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Comment: Re:Lemme posit this... (Score 4, Insightful) 100

by rodrigoandrade (#46539891) Attached to: College Grads Create Fake Tesla Commercial That Elon Musk Loves
<i>Question: why cannot the "professional" commercial makers do this sort of thing? Why are current car commercials always screaming at me?</i>

Because, when it comes to car commercials, ad agencies are bound by so many rules and regulations regarding depictions of reckless driving and such things that it becomes almost impossible tp create a cool car commercial without running the risk of going to court over it (both the ad agency AND car manufacturer).

These kids are not bound by such ass backwards rules, thanks goodness.

An the car ads that scream at you are from dealerships, not manufacturers. I still remember JOE MYERS FORD (Houston, TX dealership) ad screaming in my ears despite not having seen it in over 10 years.

Comment: Privacy nutjobs take note (Score 4, Informative) 149

Please notice that this feature can be disabled in you Facebook account options. I'm at work and can't access it right now but I know the option is there, which takes care of both auto tagging (i.e. DeepFace) and manual tagging (i.e. your friends tag you on photos).

And It's not like your Facebook ID was issued when you were born, like your SSN or birth certificate. You willingly signed up for the service, so quit complaining about privacy bullshit, or quit using Facebook.

+ - Dearth of PC games lately

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Ive been a PC gamer most of my life. Lately, I've noticed a serious dearth of PC games, especially as the so called "next gen" consoles approached their release dates. Aside from Bioshock Infinite and Metal Gear Rising, what is there to play bsides some indie games and older games?

Right now I'm replaying Skyrim Legendary Edition and having a blast, but that'ave consoles finally s a fairly old game. Truth be told, the PC has a back catalog 10x as big as all consoles ever released combined, but that matters little if you've been gaming as long as I have. I've played all the gems from the early 90s onwards.

So, is the PC finally "dead" as a gaming platform? Have consoles finally caught up in the quality department?"

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by rodrigoandrade (#46160703) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?
I find it hilarious that news corps expect me to pay them to access their sites, when all they do is sit on their asses copying/pasting shit from AP, Reuters, or Bloomberg (for financial news) like everyone else does. No wonder many news outlets (both online and in print) are tanking.

If they expect me to pay, I expect them to bring me some original, exclusive news coverage/articles that's not easily found elsewhere for free.

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