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Comment: Re:I use iSSH almost everyday... (Score 1) 359

by robnator (#34778242) Attached to: Smartphones For Text SSH Use Re-Revisited

Another voice in support of iPhone + iSSH.
Well-maintained, often updated app provides better-than-basic connectivity. If you really use it for work, expense the $10 (cheapskates!). If you really need to work long enough to tire of the screen keyboard, take more Admin for Bozos classes...

Comment: Nit Pickers! (Score 1) 762

by robnator (#34617640) Attached to: Stargate Universe Cancelled

Oh well, this is Slashdot, I shouldn't be surprised. Let's try to remember, folks, as Brian says "You're all different" with differing tastes, different likes and dislikes. I know of some who wouldn't watch SGU just because they didn't like the Rush character, some who only became fans after the head-butt. The bottom line for me (as it should be for SyFy, or Hulu, or Netflix, or Roku, or Tivo, or Comcast, or anyone else expecting to make any money on distributing content) is this is one less show I'll be watching, a few fewer advertisers making their living hawking me their goods, a couple more actors waiting tables, one more step on the path to economic oblivion.

How can anyone expect to develop a following (in the age of ADD) moving a show's airtime and throwing hiatus everywhere? Not even capable of posting episodes in order? How hard is it to find both cheeks -- you have two hands!

I guess I should be happy; since SyFy's dropped the ball, as soon as my kids are too old for Disney Channel I can dump cable altogether.

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