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Comment Re:Dogfights?! What year is it?! (Score 1) 843

The days of air-to-air combat are long gone because the US and allies haven't fought anyone who was competitive in that area in decades. If the US cedes superiority in dogfights, then opponents in future wars will be sure to dogfight every chance they get. Is the F35 good enough at stealth to avoid it? Are the long range missiles effective enough against countermeasures? Are the detection, range, and speeds appropriate enough to find and destroy enemy planes before they get into dogfight range? What if the opponent makes advances in stealth?

I'm not at all an expert in this area, but I think we should be very careful that we aren't just fighting yesterday's wars.

Comment Re:You should title this "Patriot act to be repeal (Score 1) 188

Graham's bread and butter is military. He's been in the reserves for a long time. In the 90s he was a pretty typical conservative all around. He's gotten a reputation for working across the aisle over the past decade, notably on immigration, and that's gotten him into trouble in Republican primaries here. His recent comments that he'd use the military against Congress to get things done if he were president has him in my dog house, so I won't be voting for him in any presidential race. Most residents here don't want him to run for president, but his potential candidacy has much of the political class tied up who would otherwise be endorsing Bush or others.

Comment Re:You should title this "Patriot act to be repeal (Score 1) 188

Career-wise he has paid lip service to those factions until the past few years when they have become more extreme. I live in his home state and not far from his original House district, so I remember him as a House freshman elected under Gingrich's Contract with America in '94, and I remember him pushing the Defense of Marriage Act in '97.

Comment Re:You should title this "Patriot act to be repeal (Score 1) 188

Jeb is a long way from being nominated. The funny thing is that one of the bigger obstacles in the way is that another neo-con, Lindsey Graham, being on the fence about running is preventing Jeb from consolidating some crucial support from past Bush advisers. At any rate, this nomination contest is going to determine a lot about the future direction and viability of the Republican Party, and it's not looking very promising for freedom-lovers everywhere.

Comment Re:someone explain for the ignorant (Score 1) 449

Yeah, I don't get this either. I choose debit just about everywhere because it's faster and more secure. It would be tempting for me to move my bank account specifically to get chip and pin if a bank were using that as a competitive advantage, but I don't know if that's even possible given the standard they've adopted.

Comment Re:Are you patenting software? (Score 1) 224

Unfortunately, it is often far too easy for prior art to go unnoticed. Having it on file in the patent system does help determine that prior art exists because that's the first place the lawyers and patent clerks are going to look. Having patents on file and donated to the Open Invention Network is the best way to be sure a technology remains freely available under the current system.

Comment Re:Purely academical interest (Score 1) 178

The mortality rate of the current outbreak vs. past outbreaks is different. Some of that difference may be caused by micro-evolutionary changes in the virus during this outbreak. Some of it may be related to lessons learned in carrying for patients. Applying a historical average doesn't make sense here.

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