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Comment Re:Labor cost to install remains the biggest issue (Score 1) 174

You have a pretty strange idea how electricity works and how that is relevant for your families safety ...
Considering that it is probably right you keep your fingers away from it.
Do also hire an expert to connect a computer to ethernet? After all "patched" and "unpatched" cables might cause concerns ....

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 0) 174

Sigh, bullshit.
If we talk about m^2 we mean perpendicular to the sun, not on the ground in front of your house.
The solar intensity perpendicular to the sun is completely unrelated to the seasons. Perhaps you want to count in the thickness of the atmosphere, then the lower sun in winter is perhaps 1% weaker than in summer.

Comment Re:136 lbs? (Score 1) 163

What nonsense!
Smaller, perhaps, less strain on neck and extended limbs.
Hiwever weight does not matter, the g-force is the same, and more muscles, while in asolute measurement give more strain on the limbs etc, help to breath, keep your neck and make you able to controll your plane. Moving the feet alone needs strong legs.

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 2) 256

No the child's taste buds are telling them to eat the energy rich foods first. This happens because we evolved in a time when food was scarce and energy rich foods like meat were a prize to be treasured.
No the taste buds don't tell you that. For starters: meat has not much energy. Hence the reason you have to eat so extreme amounts of it if you put your diet around it.

You mean like chicken tenders? Kids today are fat because they are getting way too much food and way too little exercise. That is the fault of the adults and no one else.
No they aren't. They are fat because they only eat food that makes fat. It is easy to eat more calories in a single meal than you can burn in a whole day running.

People claiming lack of exercises is a reason to be fat should for god sake start to use google and figure how much energy the human body actually burns doing "insert your favorite exercises".

It is completely impossible to lose weight by exercises.

Every person ... regardless how dumb ... should know that. The only way is to change your diet.

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