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Comment: Re:Responsive Design Mode (Score 1) 60

by Roblimo (#47412457) Attached to: All Web Developers Should Have Access to a Device Lab (Video)

That wall of screen was a tradeshow display -- by Google, of course. But check this link (it's in the intro text) again:

The idea isn't that every Web designer in the world should have his or her own wall of screens, but that you and other people who make sites and games and such might collaborate on setting up a group of displays that includes some of the most popular OSes, browsers, and device form factors.

I have always been shocked at how many people who make websites design for a browser, OS, and screen size just like theirs. I remember a conversation in 1998 or so with with a web designer who said, "But our target audience is like you and me - they all have big monitors."

I said, "Really?" and hauled out my little laptop. "What if I'm looking at your site in a hotel room someplace instead of in my home office?"

"Oh," he said.

Comment: Re:All web devs shouldn't *need* a device lab (Score 1) 60

by Roblimo (#47412429) Attached to: All Web Developers Should Have Access to a Device Lab (Video)

While I was going through this video to add titles and intro/outro music etc., then writing the text intro, I kept thinking about the anybrowser movement and the guy I first heard about it from, Jeffrey Zeldman -

I think I'll do an interview with him. He is like the original godfather of web design, and a great guy in general.

Comment: Re:Should the US government censor political blogs (Score 1) 308

by Roblimo (#47300485) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Lawrence Lessig About His Mayday PAC

The blogger presumably has had to build an audience by displaying some sort of insight that attracts people and keeps them reading his stuff. Or hers, depending.

In my world, that is better than a guy we'll call "Rick 'the thief' Scott" instead of using his real name, which is "Rick 'the thief' Scott," who spent $73 million to buy his way into the Florida governor's mansion.

"And how did he get all that money?" you ask.

"He was CEO of Hospital Corporation of America when they were ripping off Medicare for billions of dollars, and paid the largest fine in U.S. history," said the little red hen.

Comment: Re: Not exactly needed (Score 2) 62

by Roblimo (#47260117) Attached to: A Seriously High Speed Video Camera (Video)

A bowling alley or instructor might be a valid customer for this camera. Too pricey for you or a dozen like you, but spread it out over hundreds of users, it might make sense. Or possibly set up a "sports motion analysis" business that can be at a bowling alley tonight, a golf course tomorrow, a baseball practice facility next week, and so on.

Comment: Being nice doesn't make it an ad (Score 4, Interesting) 59

And I use myself, and don't want a $1500 electric bicycle, but there are people who like cute little LED gadgets and have $150 to spend on them, and who want hipster-cool, retro-styled, expensive electric bicycles. So why should I knock them?

And 100th repeat: Slashdot doesn't get paid for running positive stories about a person or device or whatever. Sometimes it's nice to look at something and say, "Y'know, that's kind of cool and the person making it is kind of likeable." That's pretty much Tim's thought process at a show or conference when he points his camcorder at someone or something.

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