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Comment: Rule of law (Score 1) 4

by pudge (#47554741) Attached to: So this problem isn't new, or owned by either party

I've been saying for years, leftists generally hate the rule of law. They just do. The rule of law means they are restrained from doing what they think is best. Therefore, they hate it. There is infinite evidence of this. They openly question whether we should follow the law at every turn, from the top (Justice Breyer and President Obama) to the bottom (pretty much every "occupy" protestor).

We actually had a majority of the federal legislature decry a Supreme Court decision that merely said -- in reference to Lily Ledbetter -- that you cannot punish a company under the law, unless it actually breaks the law. Not to mention the case that said the federal legislature cannot restrict political speech by a person or group of persons, just because they are organized a certain way under the law, that also got massive opposition from liberals.

Time and again, the left just demonstrates a very clear and palpable hatred for the rule of law. They would have us ruled by enlightened people who would be free to make up rules as they went along.

Impeachment is a stupid idea. It will likely give the country little benefit to shave a mere year or so off his presidency, and generate massive animosity that will increase the liklihood of another law-hater being elected.

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by pudge (#47554671) Attached to: Just how much lying is acceptable in support of "Higher Truth"?

I think you're missing my point.

The article I linked to said Hitler was bad, but at least he meant well, unlike that evil Bush.

I was being mocking, parodying leftist idiocy that will mitigate -- at least, by comparison -- the most dishonorable acts if we can pretend that they were done with noble intent.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47553503) Attached to: Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity

Honestly, perhaps you should write a book about it.

Can't judge how much you write here actually happened, but you write it in a nice style ... you have the hand for it.

And regarding hitting guys with chairs etc. I suggest you stop that habit ... only in movies the chair breaks on the head of the victim. Usually the head breaks :D

However as long as you have fun, why not, luckily in my country street fights like this don't happen since WWII

Comment: Re:maybe (Score 1) 488

Hm ...
Still don't get your point.
Well except that you are an idiot.

If you cut off the male penis, what then? Can a male reproduce? Sure it can, he still has his balls ...

Can he have sexual intercourse? No he can't, as he lacks the member.

The female clitoris is no more a sexual organ than is the male foreskin. So without foreskin you /a male can no longer achieve orgasm? But without a clitoris you still can? Wow, I guess you soon get a Nobel price in medicine.

Regarding the rest of your post. I did not say, or imply anything of the things you claim I did.

Perhaps you clicked answer to the wrong person, three posts back?

As an example: However, we casually accept male genital mutilation (sorry, "circumcision") as great. I never said or implied that. I clarified, that in christian circles "circumcision" does not happen for religious reasons. You claim in the west, in Christianity, it would be common. I pointed out: that is wrong. The only country I'm aware of is the USA where 'ordinary' males get circumcised ... for medical reasons, it is claimed it reduces female womb cancer chance by 90% if males are circumcised (papiloma virus, and other "dirt" brought into the womb due sex).

Actually I never saw a male who was circumcised, and unlike in other countries we go naked into the Sauna, and after Basketball games or training the team showers together, naked. Not like in the USA where people after Karate training take on their business clothes and shower at home (how retarded).

So your claim that "Christians do circumcise their children due to religious reasons like all Abrahamic religions, is wrong.

I never indicated in any way that it is fine for me, or that I have any opinion about it anyway. YOU brought up this topic 3 posts back. As I said above: you perhaps clicked reply to the wrong person.


A Credit Card-Sized, Arduino-Based Game Device (Video) 30

Posted by Roblimo
from the not-quite-nanotech-but-moving-in-that-direction dept.
Slashdot's Tim Lord was cruising the halls at OSCON, where he spotted Kevin Bates and his tiny Arduino-based device, called the Arduboy. On Kevin's sales page, he says the games it can run include, "Space Rocks, Snake, Flappy Ball, Chess, Breakout, and many more...The most exciting one could be made by you!" || His work with Arduboy got Kevin invited to the recent White House Maker Faire, where he rubbed shoulders (and shot selfies with) Bill Nye the Science Guy, from the Black Eyed Peas, and Arduino creator Massimo Banzi. || Does Kevin have a Kickstarter in the works? There's nothing about Arduboy on, and given the Arduboy's simplicity and low price (currently $50), plus stories about it everywhere from to engadget to Slashdot, he may not need any financing or capital to make his idea succeed. (Alternate Video Link)

