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by riondluz (#46740025) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

I suspect edge weapons will be the norm; "loaded" being the keyword (and the ammo-makers being in short supply cuz its not the 19th century).

And just for honorable mention, since i haven't seen it come up in the threads (yet):
"transition-town" - google it.
They (the membership) have had their eye on this particular ball for quite some time now

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Coincidentally enough, this weeks' episode of "Hannibal" introduced the concept of "brain-driving" as using light/sound to induce a state of epilepsy. Meme's been around (like uv/bbeats...) awhile but 1st i heard it called that.

Seems to me trippin time means increasing FPS on all senses; gets old fast.

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Using your comment to go on record with my own; my feeling on capital punishment isn't so much about rehabilitation vs vengence as much as it is the suffering induce in our methods of killing.

FFS, it would be cheaper and kinder to put me in front of a firing squad, give me the piece and I'd do myself first. Why state murder can't follow the same tack as (phys) assisted suicide. A tank of helium and the cost of a plastic bag.

Killing anything should reflect the dignity and heart of a society as much as those it condemns to death row.

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by riondluz (#46243697) Attached to: Enlightenment E19 Pre-Alpha Released

Technically, E is a DE as much as it is a WM
If you cared to install entrance you have a decent alternative to KDM/GDM/LXDM....
It's pretty nice; i only wish it did XDMCP as well as KDE.
One thing that makes E indespensible for me is the remote tool and that despite the ominous 'something bad' message, restarting never fails.

Combine E with compositing a la ecomp/ecomorph and the result is a pretty stable system that's worked for me for ages. And like all DM/WM's not as smart as i wish they would be.

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by riondluz (#46068939) Attached to: How Silicon Valley CEOs Conspired To Suppress Engineers' Wages

Anarchism firstly believes that everyone has a right to exist. That means/implies a right to homestead; own and manage land for sustanence.

You are correct that anarchists do not believe in leaders, per se. Because it leads to heirarchies and patronages.

That is not to say there are no leaders, only that they are driven from below AOT above and everyone participating has a seat/voice at the table.

Led or Leaderless, even the dumbest anarchist understands the need for strategic planning. Its more then about how the planning gets done and executed.

I know of few, if any, real anarchist communities; but the coops and guilds come close; the stories of the Basque Mondragon is a good model perhaps, as is the work currently being done in S.America

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by riondluz (#46068823) Attached to: Russia Plans To Extend Edward Snowden's Asylum

Snowden was a 'glitch' in a system trying desperately to scale up to its global surveilance potential knowing that Russia and China both were soon to be in the info-wars race; they believe that one/other/both will be the opponent in the next 'big' conflagration (prob China).

I suspect that they (???) truely believe the USA will be severely dis-advantaged, competitively, for badly-needed resources in the years to come.

"They" represent the will of our Establishment and as wrong as they have been about everything else, I count on them being wrong on this as well.

The Black-Swan, the Blow-back, the counter-intuitive solution waiting in some mind's eye. We sorely lack good, visionary, leadership. What we have is cautionary CYA piss-poor managers
who see everything as a control issue.

Snowden, at worst, is a refreshing wind to tumble this house of cards; at best, hs is the spririt of "doing the right thing" that should make Americans proud.

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by riondluz (#46067951) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Events Calendar Software For Local Community?

"Buy a car...."

Though I in near accord w/both you and GPPoster,
I would like to note that, sticking to a car analogy, Its like buying a car that works for >5 if not >10 years to avoid the viscious lease/trade-in cycle and planned obsolence.

So, the mechanic who craftily repairs and replaces parts (functionality) is something of an artist and someone prized and trusted if good at their trade.

I've been round the same block too many times as you refer to. I love and will only use opensource and have a bias for "many ways to do one thing". Though,, for all its merits, FOSS has delivered no better than proprietary insofar as "just works". It is just a richer toolchest for the mechanic to work from.

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Your ignorance is astonishing, you remind me of DavidBrooks, droning on and on in reasonable monotone about things the nature of which he knows nothing about; re-hashing talking points of subjects beyond his actual knowledge.
His words do nothing other than reflect his trust in the Establishment; overlooking the massive fail of the system because it doesn't touch him personally.

For starters try reading Dr. Carl Hart's
"High Price: A Neuroscientistâ(TM)s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society"

Or, just continue to be a sock-puppet and stay in the kill-filter

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(middle-class) white is the new brown:)

The WOT is not a loose-canon, but a sign of the New World Order; which is why (most/many) pols, when so informed, just STFU and go along.

"last 40 years..."
Think about it. The PigInPython passed flat since Regan, to the point of looking like 'managed' growth.

What the WOT represents is a projection of the resource wars to come and the enevitable displacement of 300-400 million people world-wide.

What with blowback and all, its a view of a future I'd rather not entertain.

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