have had a week long cease fire couple months ago to at least talk through what each side wants, but Ukraine pushes for a complete victory in the east. Maybe that is a good strategy, maybe not, but US is the only one benefiting right now. Ukraine, EU and Russia are all losers in this conflict. And I am also upset with the rhetoric of people that drive us into a military conflict with Russia. It is almost as if everyone forgot the 2000 nuclear warheads aimed at pretty much the entire world. But let's say they won't use them. Won't they maybe sell them? Or sell the technology to make them? What is their incentive not to?

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