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Comment: Re:PCI-DSS (Score 1) 217

You aren't accredited to be following PCI because nobody is. There is no certificate. There is no special seal of approval. You provided security information to your acquiring bank(s) and you were allowed to process credit card transactions. There's no such thing as certification or accreditation for PCI.

No, there's no certificate, but there is a process of documentation and testing commonly referred to as "certification" before you are allowed to process credit card transactions. I work in point of sale software development and have had to help retail chains overcome problems found in their certification tests. You either don't know what you're talking about, or you're playing a pointless semantic game.

Comment: Google's intent (Score 1) 236

by rlwhite (#47350721) Attached to: Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars

1. Patents on tech that will have consumer demand, which Google can profit from licensing to automotive manufacturers.
2. How will the consumer use new-found free time while captive in a self-driving car? Google's internet services and mobile devices!
3. The navigation needs of a self-driving car will dovetail nicely with the robotics businesses that Google has acquired. Eventually autonomous robots may free up more of your time to enjoy Google and their advertisers' products.

Comment: Re:The can of worms... (Score 1) 265

by rlwhite (#47324615) Attached to: Tech Workforce Diversity At Facebook Similar To Google And Yahoo

The females and minorities I've worked with have had equal ability. It seems that there's just far more white men in the US that are inclined to be software developers than there are females and minorities who are inclined to do so. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and many others are merely reflecting the demographics of the broader industry.

Sure, you can emphasize females in computer science education as Google is doing, and you'll likely see some improvement in the numbers, but we'll probably never see a 50/50 split because these inclinations are part nature as well as part nurture.

Comment: Re:If they can... (Score 1) 390

by rlwhite (#46151977) Attached to: Government To Require Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication

They already do. You don't think they use that GPS on your phone? A state DOT official told me he uses it to plan and prioritize roadwork. The state DOT buys it anonymized from various companies in monthly batches. If the DOT can do that, you can imagine what they let law enforcement do. We recently had a convict escape a mental health facility, and they located and caught him in another state via his cellphone GPS. Again, a legitimate use in that instance, but as you say, if they can do it to you they will.

Comment: Re:I feel you. (Score 2) 533

by rlwhite (#46122393) Attached to: The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

These ads make me feel this way too. To me, leaving coding at my job and doing other things in my off time is very important to avoid burn-out. Pursuing something else I'm passionate about is refreshing, and being knowledgeable in other subjects should further a programmer's career because programming is ultimately about codifying knowledge. This career field is fundamentally cross-disciplinary.

Comment: rethink the ads you're serving (Score 5, Insightful) 731

by rlwhite (#45992391) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?

If I see banner ads or anything else obnoxious, and I can't keep them blocked and still use the site, I'll find what I want elsewhere.

I'm ok with the text-based ads Google is known for, and I'll even click on them when they're relevant to what I'm looking for... because they're not obnoxious! They aim to be helpful!

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