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Comment Re:In other words. (Score 0) 102

The letter of the law and the spirit of the law are separate concepts.

The laws are often written where vague terminology, grey areas, and wiggle room can be extended or limited according to whim.

I do hope she gets the records another way, that satisfies all of the legal snags, real and ridiculously interpreted.

Even better if the Secretary helps Beth do that. Right?

But if another attempt results in another overly aggressive block, maybe you should stop defending the corrupt and believing their lies.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

when you control the delicate personal details of millions of people, you are held to a standard far and above that of a corner deli manager managing shoplifting

the owners are not going to get 0% blame, ever. you provide top notch security. or heads roll, period. it's not as deadly as a nuclear power plant, but that's more the direction you should be thinking in terms of security, way way above and beyond this "bad guys do bad things, oh well (shrug)" bullshit lack of proper accountability you are trying to push here for some retarded reason

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

you refer to hypothetical situations, yet you are willing to give the hackers 100% of the blame already

why are you so quick to rush to relieve the owners of any blame? you have an agenda and a prejudice. you have recused yourself, you have lost all credibility to properly allot blame

and if you say i am the same, i was the one saying the hackers are not innocent, before you jumped in with your prejudice and curious desire to deflect all blame from the owners

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

i specifically said the hackers aren't innocent. do you see your prejudice at work in your statement when go from "deserve full" condemnation... because it "may have been" an inside job? your own words betray your uncertainty while you jump to full judgment

regardless, when you store the sensitive personal information of millions, you have assumed a heavy responsibility. including keeping close tabs on your employees. carefully vetting them, making sure they are happy, and quickly getting rid of them if indicate malice

the owners of this company cannot escape any culpability here, no matter what the final story

Comment Re:Not surprised at all (Score 1) 189

there are economics professors who can't balance their checkbook

there are classical musicians who don't know anything about pop music

there are constitutional lawyers who don't know anything about basic social decency and fairness

yes, on the topic of capitalism and markets you can a fucking retarded propagandized moron, while being a gifted lawyer, or programmer, or whatever

in fact, it's often the case that people with very high iqs in limited domains are fucking retards on social issues like politics and economics. because you can play 12 games of chess in your head or manipulate complex topological shapes or memorize a dictionary doesn't mean you know how to talk to a girl, have friends, or articulate a coherent economic or political philosophy

in fact, it's often the case that this limited aspergers/ autistic style intelligence in a small mathematical domain fills people, like yourself, with a false confidence about being intelligent in all domains. when in fact, on topics that require social intelligence, which they actually severely lack, they are fucking laughable idiots

a guy on the street, who deals drugs, and never passed the fifth grade, can have a hell of a lot more social intelligence, and understand these issues better, than some cloistered, sheltered asperger's fuck who thinks he's so fucking smart, when he only has a bright flashlight beam in a dark room: only one small corner is bright

the rest of us have turned the switch on in the mental room and are firing on all cylinders, and are actually intelligent on these topics, you autistic social retard

Comment Re:Not surprised at all (Score 1) 189

exactly. well said, thank you

i like to say capitalism is like a great beast. untamed, it ruins your crops and knocks over your barn. properly controlled, it plows your fields and provides you with an exuberance of food and raw power

what capitalism is certainly not, is a religion. but some of these morons out there act like "capitalism" is a magic word that is the proper to answer to all problems. utter "capitalism" and we shout and exalt in joy and sing praises and hymns. because all the problems go away. that's the level of "thinking" on this topic by some assholes: a quasireligion, no critical thought required

"free market fairy solves all problems! the markets regulate themselves! how? with the farts of free market fundamentalists, it turns into pixie dust!"

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 3, Insightful) 705

if the data hackers grabbed ak 47s and stormed the colocation facility and ripped out hard drives, then your analogy works. the company is innocent and the hackers deserve full condemnation

but obviously that's not an analogy to what we happened with ashley madison or other infamous corporate hacks

more like the bank president installed a keypad on the bank vault by a well known manufacturer whose name is written on the keypad and is known to have default passwords on their products. he never changed the default password. or he wrote the password on a post it note above the keypad

the hackers simply punched in the obvious password, walked in and walked out. the hackers aren't innocent, no one is suggesting that. but obviously the bank president is hardly innocent either. his negligence is disgusting

now you have a valid analogy to what we are talking about here, and absolutely the bank president needs to be punished

Comment Re:Not surprised at all (Score 1) 189

no, calling him a moron is objectively true. orwell's take on political and social totalitarianism has fuck all to do with economics and regulating markets. to try to connect those shows a person who has some heavy propaganda indoctrination, little education on the topic, and an obsession. and they try to connect the two unrelated topics because it's the best their empty skull can offer on the topic

dumb. stupid. low intelligence. a moron

not an insult. objectively fact based on the content of their comment

orwell has nothing to do with market regulation


my anger comes from these morons camping on these topics and ruining discourse on th need to reign in corruption and corporate abuses with their wish fulfillment fantasy life that isn't really an ideology, more of a set of simpleton slogans for dim bulbs

Comment Re:same as it ever was (Score 2) 189

unions do not have jack shit to do with ignoring car security

to try to shoehorn that obsession into this topic means you are a moron. not right wing, not left wing. just fucking retarded

there's nothing else to be said. keep trying to derail the topic with your low brain wattage partisan mental diarrhea. you're too dumb to talk to

Comment Re:Not surprised at all (Score 4, Insightful) 189

they need a basic education in economics, and some obvious history: the gilded ages of victorian times for example

only then should they be allowed to have an opinion

an uneducated, wish fulfillment fantasy that ignores basic economic facts is not a valid opinion

"markets regulate themselves, magic free market fairy solves all problems!" is a quasireligion, not an ideology or political concept anyone should respect

this crap is made for morons and suckers by plutocrat controlled propaganda sources

that being said, libertarianism, european style, is respectable: it's about social issues

only this mutant american-style "libertarianism," that only cares about economics and only motivates simple minded social retards to agitate for less regulation and taxes for the ultrarich, is invalid and contemptible

if you (not you, justanotheroldguy, anyone reading) agitate for legal marijuana, gays getting married, women controlling their own bodies, etc.: i consider you a libertarian, and i respect you

if you agitate for less regulation of multinational conglomerates, you're not a libertarian. you're a fucking moron being used as a useful tool by propaganda channels pushing your simpleton's easily identifiable prejudicial buttons. against your own well-being. because you're too fucking dumb to understand otherwise. and i have zero respect for you, and a good measure of disgust for polluting the political discourse in this country with useless low intelligence mental diarrhea that only helps the ultrarich and large corporations

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