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Comment In what context is it ruled to be unlawful? (Score 1) 301 301

I'm an American here. In what context is the UK's regulation permitting copying of CDs ruled to be unlawful. I haven't read TFA yet, but it sounds like they're saying that this rule is at the national level. Is there some supranational organization that prohibits this or something along those lines?

Comment If it must not happen, assert that it doesn't! (Score 1) 1067 1067

You wouldn't put unsanitized inputs into a database, would you?

You wouldn't post someone's comment on your web page without escaping it first, would you?

So then when should your code that does division not check that its inputs are valid?

Comment Re:I thought this was already banned (Score 1) 851 851

Do bear in mind that when you see "trans fat" content labeled on products, they are allowed to round to the nearest gram. It is not unheard of to see companies advertise that their product contains "0g trans fat" per serving. This is careful wordsmithing when it would be outright fraud to claim that the product is "trans fat free"

Comment Re:Government Intrusion (Score 1) 837 837

If you're not 100% certain that the complete details of your trip will be stored for the indefinite future in Ft. Meade or Utah, I have a bridge across the Grand Canyon I'd like to sell to you.

Oh yes, and thank you, Edward Snowden, for courageously doing what is right.

Comment Re: It's My rant (Score 1) 615 615

Continuing on, there a guy named James Huntington who wrote a book titled "Work's New Age" where he ponders the future of humanity where not everyone can have a "job" as we know it.

He suggested a number of different futures (none resembling the future you seem to have in mind). In one of these futures, the 99% revert to subsistence agriculture. It's an interesting idea to contemplate. I suppose that if such were to happen, the new farmers would eventually produce something valuable that the 1% want, and we'd be back to square 1.

Comment Re: It's My rant (Score 2) 615 615

Okay, as long as we're in conspiracy theory land, I'll bite.

What route do you expect the 1% to take to eliminating the surplus population? Will they do it Adolph HItler style, with purpose built facilities where the 99% will be rounded up and exterminated? Will they do it Joseph Stalin style and simply deprive the vast population of food and other needed necessities?

It seems more probable that in a future dystopia, they might claim the best resources for themselves, set up their own communities with heavily armed guards, and live the good life while the masses eat one another to survive.

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