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Comment It's just handy (Score 1) 17

First of all - three things? I charge the Apple Watch watch every day, my phone every other day or so, sometimes more.

That's like one or two a day.

I guess you might mean a laptop, but it's not like you really have to remember that generally since it just gets plugging in when I get home to attach to a larger external monitor. But that would still be three at most.

Anyway, as to why the Apple Watch is useful - it's just handy.

There's not one thing that's amazing. But It's nice to see notifications a little quicker, and to know they were important enough to make it to the watch instead of just the phone. It's just a little quicker to see who is calling or messaging me. It's just a little quicker to respond to people. It's just a bit nicer to be reminded to get up and stretch every hour or so instead of getting lost deep in the fog of the computer.

It's many little things, none of which are amazing as I said - but together they are enough that I find the device worth carrying with me, and am sad if I forget to wear it for the day.

Note that I said the Apple Watch at the start of that, because although the Pebble Time has some nice features in a week of using it I didn't get the same useful vibe from it. And even though the applications for the Apple Watch are a bit primitive now, the App Market for the Pebble is much more scarce in terms of useful apps.

Comment Re:Misleading title - didn't pass Windows 8 (Score 5, Interesting) 237

Following the "every other version of windows is bad" thing, I count Windows 8.1 as the most recent "good", replacing the "bad" Windows 8. That makes Windows 10 another bad version, which so far sounds accurate given the snooping problems.

Of course I used XP until support ended, still use 7, and never used Vista, 8, or 8.1, so my experience is limited.

Comment Re:Rexx, J (Score 1) 426

I once spend a day hacking on J. Never warmed up to the ASCII replacements of the original APL character set.

In university, long ago, they had a mandatory course for English majors that used SNOBOL. My willingness to help out with SNOBOL programming got me more attention from girls than anything else I did there.

On another note, I wouldn't want to be the person tasked with proving the Turing completeness of DSSSL. It might not be hard (one way or the other), but I just wouldn't want to have to do it.

Comment Re:Use-case? (Score 1) 160

The FreeBSD Project has a problem harboring unrepentant douche bags like Kip Macy, and also Randi Harper.

You do know that there is such a thing as false conviction, and the standard of "repentance or permanent ostracization"—remaining in glorious effect long after punishment by the state has run its course—effectively demands the the wrongfully convicted confess to crimes they never committed, in order to have any hope of returning to productive society ever again?

In general (absent subsequent evidence), we don't actually know who are the wrongfully convicted, or we wouldn't have convicted them in the first place.

Sometimes (for a value of "sometimes" with no fixed address) the rush to judgment really sucks ass. That ought to give you at least a moment's pause before this kind of sentiment as an anonymous coward. It's why we allow the state to assign punishment rather than throwing blemished produce at the town pillory (e.g. a perfectly edible cucumber that's not quite straight, or harbours somewhere a small scab).

Sure, he sounds like a royal douche. But is it really my job to see that he suffers forever-after on nothing but a thin gruel of second-hand story telling?

Has it never occurred to you that there's a downside to your unthoughtful bitterness?

Comment That's easy (Score 1) 808

Piss people off by spending it, or not spending it, the way I want. Since I'll be dead and have no heirs there's no reason to spend it on others, especially when no one bothered to spend their money on me during my lifetime.

Screw people. We're supposed to be the smart ones. If you want to spend a fortune, make your own. Don't expect someone else to spend their money the way you want.

Comment They already have been limiting tethering (Score 1) 307

I have had an unlimited data plan on T-Mobile since May of this year (I called in advance of an upcoming conference and they said it would be about the same price for unlimited as the upgrade I wanted).

SO I get to the conference, and I'm streaming video and so forth and a few days later tethering stops working. Data on the phone works fine, I just can't tether... Then I get on a message on the phone that I've hit a 5GB tethering cap.

I call them up saying I'm at a conference and I really need more tethering data, and I'm happy to pay any amount to make that happen. The only thing they can do is to downgrade me to a non unlimited plan, which gives me 7GB of tethering data (which as an aside I run out of a few days later and have to limp along with no tethering after).

The point is that they seemed to already be addressing tethering users, so I wonder how they had some users able to have unlimited tethering to begin with...

I do think some cap on tethering is reasonable, though 5GB is too low and there should be some way to pay to extend just tethering ability if that is needed. At the time I frankly would have paid $100 for another 5GB, if that helps you have an incentive T-Mobile...

Comment The incentive is continuous (Score 1) 154

Because ten years down the road after Uber puts taxis out of business, there is no longer any incentive to remain clean or maintained.

Even a moment of thought would reveal how untrue that statement is, because cars with poor drivers or unsafe or unclean, would not get riders - who can see the cars rating quite plainly

Look over Fluffenmutter's history, a more obvious shill for the taxi industry I've never seen. Not once will admit a single flaw with taxis, while claiming that every flaw taxis suffer from Uber must suffer also - even though any user of Uber and Taxis knows there is simply no comparison - by ANY metric chosen, taxis are worse.

Comment Re:Honest question.. (Score 1) 154

Because some drivers prefer to drive around where the live, and also some drivers prefer to drive where there is less competition more occasional fares, but for longer distances.

The practical reality is that uber HAS gotten a car to me quickly in outlying areas of a city where a cab would have been 20-30 minutes away - if they every even came, which anyone who has ever really used cab services knows is questionable.

Again you refuse to acknowledge that whatever sins you paint Uber with, Taxis have far greater issues.

Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.