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by angel'o'sphere (#47552335) Attached to: Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity

That is normal, after all roughly every 15 years your whole body is completely replaced by new cells. Don't remember if it is 10 or 15 or 20, likely easy to google :) Without practicing the nervous system 'regrows' to optimize what you are doing right now, which seems not to include your 'old art'.
So obviously the nervous system loses its 'specialization' for your old art, so are the muscles and the brain.

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Your point about it not being a religious thing is a fucking stupid point.
No it is not, and the one who is constantly insulting because he is unable to conduct a civilized discussion, is you!
FGM is associated with many varieties of Islam, not least because many varieties of Islam
That is simply wrong. FGM is forbidden in nearly every country, either by law or by islamic law. So obviously it has nothing to do with Islam, especially if you would remember that the religion was founded somewhere around 500 AD and the FGM practices go beyond 2000 AD.
So it simply CAN'T BE an islamic tradition as the origins predate Islam by minimum 2500 years ...

Comment: Re:maybe (Score 1) 488

I don't have any believes regarding this, nor did I say male 'mutilation' - if you want to call it like that - is fine.
Regarding your second paragraph, I don't get at what you are aiming?
You believe cutting off the female sexual organs is fine?

For my part pretty simple, parents should not have the right to decide to cut of anything from their children, that includes the hair if you want ... and that is not a believe, but a standpoint.

Comment: Re:already done (Score 1) 117

If something is a magnitude higher (factor 10x - 30x, as you pointed out), it is not 'comparable' in its effect to the 'original' thing.

It is quite a difference whether I drink *one* beer or 10 - 30.

The exclusion zone is not what we are talking about ... or where. The article and our discussion is about the plant side.

From a radiotoxicity standpoint, they are in fact not really distinct. You may recall that Sievert is a unit of committed dose,
You try to compare stuff that can't be compared. A cosmic ray, a high energy ion, is crossing my body. Along its path it destroys a DNA strand here and there and kills some cells completely.
Incorporating a radioactive element into your body is a bit different. Yes the 'Sievert modeling guys' try to 'compensate' the different effects to get a 'uniform' threat indicator.
Makes no sense IMHO, as all those slightly different forms of radiation have completely different effects.
Plutonium e.g. settles in the bone marrow ... the deadly dose for a human is something like 50 nano grams, perhaps 100, don't remember.
Iodine accumulates mainly in the thyroid, causing cancer there. It seems you can prevent that with high doses of Iodine intake, and Thyroid cancer seems relatively easy to treat and surviving rates are high.
Cesium accumulates in bones and sinew ... I assume in muscles as well.

So, your 10x - 30x increase of radiation versus 'normal' background level still simply measures what you can count with a geiger counter. It does not take into account what happens if you inhale some dust on a dry summer day ... perhaps working in a field with your shirt of covert with sweat when the dust accumulates on your skin.

It does not take into account what you get if you eat something that 'accumulates' the radioactive material, like a chicken or its eggs, or a fish, that have 100x higher level of radioactive Cesium than the measurement you make.

So suddenly we jump from your '10x - 30x' to the more realistic '10000x - 30000x' because a human living there eats an egg or an apple or a fish that was harvested/caught there.

Do you really think the exclusive zones exist because some idiots who have no clue overreact? In THE country that has the MOST experience with radiation victims?

You do know that according to normal regulations the whole coast north east of Fukushima beyond Tokyo, roughly 10 - 20 million people ought to be evacuated?

Comment: Re:maybe (Score 1) 488

I doubt those numbers ... just nitpicking, Egypt still belongs to Africa, last time I checked the map.

My point is: it is not a religious thing, in fact Mohamed explicitly spoke against it.

I don't doubt that it happens outside of Africa, too. But it sounds hard to believe that it happens in countries like Turkey, Iran or Iraq, which happens to be the three dividing Kurdistan up amoung themselves.

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