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Comment: Re:I don't want VR entertainment (Score 1) 74

by rodrigoandrade (#48811599) Attached to: Ars: Samsung Gear VR Is Today's Best Virtual Reality
Your great great great grandfather was long dead when Pong was invented.

Seriously, can you imagine ANY setting (besides an arcade parlor, which are few and far in between nowadays) where a gaming VR headset makes sense? Are you willing to buy more than one for when friends come over to play VR Wii sports? Are you going to plug it in a car's 12V accessory adapter to play during a long trip?

Comment: I don't want VR entertainment (Score 2) 74

by rodrigoandrade (#48809909) Attached to: Ars: Samsung Gear VR Is Today's Best Virtual Reality
Call me old fashioned, but once I get home from work, I want to sit on the couch, grab a gamepad and a beer, and play games. Not jump like a fucking monkey, not wave hands in the air like a cheerleader, etc.

VR seems to be more work than fun, especially if you want to get the fully immersive shebang, which will likely require that 360-degree treadmill thingy and a nice surround sound system.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Comment: Whatever... (Score 2) 47

by rodrigoandrade (#48690843) Attached to: Samsung To Discontinue Galaxy Alpha For Cheaper Galaxy A5
I'll take a plastic phone over a metalic one any day. Plastic is lighter, doesn't bend permanently (hello, iPhone 6 Plus), doesn't scratch as easily as metal, a damaged back cover is cheap to replace, etc.

Having said that, it's nice to see Samsung dropping one of its 943329658 SKUs for a change. Choice is great, sure, but too many choices is bad and confusing for most.

Comment: Re:didn't go didn't download, don't care (Score 1) 148

by rodrigoandrade (#48676149) Attached to: Crowds (and Pirates) Flock To 'The Interview'
>I find the whole business with it, the hack & blaming North Korea to be a stupid fucking incident and I'm not rewarding Sony for being a cunt.

Speak for yourself.

I found it to be the most brilliant marketing campaign in ages. Everyone bought into the hype, including heads of the nations involved, and an otherwise stupid movie soared in popularity.

+ - Ralph Baer dies at 92->

Submitted by rodrigoandrade
rodrigoandrade (713371) writes "Baer, inventor of the first ever home video game, later known as the Magnavox Odyssey, just passed away at 92. Baer, whose death was confirmed by the New York Times, began exploring the possibility of playing video games on a television screen while working as an engineer at a defense contractor in 1966. The result of his work was the "Brown Box," a prototype for what would become the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home gaming console. His invention helped transform computer gaming, an activity previously isolated to large, expensive computers, into a global market now generating billions of dollars in revenue each year."
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Comment: Liberals will regulate it away (Score 0) 461

by rodrigoandrade (#48531519) Attached to: Why Elon Musk's Batteries Frighten Electric Companies
Goddamn liberals will regulate the hell out of Tesla until its out of business. Look no further than the dealership vs direct sales debacle.

This is bullshit, I dont want my tax dollars wasted on stupid legislation o line some poliician's pockets. Let the free market sort it out.

And fuck /. liberal bias, I got karma to burn.

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