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+ - Tesla receives $465M loan to build Model S

Submitted by SignalFreq
SignalFreq writes: Tesla Motors, based in San Carlos, California, was approved yesterday for $465M in loans from the Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. Tesla plans to use $365M of the money to finance a manufacturing facility for the Model S (review, Letterman video) and $100M for a powertrain manufacturing plant in the SF Bay Area. "Tesla will use the ATVM loan precisely the way that Congress intended — as the capital needed to build sustainable transport," said Tesla CEO and Product Architect Elon Musk. Tesla expects the Model S to ship in late 2011 and the base cost to be $57,400 ($49,900 after a federal tax credit). Ford received $5.9B and Nissan received $1.6B under the same program.

Comment: Re:HDDVD in laptops? (Score 1) 685

by romrunning (#28427845) Attached to: Blu-ray Adoption Soft, More Still Own HD DVD
The only HD-DVD I ever purchased was Transformers. According to my personal taste, nothing was ever compelling enough to warrant purchase over a Netflix rental. Personally, I blame Microsoft for not including HD-DVD as a built-in option for the 360 Elite. The new drive could have trickled down to the other versions, expanded the storage capacity of new 360 games, and became a new standard for 360 games going forward.

Reinventing Gaming Addiction with 360 Achievements 78

Posted by Zonk
from the must-play-more-mutant-storm dept.
jayintune writes "An article from 2old2play looks at how the XBox 360 achievement system is bringing out the addictive qualities of console games by adding a whole new level of competition to 'single-player' games. At the same time, the achievements extend the life and replayability of the games. Do you actually get more for your money from a single player Xbox 360 Game then from another console? You be the judge."

China Cracks Down on Internet Cafes 39

Posted by Zonk
from the take-it-elsewhere-buddy dept.
China has increased restrictions on internet game cafes. They've clamped down on anti-government slogans or displays and are now barring teenagers from them completely. Gamasutra reports: "'With the development of the Internet, there has been some harmful and illegal content,' said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao. 'The Chinese government has adopted some management measures so as to limit the immoral and harmful content, especially for young people.' Chinese regulation of Internet content has become controversial in recent weeks due to popular search engine Google's acquiescence to Chinese censorship of its results in exchange for official license to operate in the country."

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