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So I mixed up the two countries over the discussion ...
Sorry, but that was not the point.
The point was 'button less'.
But I figured now that misinterpreted 'button less'. I assumed the shirt was 'open at the front' and lacked (for whatever reason) buttons to close it. And the parents post indicated the cravat or tie was the solution to it.
However I figured now that with 'button less' a shirt was meant, that is closed at the front and does not need buttons :D
However that makes the original sentence not more clear. On the other hand, I would not know how to describe such a shirt properly in english.
Interesting: Croatia is catholic and not orthodox, besides it is slavic and surrounded by orthodox countries and Romania is orthodox besides it is surrounded by catholic countries?

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ROFL did you actually read the link you posted?
Yes, the first few lines claim, it is a fertilizer.
But when it comes to the specifics: "Mineral dust is mainly constituted of the oxides (SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, Fe2O3, CaO, and others) and carbonates (CaCO3, MgCO3) that constitute the Earth's crust." it is obvious: it is not a fertilizer.
No idea why wikipedia writers insist on that or why 'dumb asses' like you ( muhuhua +4 informative) repeat that nonsense.
A source of minerals? Perhaps. Fertilizers? Nope.
Regions like the Amazonas are closed systems anyway ... except for smoke from forest fires not much escapes the system. So already the claim 'important fertilizers for e.g the Amazonas' region is nonsense in itself, regardless from where the fertilizers might come.

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My point is (and sorry, that I missed the 'they have not to hear') stuff like this is not happening anyway.
So your 'advice' is rather mood.
No one who lives in a sane world and has 'sane' mind is 'proposing' anything to a woman he never has talked to before.
Ofc it is perfectly fine to become acquainted to a girl, e.g at the bar in the hotel, and ask her in the elevator what 'her plans' are. And ofc it might be more 'secure' to ask her in the hotel reception on the way to the elevator instead.
Nevertheless your first two posts I answered to look completely 'out of context'.

And your further answers - half accusing me to be a moldster - make your previous posts not look better!

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For a non native english speaker a 'license' and a 'permit' is the exact same thing.
But be my guest and explain me the difference.

What you explain about CH, I don't see any difference to DE ... so my standpoint has not changed. In fact you emphasize that I was right :) you get 'buying' and 'carrying' 'permits' easy in the US and not so easy, if at all in CH. That was the point ... if you want to call it permit when I call it license ... sorry, no idea what the difference should be.

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I mean seriously!
For fuck sake read what you have posted two posts back.
What has my answer to do with the bullshit you wrote in the post parent to this?
Who in his sane mind asks a random women he never has met before about 'sex'?
So what is your nonsense post/accusion about?

You have serious problems! Don't interpret bullshit into other peoples posts!

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You did suggest that.
Do you think walking up to strange women when they are alone with no prospect of immediate help around and propositioning them for sex is polite?
Why would anyone do that, oh yes ... certainly in your experience this happens.
Something 'like' this happened to my GF, she wrecked his face. A drunk fucktard lingering in her street and 'waiting for girls' passing by. The other girls inly yelled 'fuck your self'.

A year later for other reasons she told that a random police officer, who immediately asked for a description and encouraged her to call the police next time: regardless how she handled the situation.

Anyway .. got distracted :) perhaps I misunderstood your previous post.

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I have never been in a country where it would not be considered unbelievable rude if you asked a girl in front of witnesses to your room.
I mean, if I would do that in certain European countries or regions and the brother or father is around (assuming I'm not already married to the girl in question) that would be close to a death sentence aka suicide.
In what retarded world do you live that you consider to ask a girl in public: "you wanna fuck me?" is okey?
Ah, well, you only wanted to ask her to come (and stay?) to your room ... drinking a coffee, sorry, my misinterpretation.


SteadyServ Helps Keep the Draft Beer Flowing (Video) 39

Posted by Roblimo
from the software-and-beer-are-a-natural-partnership dept.
"With iKeg's Technology We Guarantee You Will Never Run Out of Beer," boasts the SteadyServ website. As you listen to interviewee Mike Flockenhaus, though, you'll realize almost immediately that SteadyServ isn't making equipment for home use, but for bars and taverns that serve draft beer. Here's another good line from their site: "With the new iKeg® system, we aim to ensure that you get your beer, in the right place, at the right time. We also want to simplify the lives of all the hard-working people in the beer industry. After all, wanting and having your beer are not the same thing." Even better, it looks like they're hiring. Wouldn't it be wonderful to help keep America from running out of draft beer? (Alternate Video Link)

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Shall we blame the Brits for Sunni and Shiia slaughtering each other for hundreds of years too?
Mainly yes.
Ever looked at a 'natural' map, like Europe, Asia etc?
And ever looked at an 'artificial' map, like USA, Africa?
Do you notice a difference? Most borders in Africa are artificial. Straight lines going through old 'tribes' territories, splitting up stuff that 'belongs together' and add 'random' areas to now existing countries.

E.g Texas in the USA, several straight borders, same for Libya, Algeria, Sudan etc. in Africa.

Basically everything that is running bad in Africa is a direct result of european imperialism.

The whole continent was still 'sone age' or early 'iron age' when the occupiers finally left.

But now a tribe had tanks, the other had not. The guys ruling there usually do one thing: 'cleanse' the previous ruling cohorts and replace every post with family members and far relatives. Regardless if they win an election or become rulers by a coupe. The idea that law is above everything, that corruption is bad etc. etc. is a strange concept to them. How should it not, during the occupation by europeans they experienced that the laws are not protecting them, they are only to the benefit of the imperialists.

There is plenty of literature about Africa around 1900 ... good movies, too. Even random 'novels' which made it to movies give good back ground knowledge, or at least an impression.

In roman times, and even when the british conquered half of it, Africa was full with empires, striving huge empires.

But the British did it like the Romans: befriend one tribe, give him 'modern' weapons and let him lose on the 'enemies' of that tribe. With the promise to support that tribe with houses, more weapons, schools, and most important: churches.

They did the same in India and New Zealand ...

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All problems of mankind are man made.
Water is in abundance, we only manage it badly.
The planet can easy feed 100 billions, we have space for so many people and the food is easy grown.
The idea that food only growth with fertilizers that need lots of energy to produce is nonsense, a myth spread by the current 'status quo' ... 20% to 40% of the food grown in western countries is: thrown away. For what ever reason.

The only way we can reach 11 billion for 2100 is if we start making soylent green out of people when they reach 30.
Do you really want to eat the 'meat' of a 30 year old sinew male, not to mention he likely is black or yellow, eek! The average cow is a year or two old :)
And considering the pollution levels, a 30 year old human is likely not really save to consume.

The problem of the world are political factions, not really food production or population.

But I agree, with a few more billion hard core christians or muslims we wont come far.

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