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Comment Passwords passed around (Score 1) 100

I used one of these passwords services back in the day. Coincidentally, the one I used (Xmarks, which started as a browser plug-in) was later acquired by Last Pass, which's being acquired by another company.

I wonder if my passwords would be safe during all these M&A's when the buyer eventually turns out to be a little less than ethical (what if it gets bought out by a Chinese company?), not to mention all the technical possibilities of data leak while integrating all the infrastructure.

Comment Re:Well, that was quick (Score -1) 181

What led VW to cheating emissions test resuts was PRECISELY too much regulation.

Regulation is always bad, period. But then again, this is left wing dot (might as well be stylized \.) so I fully expect to be modded Troll.

You mean to tell me Americans aren't smart enough to do their own research to find out what the safer cars are?

Oh, that's right, state-funded public education is in the toilet too.

See? Everything government touches turns into shit. Like a Midas touch in reverse.

Comment It's the interface, stupid (Score 2) 417

I'm not surprised one bit by this study.

Interfaces for in-car systems have traditionally been fucking terrible, as manufacturers scramble to cram as many funcions in as few buttons and switches as possible. This was true in the 80s with radios with built cassette players and remains true today.

This is why we need Apple to build a car and give these morons a clue on how to design a proper user interface.

(OT: next we need Apple to teach SAP about UIs too)

Comment Re:Steam machines were already useless (Score 1) 170

Yes, I was 16 when the 3DO came out. Also, I know that some great franchises, like NFS, started on 3DO.

From a business and financial standpoint, the 3DO and Steam machine are pretty much identical.

On the hardware front, company A creates the design, builds a prototype, and licenses the technology so companies B, C, D, and E manufacture it and assume all the risks and costs in the supply chain (manufacturing, sales, etc.) while company A laughs all the way to the bank to cash the licensing fee checks.

On the software front, company A builds a middleware in which games will run, and sells licenses so that companies W, X, Y, Z can write games for said machine while assuming all risk and costs associated with game development. Meanwhile, company A laughs all the way to the bank to cash those licensing fee checks. At least, Valve also has its delivery system to avoid inventory and shipping expenses.

No wonder hardware builders that signed up for this never went past the prototype stage.

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