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Journal: how to get to all the prefs here?

Journal by Bill Dog

I noticed I was asked to meta-moderate. I thought I had turned both M1 and M2 off. Anyone remember how to get to that screen?

For that matter, anyone remember how to get to the screen where you can adjust +/- modifiers on posts, based on various criteria?

I had saved some links in the old URL format (/, but apparently not these.

Comment: Re:Hmmm ... (Score 4, Insightful) 159

by msauve (#48684611) Attached to: Sony Accused of Pirating Music In "The Interview"
Copying a work is often called theft, and it is not - it is copying, and nothing of substance has been taken.

I think most people agree that some limited form of protection for creative works is a fair trade for encouraging the creation of works which will eventually become public domain. But there is no natural right to "own" a thought, and "intellectual property" laws are merely a privilege which society grants in exchange for value.

But, the extension of copyright terms prevents works from entering the public domain, making that exchange a fraud. I will submit that creative works made for profit are based on ROIs measured in years, not decades. There is no legitimate need for, or public good which comes from "author's life plus 70 years," or 95 years after publication.

Why should MS-DOS still be under copyright? Lotus 1-2-3? SVR4? When they enter public domain, they will be useless. They are substantially so already, now add another 60 years (presuming no further term extensions). So, the tradeoff has already failed - the public will receive nothing of value in exchange for giving copyright protection for a time.

Comment: Re: I doubt it. (Score 1) 84

hey, I had a GE made in Mexico about a decade ago - complete junk. I just gave away a Bosch too - also junk. Before the GE was Whirlpool junk. Replaced the Bosch with a Maytag, a model with a grinder, and it's the first dishwasher I've bought that I haven't hated in two decades. Not sure where it's made.

Comment: just go ahead and insert your holiday (Score 1) 3

by Bill Dog (#48674441) Attached to: Happy $INSERT_WHATEVER_HOLIDAY_FLOATS_YOUR_BOAT

I wouldn't be offended if someone said Happy Hanukkah to me. I'm not Jewish, but not everything's about me and my feelings. An expression of goodwill from someone is about their feelings.

I would take it as it was meant; as someone who's Jewish who's expressing to me warm wishes in their way of doing it. That's not being divisive or exclusionary; I shouldn't have to take 5 minutes to express happy holidays in all the major ways, like a voter guide printed in umpteen million languages.

Nor should we need to templatize it. I don't want to Mad Lib all my user interactions with people, I want them to re-learn how to put themselves in another's shoes for just a second, and reject the hair-trigger offense reaction the Left has trained us to have.

So please, fill in what applies to you (and hopefully, in the spirit of the season it's something positive and not Happy There's No God Day or something like that!).

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Journal: Merry Christmas! 1

Journal by mcgrew

For the first time in nine years I got to see my youngest daughter on Christmas; this is the first Christmas in nine years she didn't have to work. Great Christmas present!

And the second to last pre-publication copies came Christmas eve eve. I finished going through it this morning, and the book itself is ready. What wasn't was the cover; I fixed it and ordered another copy, so Mars, Ho! should be online in a couple of weeks.

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