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Comment: Re:On what grounds could one sue? (Score 1) 56

by robsku (#49359379) Attached to: Google Loses Ruling In Safari Tracking Case

Emotional distress caused by invasion of privacy sounds viable to me, however IANAL.

Considering that I personally, as well as several people I know, experience anxiety from what we know - and what we *don't* know about things we know - about cyber privacy invasions by corporations and nations (as well as cracker, terrorist and/or criminal organizations) tracking, profiling, spying, trading the information, etc. etc. - I don't find hard at all to believe that proving harm caused by illegal actions of this short would not necessary be that hard.

After all, you have to remember, these laws came from peoples demand because they felt threatened by them. Is it then hard to see how a court could see violations of such crimes having caused harm?

Comment: Re:I don't understand it (Score 1) 59

by robsku (#49359173) Attached to: Facebook Successfully Tests Laser Internet Drones

Started out quite sensibly, then went totally bananas beginning from the China thingy... I mean, how many Chinese care (or even know) how wealthy their nation is? The only ones, outside the rich minority and ruling class (the "communist" party, the rich and western corporations), who care about keeping the Chinese socio-economical system as it is are greedy multinational corporations and extreme-capitalistic countries like USA.

The average Chinese, if they were given free access to information couldn't care less - for them the system needs to change. Oh, but that would make things more expensive for us wealthy westerners. Too fscking bad.

...and then we blame internet for terrorism....

Comment: Re: inb4 (Score 1) 200

by robsku (#47755079) Attached to: Involuntary Eye Movement May Provide Definitive Diagnosis of ADHD

It's because such tests are costly and unconvient for diagnosing when (proper even) diagnosis can cheap and easily proven via neuropsychiatrics. Also diagnose this way might diagnose multiple other possible diagnosis. The neurophysical reasons
were found in testing difference between "normal" and ADHD people, it's not necessarily fit for diagnosing ADHD.

Comment: Re: For some it was just a plain black screen (Score 1) 304

I can haz games fine on linux too - especially as there's a well knows FOSS software to provide Windows API for, and run large set of Windows applications. Sure, I can't get every/any game to work, but I consider myself a hardcore gamer and yet don' need to have all of them. There's way more good games that work on it for me to ever play all of them. And I've run linux almost extensively since 02 - when I switched I first thought I'd keep windows as dual boot for games, but after 2 weeks in linhx I never went back.

Comment: Re:For some it was just a plain black screen (Score 1) 304

Linux has worked fine for most peoples needs on desktop for ages. I dont see much additional benefit for it from android, which is really for mobile devices, or Chrome OS, which is mostly good for lightweight netbooks.

People just need to get over whatever it is keeping them for believing it don't work on desktops. Please, no quoting ones special needs cases as rebbutals.

Comment: Re:I would be very interested... (Score 1) 200

by robsku (#47688957) Attached to: Involuntary Eye Movement May Provide Definitive Diagnosis of ADHD

That was a joke - hell, I even put a smiley there for morons and simpletons to get it right, but such efforts are often futile as we all know. English is not my native language but I've never had ADHD related problems in learning it - as said, it was a flaming obvious joke.

You can reply but don't expect an answer after this. I've no desire to argue with anti-vaccination, AGW denialism promoting useless science ignorant masses of morons.

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