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Comment: Re:Isreal (Score 1) 383

"coming off rather on the antisemitic side..."

"The Palestinians are generally bad people..."

Well, gee "Us good, Them bad" critics are
anti-semites so have no standing....

You're a real tool, dontcha know.

FWIW, antisemitic is also anti-arab
and 'true' judaism has more in common with arabs in the Levant than with their ashkenazi descendants who somehow feel its their right to squat on land they have no actual right to be on.

The issue is not judiasm, not semitics, but Zionism and the (very) bad karma in the afterbirth of the State of Israel.

Comment: Re:Spoofing (Score 1) 234

by riondluz (#48476003) Attached to: Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission

What you said!

For /. - anyone who freqs here should have learned how2 then rooted their droids ASAP. No different from exercising control of their linux boxen.

I like, in concept at least, the notion of android; though i'll drop it instantly for a true linux based phone using 'certified' apt/yum... repos.

I think, in many ways, that just as www lowered the bar to self-publishing android has done the same for app development; so easy a cave-man can do it.

Just compare the gross number of apps out there to those available in repository to see the difference.

Google serves its own interests for sure, but 'the more apps the better' is not much different from 'many ways to do one thing' The onus/burden has always been on the end-user to choose wisely.

Anyone who doesn't take the time to understand the working of the devices they trust to compute and communicate deserves what they get.

Comment: Re:Who? (Score 1) 306

by riondluz (#48265579) Attached to: We Are All Confident Idiots

" just push ahead with whatever seems..."

Which goes a long way to explaining why things are
working so well for us all.

Seriously, systems are as fucked-up as they are
because some "A-types" have to feel able to do anything asked of them; and when it doesn't go as planned, they only need "more $, more manpower".
"let's not dwell on how we got here and focus on the goal(s)"
It's not piss-poor planning, it's tailoring the
plan (its feasibility) to a desired outcome
facts be damned.

WTF? It's all bullshit. It's putting
good ol boys in places that reward failure with
promotions. It's about supressing critical
thinking so as not to temper people's enthusiasm.

It's about trusting that when things don't go
as planned the process will just correct itself.

Yet, the more we come to learn it seems the 'best
and brightest' collectively are over paid and
over credited blowhards whose ego's are their own
worst enemies.

I can only conclude that stated goals are eclipsed
by the unstated ones; basically self-promotion.
For 'them and those like us'. Getting w/the
program, belonging to the group, requires it.

Look at our green machine; a vast ring-knocker
brain-trust that always seems to repeat its
own mistakes from one generation to the next.
COIN failed, CT failed, both never lived up to
expectations, but it sure has enriched a fuckton
of ring-knockers.

I'm concluding that our society's motto is
'get away w/it as long as you can then lie and
spin and hope to outrun the pitchforks if/when
people get wise to the massive theft perpetrated
upon them.

What our 'leaders' are doing 'in our name' will
be our ruination.
Maybe it's just the human condition

Comment: Re:inum (Score 1) 162

by riondluz (#47881665) Attached to: Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls

Hi - are you able to make outgoing SIP2SIP calls using GVoice?
I have plenty of SIP#'s (ostel,iptel,antisip,... all provide them) but have yet to figure out a way (from android or linux cli) to make a sip2sip call via GVoice.
My GV# forwards nicely to my devices that have an app assoc'd to a (ipkall) DID# - but not solely a SIP#

Any secrets you can share?


Comment: I want Linux on my Under my Desktop (Score 1) 727

by riondluz (#47726857) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Even if the Desktop has transformed itself into a (virtual desktop) "Workspace", I want the OS on my laptop, my pad, my phone....

I want it running E17, or another light DM/WM
I want it to run my android/PlayStore stuff
sandboxed in a container or a VM.

I want it to run encryped out of the box:
Selinux, shorewall, gpg email, encrypted FS,
TOR/I2P browsing.....

To Linus: met you at UNH in 93or94; what a ride
it's been.

More please, thank-you

Comment: Re: My stuff got hit by this. (Score 1) 495

by riondluz (#47369061) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains


This is what I have done for my dynamicIP issue:

Register a subdomain with or or

Next goto your real domain registrar or edit your own DNS server and create a CNAME for a subdomain that points to what you registered.
e.g. ->

Just be aware that it has no rDNS.

Next, create a script that updates your IP whenever you notice it changes using this script:

So, for my purposes: I heavily restrict ssh on my C5 servers to specific domains/IPs using shorewall.
Whenever my IP would change i risked getting locked out and had to resort to a jump host.
Now, instead I have a shorewall param that sets some var to and a rule that permits ssh using that var.

Then just run a cronjob to update the IPaddress on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

Comment: Re:the Putin stage (Score 1) 294

I know you probably won't see it, but it is entirely the Financial Industry's fault; that
includes Investment Banks or those that act like

Here's the back-story; it starts with time-shares.
Do a google search on "David Siegel"
Sure, it was about making money; but it was more
about "everyman's" ability to 'own' a vacation

Take the results of the time-share industry,
commoditize it even more, turn the buyers into
profit-centers, sell that to the newly budding "investment" society and you get Wall Street
lobbiests and lawyers crafting both the opinions
and laws the bought-off politicans create.

It's pretty easy for the willing get chumped, but
this package was far to toxic by half. Pure greed.
From top to bottom.

Comment: Re:That's not it. (mostly) (Score 1) 126

I mostly lurk and seldom reply to anon.
But I'm compelled to say
Well Spoke, and thanks for the forethought.

Perl was the reason I started wrapping my brain around regular expressions. Later in the 90's I build complex backends using cgilib. Tried a few frameworks like mason..... I became a perlOphite for all the sentiments you expressed so well.

The ease of cpan, of quickly manipulating DBI tables, so many reasons why it, and its attitude,
always works for me. Off a CLI, wrapped up in a shell script, part of a larger pipe; I just cannot imagine using another interpreter as painlessly.

Specially for admin stuff and my personal libs of
files/data which require maintaining.

That said, were I a manager today I'd see the
sense in concluding that python, ruby, a compiled
lang, .... would have a better outcome from the
devs; despite my personal aversion for each of them. Enforcing Delimiters does not good code guarantee and makes editing others' code in vi more tedious (or macro'd). Maybe if I were an IDE
type of guy.

I found my time spent adopting/trying/using rails/passenger/gems/mongrel less warm-n-fuzzy
than squating in the cpan/perlmonkworld camp

I feel Perl epotimizes the LAMP stack, the finishing touch of what, for me, was a process
(mentioned earlier) of learning OS as much as CS
and appreciating the many ways to do one thing.

But not all programmers feel drawn to broader systems and from that narrower perspective more structure makes infinitely more sense.

For those who might say perl is a hackers language
I would heartily agree. Its where it's genius lies.

Neutrinos are into physicists.